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Obedience is Pleasure | Shelle RiversObedience is Pleasure | Shelle Rivers

Obedience is Pleasure


Product SKU: Obedience is Pleasure

I draw you DEEPER into your most submissive place. A place of sexy surrender...A place of complete OBEDIENCE to ME!

Session Length: 46 minutes
Level: Hard
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control

Re-make of the original version...only much STRONGER and IMPROVED...

MY pet you already know that OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE.  It's all too familiar but so much more powerful now.  I easily take your mind as I gently stroke you with My soft sexy words.  Drawing you into My hypnotic tale, to a place that pulls you even deeper into your most submissive place.  A place of sexy surrender...A place of complete OBEDIENCE to ME!


Now be very careful with this MP3 because I have used 2 binaural beats.......The second beat is new and is VERY is called “Descending” and it is designed to do exactly that.....making a subject drop and descend into deep MINDLESS trance.

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Monday, 08 November 2021
Enough putting it off, i need to finally review this... Why the delay? Well, what can i really say about this? This descent into pure hypnotic bliss... This file so loaded with suggestions of pleasure and bliss, that you'll never be the same after experiencing it. This drop into a place so deep, you may never come back from it again.... Although isn't that the aim? To drop so deep into trance, and under Domina's control, that without Her, you can never be whole? To surrender to the purest pleasure, that only comes from listening to Her words, and simply giving in to everything She says. This file can certainly take you there, if you only let go, and follow along willingly. She had me lapping up Her every word, constantly feeling as if i was going to drop over yet another deep edge; just trusting Her to keep me safe. There were wonderful feelings of being cared for, as She gently wove Her words into my mind, changing me to suit Her whims and desires, and it truly did, feel like bliss. If you have ever wanted a deep drop, with nothing to worry about; simply following somebody who is worthy of trust and love, then this can give you it. Yes, there's a price, you have to surrender to Her, but it's a price that's worth paying, because of the sensations of pleasure She will give you in return. Allow Her to take you down, allow Her to enchant your heart and mind, and experience pleasure that is truly sublime. ♥
Friday, 27 November 2020
This new version is brilliant and a dream come true. It c could want in an Erotic Hypnosis reprogramming training session. It will take c but just let go as i did and it will mind fuck you blissfully good and proper, no joke! i have played it over and over and over again, cant get enough of it, that's how good it is............ i can recommend it with no end. Domina Shelle, You are AMAZING!!!!!
Sunday, 25 September 2016
i only can agree to the File Name Obedience IS Pleasure, i get reminded about this whenever i obey, i also felt in this File how true this Title was and i am sure i will find myself relistening to this File alot and yeah there isn´t much more for me to say, lately when i listen i really have a hard time to remember what exactly happened, by now i am not even sure if it has to do with the Files or if it has to do with being under her control for so long, but that doesn´t really matters, cause i absolutly love to fall for her more and more, someday i may will fall to the ground, but for now it looks like falling under her control is an endless fall and this File once again was an great example about how easy it is to fall under her Spell ^-^

