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Seeds of Submission | Shelle RiversSeeds of Submission | Shelle Rivers

Seeds of Submission


Product SKU: Seeds of Submission

I will cultivate a garden of blissful submission deep inside your mind.

Seeds of Submission (30 minutes):

My baby, what a pleasant surprise to see you at Shelle's Farm, My own private paradise where I "condition" new recruits for a life of submission and servitude to their beloved Owner, Domina Shelle.  Don't worry if you cannot remember why you are here, just know that you requested to be a part of something more fulfilling, something greater than yourself, that will give your life meaning and purpose, and I always give you what you need.

The fact that you are at My Farm means you subconscious is ready for this next step into true submission to your Domina, a place where a fertile mind can be cultivated to plant My powerful Seeds of Submission.  Under My divine influence these seeds will germinate and grow deep inside your mind, spreading and multiplying until they blossom signifying My complete domination and control of every aspect of your life - a wonderfully blissful prospect, I know!

But, let's not dwell on what it means to lose your freedom and free will, instead allow your growing arousal to focus your mind on My sun-kissed body, My erect nipples poking out from My tied checkered shirt, My sweaty arms and legs glistening in the midday sun inviting you to lose yourself in this seductive vision.  My baby, you know I like a hard man - a hard working man that is (giggles) - and I'm going to put your mind to the ultimate test, focused and fixated on Me until you're incapable of thinking for yourself, just a slave to My will and your own desires, mindlessly obeying My commands and subservient to My every wish.

The TRUTH is you have no free will and what independence remains will soon melt away as you embrace that I'm a permanent part of your daily existence.  Let go of the illusion you were ever in control and allow Me to cultivate a garden of blissful submission deep inside your mind, a place where the burning heat of your sexual desire feeds My Seeds of Submission, allowing Me to nurture and grow an adoring and loyal servant focused on My wants and needs.

My obedient slave, I am your beautiful weakness, and as your mind begins to fog up imagining what awaits you in this session, know that you will always be welcome at Shelle's Farm, a place you can check out but you'll never want to leave... ~~Kisses~~

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Thursday, 25 January 2024
Such a hot and enjoyable session makes me want to listen more and more. i somehow have found my way into Domina Shelle’s farm and now i never want to leave… not that i could leave… giggles i just how horny and aroused She makes me… only Domina can straddle my mind with Her sexy curves and body and take complete control.
Sunday, 26 February 2023
i enjoyed spending time on Domina's farm. Sunny days and nothing to worry about, just serving my sexy Domina and following Her orders.
Tuesday, 21 February 2023
I loved the Hotel California reference "you can check out but you'll never want to leave.". What a great song that is and what a great session to listen to. Dominas sexy voice, the whispering that She did, all combined to make a very erotic file. i let Domina plant Her seeds deep into my mind. i loved the sexy thought of what She was doing to me while i was under. Listen and see what you think.
Monday, 20 February 2023
A wonderful trip to Dominas farm! How i wish to be there now… Only focused on serving and pleasing our sexy Mistress ❤️
Sunday, 19 February 2023
After listening once, i couldn't help myself but to listen to Domina's voice over and over again. It feels so good, so right to Love, Honor and Obey Her!
Sunday, 19 February 2023
I love this session, such an honor to visit Domina at Her farm. I love how She plants little seeds into my mind to grow to something big:)
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