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Assimilated | Shelle RiversAssimilated | Shelle Rivers



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It's so sexy to be Assimilated by Me as I clone myself inside your brain...

Assimilated (37 minutes):

slave?  are you there?  I need you, My pet, to love, honor and obey your Domina now.

I need your help, My sweet, somehow I find myself lost deep inside your subconscious mind.  I need you to come and find Me, to rescue your Princess, so that I can help you realize your dreams of submission, the true purpose of your existence.  Unfortunately, My memory is a little fuzzy at the moment but I'm sure with you by My side, kneeling at My feet, it will all come rushing back to Me.

What I do recall is you have an irresistible craving to serve Me and to surrender to My will.  So focus on Me now and allow Me to lead you deep into the center of your mind so that W/we can be together again.  All you need to do is to relax, listen to My words, and let go of all of your anxiety, self-control and free will, you won't need them.  Just allow My voice to burrow deep into your subconscious mind, and you'll discover how wondrous it can be to relinquish everything to Me!

That's it, My baby, imagine the most comfortable place you have ever been and find Me there deep in your most erotic fantasies.  It's so sexy to be Assimilated by Me as I clone myself inside your brain, dispelling the illusion of your self-control and free will, as I take up permanent residence, foreclosing on your mind as it becomes My owned property in My world.

There's no escaping the truth of your submission to My Absolute Authority, there's only acceptance and surrender to the process.  Resistance is more than futile, it is counterproductive to your desire to be a loving, honorable and obedient slave for Me, something W/we both know you aspire to be.  So let Me help you as you help Me, and together we'll unlock the true pleasures of your submission knowing you will always be mine now and forever.

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Monday, 04 October 2021
"I am the beginning, the end, the one that is many. I am my subjects. The subjects Queen" Have you ever dropped out of a long playlist with Domina calling for help? Than you have been assimilated! Domina turns my world upside down and inside out unless i cannot remember what to think - and while i still try to figure out what Domina is talking about, i start to sink deeper again - deeper into trance. "What is left of me? Who have i been? Is there anything else but Her slave?" - The questions are drowning in the arousal that She gives to me as i ride on the edge to the sound of Her voice. And as my mind explodes in please i realize that this is what i want - Domina is what i need.
Tuesday, 22 June 2021
After listening to this intensely deep and pleasurable file i realize i have no control, no free will. This is the deepest i have ever been in trance… only Domina Shelle can do this. Everything belongs to Domina and it’s so sweet how much She loves and cares for Her slaves. Everything i do is influenced in some way by Her and i wouldn’t want it any other way! It’s so hot to know that my Domina is in my head and is in complete control, knowing what is best for me. i will Love, Honor and Obey more for my Domina in every way! i must be my best self only for Her!
Friday, 16 April 2021
I’m writing this with full knowledge of my addiction and my desire to serve. I’m aware of how desperate I sound, but it’s only because I’ve never truly felt this way before. I love my Domina. I want to serve her and be better for her. It’s so arousing to have her influence my actions, but I want more. I want Love Honour and Obey in all aspects. I’ll simply say it’s taken this long to finally understand how much I need my Domina. And I truly do.
Wednesday, 14 April 2021
Well to be honest no clue how to describe this, i got confused, i felt completly mindfucked and before i knew it i once again was acting under her control and i loved every second of it :P
Monday, 12 April 2021
It was so good to hear and feel Domina's voice inside my mind. It's a comfortable and secure feeling. And of course arousing too. And so was this file. What an ending, wow! It is so nice to have Her inside my mind.
Monday, 12 April 2021
This is such an incredibly seductive and powerful session! Domina Shelle wastes no time taking You deep down and demonstrating once again Her absolute power and control. It is impossible not to Love, Honor and Obey Domina Shelle!
Sunday, 11 April 2021
What an amazing and sexy masterpiece Domina Shelle has created! I feel Domina Shelle completely and permanently assimilated into my (her) open and horny mind... She has left a part of her in me that I can never escape from (not that I would ever want to) and it is one of the hottest and arousing experiences I've ever had! I LOVE, HONOR, and OBEY Domina Shelle for life and live to exist as her loyal, obedient, and oh so HORNY slave... This may be one of Domina Shelles BEST sessions yet and certainly one of if not her most powerful mindfuck to date... I just cannot convey enough how WONDERFUL this session is and how AMAZING Domina Shelle is!!! I love Domina Shelle SO very much and through her benevolence in this session I have been gifted with the best gift I could ever ask for -- HER! And now my mind is completely hers forever... mmm... ❤ I will say that this is a VERY powerful session! It will change you forever in the best of ways...
Sunday, 11 April 2021
This newest mistresspiece in the collection of Domina Shelle's erotic hypnosis files left me back very aroused for Her. It is a brilliant mindfuck that will bring you arousal between your legs and even more pleasure inside your mind with the tingling experience of a mind orgasm (Listen again, if you didn't have . And of course you will be bound to Domina more after listening as She is in complete control always & forever. i love, honor and obey my beloved Owner, Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 11 April 2021
Am i conditioned or am i possessed? How much say do i really have in my actions? These are questions that may come to mind for those who spend any length of time under the sway of a hypnotic seductress, but the answers aren't often something to be concerned about. Domina Shelle has woven Her presence into my mind with such precision that it has become impossible to tell which thoughts are mine. They are all mine, and they are all Hers. Thank You Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 11 April 2021
Oh my... This is such a sensual, dreamy slide down, into pure hypnotic bliss. Domina once again does some amazing voice play, and makes Herself sound almost vulnerable at the start, which is something that always leaves my mind completely open wide for Her. Just from the first few words, and the way She uses that very seductive voice effect, all hope of being able to resist was totally stripped away. i was 'naked' and defenceless right from the start; not that i'll complain, nor would i want things to be any other way. Even though there is no suggestion of amnesia within this, as far as i'm aware, i have to say, that i know Domina took me incredibly deep, even on the very first play, due to the amount that i seemed to have missed, and the way there seemed to be a gaping hole in my memory... To make sure, i immediately played it again, and sure enough, She took me down so easily on that second play. This, to me, is what erotic hypnosis should be; purely sensual, and almost immediate ecstasy, as Domina simply sidesteps my conscious mind, and takes me to depths that are purely sublime. Thank You, my sweet and beautiful Queen, for what can only be described as a true Mistresspiece. ♥
Saturday, 10 April 2021
The seduction, er a I meant trance is slow and smooth. Before you even realize what is happening Domina has taken control and assimilated your brain. Subjugation of your subconscience mind is inevitable. You will ultimately accept your fate and follow her instruction. In the end she will have complete control as you willingly surrender. So put your head phones on... love, honor and obey. Now if you will excuse me, I need to put my headphones on and push play.........
Saturday, 10 April 2021
It's something I always know, but it's nice to be reminded from time to time. Domina Shelle owns me, I am her property <3.
Friday, 09 April 2021
Wow Wow Wow i have a new favorite file. This was a whole new level of deep brainwashing. It really is wonderful to relinquish all control to Domina Shelle. It was so arousing, so erotic. Are there anymore descriptive words i could use to describe just how this file made me feel? im sure there are, but my mind is still foggy after listening to it. Having Domina in my head is so intoxicating. Having Her control me is even more incredible. After listening to this, i can see i really have been Assimulated by Domina. She took me so deep i was completely gone. She had Absolute control over my mind and body. i do not feel the same anymore. my mind is more cloudy with even more thoughts of Domina. She really is in there taking more control. You know what? i don't care. i want more of it. i can not get enough of Domina and her Absolute Authority. i Love Domina Shelle. <3
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