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Tranceformation - Sex Toy | Shelle RiversTranceformation - Sex Toy | Shelle Rivers

Tranceformation - Sex Toy


Product SKU: Tranceformation - Sex Toy

In the end you exist, utterly dependent on Me, a robotic sex toy...

Length: 56 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control

Ohhh, As much as I love f*cking with your mind, reshaping the submissive you into an enthralled, subservient, and totally obedient slave, in the end you exist, utterly dependent on Me, a robotic sex toy...smooth and cold.

Becoming an object requires more than being just mindless and thoughtless, you also need to lose your identity of self, no control left as you TRANSFORM.  you will be lost in selfless abandon to the carnal craving and lust of performing, being HARD and RIGID whenever this CONVERSION is requested.  you will become a tool, an 'it', triggered to act as I desire, on command, and with blind obedience to pleasing and pleasuring Me and only Me.

Feel the tranceformation taking place, feel the changes in your mind and body.

This transformation HYPNOSIS session is filled with POST HYPNOTIC SUBLIMINAL messages and POWERFUL TRIGGERS.  A deep TRANCE that will be hard to resist.

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Friday, 28 August 2020
Hot, hot and hotter still. One of those session where i trust my Domina so much i just download and listen without even reading the description. But what an experience. If Domina wants to use me this way i am happy to be used. Sexy, erotic fantasy all while safely controlled by Domina's angel voice. Every time i think i can not go deeper. i do, every time i think Domina could not be more amazing She is. i exist for Domina's pleasure, i am utterly dependent on Her control, i willing kneel at Her feet in total submission to Her.
Monday, 20 August 2018
Sometimes kinky fantasies just evolve from curiosity: Does she own sex toys? Does she store them wrapped in satin or in a wooden box? When does she use them? How would it be to there in those most private moments. And here I am! In the middle of the file. With Domina I can follow the path of curiosity to arousal and than into submission. I can be everything here in Her world – a king, a knight, a puppy, a wolf, a puppet and now HER SEX TOY! I just love exploring fantasies like this together with Domina in my head. But pleasure comes at a price: with Her in my head there is always some brainwashing involved!
Sunday, 19 August 2018
I loved this. I want to listed again right now. Even having discussed this session prior to listening it felt very different from what i expected. I'm used to being blind-sided by Domina Shelle's sessions even when i know what he outcome will be, but it is always a pleasant surprise. I am Domina Shelle's sex toy. I am Her object. Mmmm.
Saturday, 18 August 2018
What an incredible file, I can't wait for the next phase. <3
Friday, 17 August 2018
Over and over. There won't be much left after this draining deep trance.
Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Amazing. So powerful. i was so exhausted from all the sexual overload. i was panting. My Domina transformed me into a leaky sex toy. So much pleasure. i don't think i have experienced that kind of pleasure ever before.
Monday, 13 August 2018
This is a wonderfully long session and it showcases the amazing talents of Domina Shelle to woo and seduce the listener it relinquishing more of themselves to Her dominion and control. As the title indicates this session focuses on transforming the listening into Her sex toy, an object whose sole purpose is to perform a specific function and give pleasure to its Owner. Whether intended or not this is a metaphor for Domina's control in general since once addicted to Her sensual control the craving to serve and obey only get's stronger with time until having a Contract becomes a necessity. This session is incredibly erotic and leaves You lusting and longing for Domina in a way that is not quite obsessive but definitely something than lingers in ones mind. This is what makes Domina so very special and why buying this session is something all serious submissives should consider.
Sunday, 12 August 2018
Getting Tranceformed into Domina Shelle's Sex Toy is sooo arousing. In the deep trance i was used to give Her pleasure which was soo hot. This file exceeds every transeformation fantasy i used to have. i want to be used again and again by Her to give Her pleasure.
Sunday, 12 August 2018
This is probably the most erotic file of our Domina Shelle. She is c
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