Thursday, 18 August 2016
OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE - This actually sums it up perfect, for it's true. Princess led me to this file right after her beginning path. I love how she is starting to tell a story in this file which is so calming and relaxing. She easily captures my full attention with her soft, sweet voice and her tale and then blends into hypnotizing me into deep trance. It almost feels like a trap sometimes. But I love to fall into it and become my Domina's mindless silly boy. It's inevitable. It's irresistable. There's no doubt. Obedience to Princess Shelle is extreme pleasure.rnrn
Saturday, 02 April 2016
If you've started down Her "beginners path" and want more, this file is the perfect way to continue. Just relax, listen, and obey to feel incredible pleasure.
Friday, 28 March 2014
This file is very easy to lose yourself in. Princess Shelle weaves an enthralling story that when combined with Her alluring voice and a relaxing ambiance creates something very powerful I think. The brainwashing feels subtle yet totally irresistible, like every word She chooses is perfectly placed and travels directly into the deepest parts of my mind. Her sweet commanding presence makes trusting Her and completely letting go inevitable. Obedience Is Pleasure is right, as long as it’s to Princess Shelle.
Tuesday, 22 October 2013
A very good file to start your addiction to Princess Shelle. She will take over your mind with Her sexy voice, arousing you, teasing you, enslaving you, and you'll love every minute of this sweet brainwashing. You'll learn to love Princess Shelle and give Her all the control.
Tuesday, 02 July 2013
Like silky hot chocolate, Her soothing voice and the atmospheric music draw you into Her world. You lie spellbound as She weaves Her story around you. You can visualise it all so clearly as it unfolds in front of you. And then She draws you into Her story and you see the crystal in front of your eyes. And pretty soon all you want to do is to obey Her, to serve Her, every day for the rest of your life. It’s all so simple. This is what you do now. This is all there is now. Your obedience to your Princess .....your only pleasure. Obedience is pleasure. Obedience is pleasure. Hypnotic bliss.
Thursday, 13 September 2012
Amazing as it may seem, everything about Princess Shelle will become a pleasure to You. Her hypnosis is REAL hypnosis, not just another girl out to make a dollar, and Her files can and will effect Your behavior, can and will amplify and go beyond whatever brought You to Her site in the first place. After listening to files like this, or “Obey Obey”, the next times you hear Her voice there will be a thrill that goes through You that is a REAL, tangible feeling. It goes beyond mere arousal. It is addictive, and it is actual PLEASURE. Not just the pleasure of doing as She commands, but the memory of those commands and how every word She speaks is more than arousing, but feels good to hear, to follow, to obey. Soon You will find that nothing else gives You such pleasure, and if you had your way, you would be with HER voice and commands and wants forever. Which, more than ironically, is part of what your life’s goal will be as Her slave. This is what She wants, and what you want will become only want SHE wants. Her wants matter more, are more pleasurable than your own selfish wants. Giving to Princess Shelle is a Higher Purpose, and giving into this TRUTH is pleasure. Pleasure may be the hook, and You will be hooked, but remember that Princess Shelle is a SUPER gorgeous, supremely intelligent, seductive and clever Domina that knows you better than you will ever imagine She does. In the end She knows You want this, She just wants You to recognize and admit the fact that DEEPLY it IS your WANT to serve Her, and because you do it’s just wise to give in to it. GIVE IN and relax, and you will discover the TRUTH beyond mere erotic hypnosis that sets PRINCESS SHELLE apart. Giving in is pleasure…. and with that You are Her's FOREVER. There is no greater happiness.
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
An old file, but one of my favorite. It was important for me, to write a review about this one. Highly erotic, even if there is no mention of arousal at all. I's about obedience but nothing can be more erotic than obedience to my Domina. Her voice sounds sexy, seductive and I feel like a piece of silk sliding over my body when I listen to that file. I listened to it maybe 20 times if it's not more. And I can't be used to it. The perfect masterpiece. A brainwashing experience designed to put you deep, to make you weak. And to learn the most important lesson that exist : "Obedience is pleasure".
Tuesday, 04 September 2012
a concept now and i tried it so many times, and i believe now that Princess Shelle is the source of pleasure in my life
Tuesday, 04 September 2012
Very relaxing session. Beginning gives this almost like fairy tale feeling. Takes you deep, where Princess start hammering into your mind that you need to obey and please her. Training file for all hypnosubs.
Saturday, 11 February 2012
Obedience is Pleasure, just like the title says. Very straightforward. Very beautiful for me. The dreamlike, yet very visual induction provides the perfect relaxed and pleasant setting for Princess Shelle to... improve me. The suggestions are powerful. This session is very effective, to be looped as directed. Truly a training file, it affects me strongly, and i love it where it's taking me. Thank You Princess.
Saturday, 11 February 2012
When i think it is impossible to be taken deeper, Domina throws a surprise in your path. The journey takes another detour. And now deeper and deeper and deeper i go beyond anything imagined. In this very special place, Domina speaks to your mind. This is a recording you want to experience again and again! It is pure enjoyment!
Friday, 02 September 2011
This file snuck up on me and continues to sneak up on me when I'm not expecting it. It's one of my favorite files from Shelle. It's not really sexual, it's not going to get your rocks off. But that's not technically what I'm looking for. Without giving much away I would say that it's beautiful in it's simplicity. It starts in a familiar area that experienced trancers know quite well. But absolutely expands from there.rnrnOne of my favorite things about Shelle shines through in this file amazingly well, she caresses your mind with a very elegant voice while she interweaves a very powerful spell. If there was one file that I could suggest most people listen to first. This would easily be the one..In the end you never want the trance to end... luckily there's no wakener.
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