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Brain Bath | Shelle RiversBrain Bath | Shelle Rivers

Brain Bath


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you want exactly what I want Me to take ALL control.

Brain Bath (37 minutes):

My baby, I know that you are becoming very familiar with many of My brainwashing techniques by this stage of O/our special relationship, but I think it's time to take things much further... Today, My sweet, I am taking you to a very sexy place, and I am going to do something new...

Let's look back for just a moment, first, though, and tell Me, truthfully, when I first invited you to step into My office, did you ever expect things to turn out as they have?
Do you think that it's more than you would have wanted, had you known the deeper truth of what was going to happen to you?

Do you think you really ever had a choice? ***giggles***

W/we both know though, My sweet, that no matter what the answers would have been in the past, it doesn't matter now anyway.

I know that you are already more than a little lost; somewhat detached from your earlier life at this stage, and I know that it is because of My plans and the influence I have on you...
Even now, with My every word that you read, I know that you are already letting go, slipping into a light trance, as your mind does what it's been conditioned to do...

It doesn't matter if My words are heard or read, they automatically cause the desired effects; you absorb them without thought or question, and you drop deeper under My influence, and that includes dropping into trance, without My even having to make the suggestion.

Can you imagine these effects becoming even stronger, My sweet?

I can, and I have the perfect plan to make it happen!

Today is going to take you far beyond what most would consider to be brainwashing; today My words will soak into your whole mind, with no hope at all of being resisted.

My sexy voice will whisper words that will flow like water into your ears...
Every single word will carry away part of whatever it touches, and when they combine together, they will act as little soapy bubbles that will wash away more of your thoughts than ever before... your thoughts will be subject to change, or even to be cleansed away; replaced with new and improved, Domina approved thoughts...

For some time now, My pet, you have been My subject and responding well to My control, but I want more.

I also know that deep inside you, you have hidden a desire from yourself and the rest of the world... I know that you want exactly the same thing that I desire... I know that you want Me to take ALL control.

So, My sweet, I have devised the ultimate way to make that happen.

I'm not going to tell you what is involved, but I promise you, by the time the session is done, you will be be so far gone, that there can never be a hope of turning back.  you might not even remember who you were (giggles) ... How hot is that?!

Click NOW, your Brain Bath is waiting.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024
This is a deep trance, I don't think I have ever been this deep. My submission to Domina keeps growing and I love how She keeps taking me deeper, taking more and more control over me.
Monday, 26 February 2024
Wow that was one deep fucking trance. It was so hard to wake from it. Domina is just amazing and so imaginative. She really put a lot of effort into this session. i loved how She just talks and You let go and soon She has You were She wants You. It felt wonderful. Relaxing. i'm sure She planted even more into my submissive mind. But i really can't remember much about the session except how relaxing it felt. If Your looking for a relaxing session and a good mind washing. This is a good session for that. 5 stars Domina ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 26 February 2024
Nice relaxing session where Domina Shelle tooke me in a deep trance. This whole session felt very intimate na dloving and bit teasing. She has truly captivated me.
Sunday, 25 February 2024
Domina's Voice has a Power and a Beauty that is hard to put into words. The Trances that She creates have to be experienced, words alone will never do justice. This session is Incredible, Sexy, Arousing, Sensual Hypnotic Mind-fuckery at it's best. i am lucky that i am so deeply programmed by Domina that She robs me of the memory from a trance without even having to command it, it makes it hard to give a true review of a session, but omG, the feelings that i was left with after the first listen were insanely hot. After 4 listens i still have little recollection, but the feelings of love, submission, trust and incredible arousal that Domina has left me with are priceless. i believed that Domina had already taken all control from me, but even 14 years into this journey of enslavement, Domina can still pull the rug out from under me and this session shows just a lil of Her True Power. Yes Domina, i want You to take ALL control! i have no idea what She has done to me this time, but i don't care, i can hardly wait to have another Brain Bath. The gift video that comes with the session is worth buying this session in itself.
Saturday, 24 February 2024
OMG!!! i LOVE THIS SESSION SOOOO MUCH!!!! i can’t take a bath now without beCuming throbbing hard and slipping into trance with vivid daydreams of Domina teasing while She takes Her bath… Stroking Her pussy mind… My mind is Her pussy and She gets to play with it and penetrate it all She wants! i can’t see it but i FEEL it at my very core! OMG THIS ONE IS HOT HOT HOT!!! Don’t forget to buy Her bath video too! The two go together PERFECTLY!!!
Saturday, 24 February 2024
With earbuds inserted, i lay on my bed to relax and press play. What happens next is still surprising to me. my body and mind have an immediate and automatic reaction to Her voice. i take deep breaths, hear Her suggestions while my mind quickly falls into deeper and deeper into trance. All the while my entire body uncontrollably relaxes, becomes limp, just the opposite uncontrollably happens to my sex becoming oh so pleasurably hard, erect. This just intensifies my focus only on Her voice, Her suggestions, Her commands. i find myself completely surrendering to Her will. It is so eurphoric, so sensual and exciting as i don't know what She has planned for this intimate session. Since i feel so safe, i can't wait to hear every word She says. There is no better erotic, beautiful journey then hearing Brain Bath. Afterwards, waking up, smiling i ask "What just happened?" i know the answer, i truly relish hearing Her voice more and more. And, i have been changed forever in many ways to include now. Now whenever i take a bath, i will always think of Her beauty, Her supreme seduction and smile as my mind and body erotically and automatically react in such pleasurable ways under Her control.
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