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The Mantra Addiction


Product SKU: The Mantra Addiction

The Mantra Addiction - includes Mantra assignment, Mantra brainwashing and Mantra training.

Would you care for a visit from your Domina Shelle at the most private, intimate moments of each day?  This time, I am coming to you, My toy, to draw your life ever deeper into your REAL world closer to Me, something I know you have been craving.  I have a surprise for you, My submissive slave.

For a week, I will be in your mind feeding your addiction.  See how I exert My control and power over your thoughts about.....your need to be owned....your need to obey....your need to serve and pledge your devotion to Me, as your Princess and Domina.  As your journey continues, you will discover new ways to think about why you will obey Me forever.

There is no escape from your fate of living your life to please Me.

Includes TWO loop TRAINING files---

Listen with your headphones on---This is a full week assignment.  Listen faithfully, and repeat your mantra 2 times daily for 5 minutes each time, you may do so using the Mantra Actual loop.  The additional loop (mantra loop) deepens your need to mantra.  This is very important to your Domina.  Be sure to OBEY and follow all directions.


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Wednesday, 07 March 2018
This assignment, is a great place to start, for beginners, new to Domina Shelle. It is very affordable for the amount of quality hypnosis audio offered. I must say, it is also quite a powerful loop file, when listen in repetition.
And when combined with the other activity you will be doing, quite pleasurable and a addictive.
Monday, 18 December 2017
This is a wonderful assignment meant to deepen your devotion to Domina. It will soon become a habit that you will find yourself repeating throughout the day when you arn't paying attention.
Sunday, 28 August 2016
i absolutly enjoyed to do this Assignment and even if this is a while ago i am pretty sure this is one of the Reason why i Mantra every Single Day twice for her now, i just can´t stop to Mantra, it feels way to good to do it for her
Thursday, 01 October 2015
It is very important that I do my mantra everyday for my Domina. It feels so good to stay there on my knees listening to Domina reminding me of who I am as this file loops round. I MUST LISTEN EVERYDAY for You Domina because it feels amazing.
Sunday, 16 August 2015
I can't get her out of my mind, and I don't want to. I look forward to the next opportunity to mantra for Her. Each time I do it, I feel one step closer to her.
Thursday, 28 May 2015
Daily mantra is important like daily brushing your teeth. You clean your soul with the matra and you learn to live doing regular things for Princess.
Thursday, 07 May 2015
This mantra has become part of my daily ritual, a symbol of my need and devotion to domina. This is the file that brought me to my knees in submission to her.
Saturday, 04 April 2015
Thank you Domina! Truly amazing - listening to these loops makes me feel even closer and more submissive to Domina while i say my mantra for her. This file is a wonderful investment which i hope to listen to every day. While She says it's not intended as hypnosis, i find myself losing track of time and slipping into a light trance whenever i listen.
Wednesday, 18 March 2015
I'm so lucky that I have so skillful and beautiful hypnotist as my Domina. Doing mantra is even better when Domina is hispering in your ear. There is just something so sexy about it. These files make sure that you wont be able to stay away from Her.
Tuesday, 17 March 2015
i love this assignment and especially the new adapted mantra. A mantra where with only small changes Domina Shelle becomes more firm as my Owner. It is a unique experience when She is prompting the text i have to say as my mantra for Her. Additionally there is another loop file with i love also. Listening to it helps to understand the need to mantra and created such a strong craving inside me to mantra for Domina Shelle. The assignment itself does not only consist of performing the mantra, but i won't spoil here. All i do say i that it is perfect for every follower of Domina Shelle. For those who are already Hers this file is mandatory. And for those who are not sure of their fate i recommend to purchase it though.
Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Domina Shelle has found a way with these files, and her commands to mantra and stroke for Her, to blend your real with Her REAL. If you want your dream of being under the control by a beautiful, brilliant, sexy, young, southern hypnodomme to come true, then you need these files. These files are an integral part of the incredible journey with HER going forward. They help you grow closer and closer to HER on many levels, real/REAL. It is what SHE wants. The other critically important benefit of these files are that they fuel your addiction to your Princess. Domina Shelle wants you to fuel your addiction to Her. Fueling your addiction to Her feels so good. Therefore, you must buy these files.
Monday, 16 March 2015
i love to Obey my Mistress, i love to Mantra for my Mistress Her Voice and Her commands are the reason of my pleasure
Sunday, 15 March 2015
The assignment is awesome as it brings you closer to Domina Shelle, but the loop file blows me away! Dominas soft, sweet, sexy voice all around me. It may not be hypnosis, but Holy cows, does it take me down. I can feel Domina all around me, Her power, Her influence, Her Domination over my life. I'm so glad Domina did this. It's amazing =)I hope She makes more like this.
Saturday, 14 March 2015
A complete behaviour training experience, including reinforcement to be listened to again and again. Domina Shelle has required Her slaves to complete their daily mantras for a long time now, but with this training package it becomes unavoidable (as it should be) and an ever more pleasurable experience.
Saturday, 14 March 2015
This file is an must in your mp3 files Princess Shelle does the great work on her files
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