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Art of Persuasion | Shelle RiversArt of Persuasion | Shelle Rivers

Art of Persuasion


Product SKU: Art of Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion when wielded by a sweet, sexy, dominant hypnotist, your poor subconscious mind happily capitulates...

Art of Persuasion (33 minutes):

My darling, have you wondered why your open and suggestible mind is so pliable to the whims of a loving Domina like Myself?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that you are bombarded with external stimuli every day, some intended to control your thoughts, bending your mind to the self-serving will of others.  For example, the commercial world uses advertisements everywhere to surreptitiously train your brain to think and act in predetermined ways.  This is especially evident when you are exposed to certain images, sounds, or smells, exploiting the inherent vulnerabilities in your (human) psychology, compelling you to buy their products without any concern for your well-being.

Thankfully, My sweet, I do passionately care about you, and your state of mind, and because I'm in the business of providing pleasure - real, intense, all consuming pleasure - then it is easy to understand why you willingly return to Me to bask in My power and My authority over you.  The key to hypnotic submission is repetition, the Law of Hypnosis, and by repeating certain phrases again and again, your open susceptible mind subconsciously accepts these suggestions as facts compelling you to accept them as if they were undeniable TRUTHS.

The Art of Persuasion is a gift few possess, but, when wielded by a sweet, sexy, dominant hypnotist - like Myself - your poor subconscious mind happily capitulates, surrendering all thought of resisting Me until all there is left is static in your mind.  In this session, I will use My wily hypnotic charm to constantly focus your mind on Me, and My bidding, eliminating all other distractions so that I am at the heart of all your erotic fantasies and desires.

The reality is, My pet, you are destined to be MINE and by the time I've finished with you, you'll be so horny and obedient for your Owner, you'll happily, and mindlessly, obey Me - without thought and without question - knowing that pleasing Me makes you even more horny and obedient. (giggles)  This is the compulsive cycle of submission and I know the thought of being dominated like this excites you to your core.

So, relax, listen now, and allow Me to drop you into a future of true submissive bliss, where passion and pleasure are the order of the day, every day, in My world... ~~Kisses~~

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Friday, 29 March 2024
Another definite favourite. Domina just took me down so smoothly and had me so fixated on Her voice i don't remember much, only loving the feeling of going deeper and deeper. This is a great file for those who love falling deep and being bewitched and brainwashed by Domina Shelle above all else. Her voice is incredible in this and Domina's whispers gave me goosebumps. The binaural effects etc. in this file are also out of this world. Having heard White Noise beforehand really increased its power. You're going to love it.
Sunday, 23 July 2023
This is one of the best sessions ever. I listen to this over as she takes me into the deepest trance yet. It's so easy to fall to the cadence of her voice. It's an extremely powerful session. Enjoy!
Monday, 10 April 2023
i absolutely embraced this file! Domina's persuasion is absolute!
Friday, 17 March 2023
I love this session. How does Domina know what's in my head? Repeat. I love this session. Repeat. I love this session.
Thursday, 16 March 2023
Erotic Hypnotic Artist Domina Shelle Rivers is far beyond anything else out there. Her imagination is Supreme and Her Control, Her mind bending Control is Very Real. This file is pure bliss, just lay back and let Domina take Control and You will not be sorry, life becomes a dream once you let Domina Shelle inside your mind. And if you ever get the chance to speak live with Domina Shelle then life not only becomes a dream but your wildest fantasies become REAL!!!
Tuesday, 14 March 2023
Interesting concept of comparing some similarities between commercial advertisement and hypnosis, but i soon lost any thought fall in a deep trance listening Domina's voice. Not sure what happened after that.
Sunday, 12 March 2023
Another sensual masterpiece! Only obeying Domina never felt so good, so right!
Sunday, 12 March 2023
That was one deep, deep fucking trance. It was amazing. Dominas voice was so soft and seductive. Oh the whisperers were breathtaking. The file just starts off right away taking you down. Then the white noise kicks in and it felt like i fell off a ledge. i was totally gone, totally lost at that point. Domina just kept on talking and talking, taking me down further and further. Then it seemed like i was gone all the time. i was down so fucking deep. The last thing i remembered was her saying wake up when you’re ready. i was like what happened? What happened to the whole thing? Where did it all go? It was a really, really good file to listen to. i hope i can listen to it again this weekend. But i know my chances are not good for doing that. This is a really good file. Domina takes total control. She takes no prisoners. Truly amazing. 33 minutes went by so fast. i was bummed when it ended. Try it.. you'll like it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saturday, 11 March 2023
WOW! This is incredibly powerful! i swear i was trancing for like mabey 5 minutes and woke up over 30 min gone by! Domina Shelle is truly all powerful and i just can’t wait to loop this session all night long too! giggles! i LOVE it so much!!! Domina Shelle deserves ALL control!
Saturday, 11 March 2023
It doesn't matter what Domina puts in Her files, or what they might do to my mind. My mind belongs to Her, so i always listen to every files She releases. This files is POWERFUL. If you have any resistance to Her control i think this one will break those walls and break you. But not to worry. Complete surrender to Domina is the best thing that will ever happen to you. So put on your headphones, lay back and let Domina take complete control
Saturday, 11 March 2023
*purrs* i left this recording looping in my ears throughout the night which has lead to me waking up quite horny and eager to please Domina this morning. my whole state of existence is 100x better whenever my pussy is aching for more of Domina’s sweet voice laced with Her loving control.
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