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The Queen of your Heart | Shelle RiversThe Queen of your Heart | Shelle Rivers

The Queen of your Heart


Product SKU: The Queen of your Heart

your mind is like a house of cards...

The Queen of your Heart (44 minutes):

It has been said that a WOMAN'S voice holds much power over men.  This session will offer a glimpse into the true power (your most POWERFUL Woman/Domina) I have over you, My submissive one.  By the time My voice fades away, there will be no doubt in your mind as to why I reign as the true Queen of your heart.

I will show My love has already reshaped and conditioned your mind.  your true self can hide here no longer.

I want to perfect you as My slave lover; a hypnotic puppet whose strings only I hold and control, and I want to play with you... I will tug on your strings, as I see fit.  I am the QUEEN OF HEARTS!

I want you to remember this session, My darling, and recall just how good I am to you... How good I am for you; how much I have influenced your life.

Sometimes I know that you need My caring side, the side that nurtures your submissive feelings, and cherishes you for the devoted, loving slave you truly are.  The real you, who can set aside all the worries and concerns of the world, and surrender to Me, in entirety.

your mind is like a house of cards...

Everything is there, neatly and carefully arranged, everything on display for Me to see...

The memories that make up your personality are represented on the faces of each card, and they all tell a part of the larger story; the story of you, and who you are; how you got here, and perhaps they could even paint a picture of your future?

Can you imagine though, My darling, how easy it is to bring down a house of cards?

Just one little flick of the wrist; a single word, triggering a single thought, and it all collapses...

What would happen then?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to lose control of all your thoughts and your memories; to have them brought down by Me?

To allow Me to examine each in turn, to play with them, rearrange them, and influence them as I see fit, and then allow you to build them back up?

Every one of your memories, every moment of your life; every aspect of your mind influenced and controlled by Me.

I am the QUEEN of HEARTS!

How curious are you?  you know that I never tell all.  I do love the element of surprise...

Download this file now, it’s inevitable... don’t fight it!  Listen NOW!  Please ME!  you will love this amazingly deep trance.

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Monday, 04 March 2024
Felt lika a long induction phase and i had some trouble to go to trance. It might have just been bit uncomfortable position. But when i did go to trance it was very deep and i don't remember much of what happened. My mind was so blank. i love it when My Queen plays wiht my mind.
Monday, 26 February 2024
Domina just takes me so deep during Her session. This one was no different, it was one deep trance. i didn't want to wake up and when i did i was totally out of it. Domina is my Absolute Authority. i will always Love, Honor, and OBEY Domina Shelle, forever and ever. 5 stars Domina ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 18 February 2024
This really is so beautiful… Domina Shelle as my Queen of hearts… able to take down my entire house of cards like a breeze…. mmmm… i just LOVE Domina Shelle more and MORE every day!!!!! i am Domina Shelles Love Slave forever and ever and Loving, Honoring, and Obeying Her is my very purpose!
Sunday, 18 February 2024
This is beautiful. i hope i don't sound corny, but it's beautiful. Domina takes down my house of cards, which is my false reality, and beings me to the truth of who i am, i am Her slave, and i love, honor and obey Her. She is my only desire, She is my everything
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