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Beta male SeriesBeta male Series

Beta male Series


Product SKU: Beta male Series

Beta male Series---All assignments 1-5

Category: Chastity-Assignments
Level: Strong-Hard

Set includes 5 Hypnotic MP3's--levels 1-5 (the complete series)

This series of assignments will allow you to feel the full force of the dominant woman in your life.  Each of these assignments will help you to find your TRUE role as a submissive male.

Each file has an assignment that MUST be completed before moving to the next level...Very effective when used along with the Chastity files.

***Appropriate only for those currently in a live-in relationship***

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Sunday, 06 May 2012
Thank You so much, Princess, for consequently directing Your pets to the right course and let them find their destiny to make them happy, living in accordance with their predetermined determination.
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