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The Beckoning | Shelle RiversThe Beckoning | Shelle Rivers

The Beckoning


Product SKU: The Beckoning

I don't need to subvert your will to take absolute control, you willingly cum to Me...

The Beckoning (27 minutes):

My sweet, are you ready for a sensual seduction designed to intoxicate your mind with lust, leaving you begging and aching for more?

Of course you are.  As My horny hypnotic prey I'm going to retrain your subconscious mind to accept your dreams as a new reality, a place where I control both space and time allowing Me to warp the very fabric of your universe.

Through My guidance you will learn the true meaning of submission to a powerful Dominant, surrendering to My alluring charms, and accepting the inevitability of your psychological enslavement.  I don't need to subvert your will to take absolute control, you willingly cum to Me, with the hope that by letting Me into your most private erotic fantasies I will dominate your thoughts.

This is the true power I have over you, My pet, the ability to coerce your reality so that your dreams of submission and subservience, to Me, become your TRUE existence.  As you willingly relinquish the keys to the castle in your mind, to Me, this triggers a permanent power exchange that leaves you lost in lust and craving more of My seductive control. (giggles)

So, allow the Beckoning words of My sexy soothing voice lull you into deep submissive SLEEP, and I'll instill in you romantic thoughts so euphoric you'll be intoxicated with love, an adoration so strong it will preoccupy your waking thoughts of serving and submitting to Me.  What a wonderful gift O/our wicked, devious, Domina is bestowing you, and you are a listen away from a new dreamy reality fixated wholly on Me.

I'll see you in O/our dreams, My sweet... Kisses

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Sunday, 13 June 2021
This session is beautifully crafted and so sensually taking! In a short amount of time i was taken into Domina’s world, a dream which felt so vivid and real and before i knew it i was enslaved even deeper and infatuated. Domina’s world in every session is where i crave to be awake and in my dreams. She makes masterpiece after masterpiece! Each one a new experience so exciting, so arousing and oh so sexy and seductive. Giggles…
Tuesday, 23 March 2021
What a hot file. This is what i want done to me. To be seduced and taken by a dominate woman. To have her way with me. Ohhhhh this is at the top of my bucket list. If this is something you have longed for like me, then you've got to buy this file.
Monday, 22 March 2021
Such a w dreams where she captured and enslaved me there like never before... My memory is a tad fuzzy after a certain point in this journey and I really want to keep listening again and again....
Sunday, 21 March 2021
When my Domina starts speaking about falling intoa sleep. My minda and body immediately obeys and i start to feel so tired and sleepy. And i gently fall into this comfortable hypnotic sleep and listen to Domina velvety voice.
Saturday, 20 March 2021
Even before falling for the spell of Domina Shelle and surrendering completely to Her, i had a lil thing for vampiress themed stuff. i think it's their ability to hypnotize and seduce their prey. Well Domina Shelle is clearly the most skilled seductress with exquisite hypnotic skills, which makes Her the perfect vampiress fall for as well... giggles... i loved to fall deeply for Her in this trance beckoned as Her prey to serve Her with all i can give to please Her and make Her happy.
Saturday, 20 March 2021
I always adore Domina Shelle's hypnotic storytelling. This is an uncomplicated, expertly executed sensual story and the best part is that you are in the story! I can't possibly describe the feelings that this file evokes any better than Domina Shelle has done with Her art selection. I want to tall to my knees and offer myself over and over again.
Friday, 19 March 2021
From the beautiful and gifted mind of my Sweet beautiful Domina. She panted the most vivid dream. i can still see it all in my mind as i submit to Her will and Her power. my life is Her's there and here
Friday, 19 March 2021
So how do i even begin? How do You do justice to purely sensual hypnotic bliss? i'm sure many if not most, have heard the words, "Once Bitten, Forever Smitten" at some point, and with this, they would definitely seem to apply. With just a single gentle brush of Her lips against the throat, a slight prick, and it was done, the last of my freewill was gone. What little i had anyway. In truth, i was already completely smitten by Domina, because everything She says in the description of this file is wholly accurate and true. i'd already given Her everything She needed to make my submissive fantasies, O/our shared reality. This file, if i hadn't already been deeply in love with Her, would have definitely sealed the deal. It is a slow, seductive and sensual slide down into a blissfully deep, dreamy state, wherein She begins Her true takeover of the mind. Even though She describes it as being Her hypnotic prey, i felt more like a very willing victim. If She hadn't already been the focus of my every thought before, She would be after this. Also a quick note for those who may not like 'horror' themed files: have no fear, you won't be dealing with anything horrific here. She plays the role of a sweet and seductive Vampiress, not a horror Queen, so you have no need to worry about sucking it up... Thank You Domina Shelle, for yet another beautifully deep and dreamy, hypnotic Mistresspiece. ♥
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