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Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind | Shelle RiversBehavioral Control--Suggestible Mind | Shelle Rivers

Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind


Product SKU: Behavioral Control--Suggestible Mind

My words become like sex to your mind ...

Session Length: 28+ minutes

Let Me tell you a secret, when your c*ck is hard, W/we are so close, closer than you can imagine...My warm sexy voice in your your subconscious mind sleeps, that's when I slip My words into your brain.  My puppy, your hard c*ck is just one of the distractions that I use to trick your conscious mind to not pay attention...this is when your subconscious mind is most vulnerable.  This is the perfect time to push My subliminal messages deeper and deeper into you, making it impossible to STOP.  Don't forget, this is what I do to you...I am the EXPERT in this field.  No one compares to your Domina Shelle.

My words become like sex to your mind, causing lasting effects.

My behavioral conditioning is exactly what you need now...My post hypnotic suggestions will stick to your brain...

This session is your COMPULSION.

Listen with your headphones on.  This session is AMAZING.

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Monday, 14 December 2020
All of Domina's files seem to go by so quickly. you lay down, you listen, you wake up with a puddle. At least that's what happened for this file. How can the time just go by so fast and then not remember what the heck happened. This file is 28 minutes long. i felt so relaxed when i woke and though i wasn't hard i was all wet. i am longing for Domina more and more as well. Her voice is so seductive. Its like, its exactly what i need to hear all the time. i need to hear Domina's voice more. Domina is such an important part of my life. When i get the time, i will listen to this again. Maybe i will remember more of what happened.
Sunday, 14 October 2018
This was over so quickly. i just closed my eyes and it is suddenly half an hour later? And i have this craving to get more of Domina's files.
Friday, 28 September 2018
Listening to this file feels so good. Unfortunately I can't remember what's the content of this thing, but I need to listen again and again and again... it seems that this file makes your c*ck very suggestible...
Monday, 20 August 2018
How do i review this when i don't remember anything about it? Domina puts me to sleep and i wake up feeling very very horny and wondering what just happened. I feel the urge to listen to this again now.
Tuesday, 14 August 2018
As Domina states in Her own summary of this session, this session is amazing. Do not be fooled into thinking this is just a shorter brainwashing session its actually much more than that. For those that have listened to Domina's sessions over the past 12 months this session will resonate with you. It presses all the right buttons and is deceptively powerful given the subliminals that reinforce past trainings and suggestions. If you ever needed evidence whether Domina's conditioning is effective listen to this session and if you have been diligently listening to Her prior sessions this one will hit you hard, really HARD. This is a testament to Domina's excellence in progressive indoctrination across sessions each session adding to the listeners conditioning. None of Domina's sessions are truly standalone they are all subtly interconnected, an intricate web designed to seduce and subjugate Her listeners. i for one love the power She has over me and how She carefully and skillfully cultivates my ever increasingly suggestible mind.
Monday, 06 August 2018
What do we do when we miss someone very badly? - We remember! We take out old photos and tell stories to remember and to feel closer to the one we miss. This file is like a photo collection – a refresh of memories and feelings – a repetition of learned triggers and behaviors. When I miss Domina very much or feel separated from her – this is my favorite file to reconnect: to feel closer to Her again. Maybe it makes the craving a little bit worse in the long run, but for now it is the cure of my desire.
Monday, 06 August 2018
I'd love to write a full review for this file, but that's not possible. On the two occasions that i have listened i have regained awareness sometime after it ended with no memory of what happened. I feel great and i adore my Domina.
Sunday, 05 August 2018
After the third time of listening i still do not recall the content of the file, so i guess Domina must have used some amnesia trigger to prevent me from remembering. The more i listened the more my thoughts seem to be focussed on my beloved Domina and my submission towards Her. i need to please Her every day. i am completely addicted by Her and Her control over me. This dependence makes me happy and give my life purpose.
Sunday, 05 August 2018
I love this recording. What I remember is, that Domina Shelle said on this file, that my conscious mind will not remember what she will say. And this happened to me. At the end I fell into a wonderful deep sleep and therefore I can recommend this file when you go to bed. The file is only 27 minutes short, compared to others which are over 50 minutes long, which is great if you don't have too much time to integrate the sweet voice of Domina Shelle into your stressful daily life.
I started listening to Domina Shelle two month ago and after having bought already 16 files over the last two months I have a few favourites, which I can highly recommend: Behaviour Control Suggestible Mind, RE-form lesson Class #1 , Freedom To Submit , Dominance-A Hypnotic Brainwashing , Twisted Cindarella , Waves of Submission, Surrender to Sleep. I will put a review at these files, why I also like them and why you should consider buying them too.
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