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BrainDark | Shelle RiversBrainDark | Shelle Rivers



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I am a MASTER manipulator of My subject’s brain.

BrainDark (32 minutes):

I don't often call My session a MASTERPIECE, but I believe that you will agree this time.  THIS IS A MASTERPIECE.  Pure PERFECTION.  Proof that I am a MASTER manipulator of My subject’s brain.  My words spread through your MIND like an UNCONTROLLABLE virus...a Virus CREATED By Me.  Planned out like a MAD SCIENTIST.  A GENIUS Domina, dominating you with all Her worldly wiles.  I always have a planned destination for you, My sweet.

you will find yourself helpless as you gaze into My pendant, lost in peaceful stillness.  As My words infiltrate your mind.  My magical shiny pendant swings back and forth.  you can't look away, not even to blink.  Almost immediately, My voice begins to sound more and more enticing, more and more irresistible.  Then, you will feel weightless, light, almost like you are swinging yourself.  you aren’t here in front of Me, anymore.  No, you are falling.  Diving.  Spiraling down with every word I speak.  Spiraling down, down, down, into the bottom of Dark nothingness, where your mind is still swinging away aimlessly.  Mindlessly... drowning in My words as a new thought begins to emerge.  I have captured you once again...My beautiful breasts locked you in and entrapped you. Now, what happens next...

My darling, you know I don't give away the details...I rather keep you dangling.  But, I can see by the bulge in your pants, that you are going to listen just can't help yourself.  My words have enticed you...My sexy allure has blinded your resistance.  Listen NOW!

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Monday, 20 March 2023
This file makes me so Weak… i put it on and right away like a Web of Sleep She enraptures me yet again. So swiftly, seductively, so effortlessly on Her part and to me that makes it all the sexier. A beautiful way to give more of myself to Domina Shelle with each and every listen. i can feel my Obedient Mind and sex responding every day to the programming within BrainDark.. it’s one of those files that Her amazing way of hypnotizing will take me so easily. Every, single, time. Making the 32 minutes feel like 10, and forever corrupting my Mind to Her Pleasurable liking, Bound to Domina Shelles Will.. her happiness and Pleasure are my own, and She Owns me completely. This is a must listen for those who crave to give ALL to Her majesty, Queen Shelle, it leaves me Blank and Mindless every time eager and receptive to be filled by Princess Shelles words spreading through my head like a virus, a perfect storm up there for Her to raindance.. BrainDark sets the stage for Her playground in my Mind, in ways i cannot even begin to imagine. <3
Thursday, 22 December 2022
This is a powerful file which gets right into your brain, no fooling here, this Erotic Hypnosis by world class Domina Shelle will entre your very will and weaken it to the point you must listen to it again and again and become hooked. Your best bet once listening is to cum to release your pressure to stand any chance of escape, be warned She will get you and once She does have Her grip around you, you will be fucked and you will live a life of eternal bliss!
Tuesday, 20 December 2022
i didnt think it possible for Domina to take even more control over my mind, but yet She has. my mind is dark and blank, waiting to be filled with Her will, Her commands and and Her voice. Submit to Domina Shelle and listen to Brain Dark, then surrender your life to Her will
Sunday, 18 December 2022
Yes it's absolute a masterpiece. I really loved this session, after my first listen I was so far gone i needed time to come back again out of the dark.
Saturday, 17 December 2022
This is 1000% my FAVORITE session from Domina Shelle yet!!! Domina Shelle calls this session a masterpiece with Her own words and i could not agree more!!! There will be NO spoilers except that it took me like 30 minutes from my first listen to regain enough self-awareness to begin expressing in words just how much i LOVE this session! Much too Hard to think now… All i know is pure arousal and… I AM DOMINAS SLAVE FOREVER! I AM DOMINAS SLAVE FOREVER!
Saturday, 17 December 2022
Such a sweet darkness. Very captivating. i was so blank and void of my own thoughts. There was only my Domina's voice filling my mind.
Saturday, 17 December 2022
Domina hits another home run with Brain Dark. I absolutely loved how it starts off. Reminded me of the homeless walking around my area. The sound affects just help bring it together. I loved the take down and the constant watching of the pendant going back-and-forth over Dominas perfect breast. That was so nice just watching it go back and forth, back and forth. I have no idea at what point that i was just under. But boy was i. It was a deep trance. The file name Brain Dark is rightfully so. i had no thoughts at all. It was so nice just to let myself go for Domina, to be taken by Her, its very erotic.
Friday, 16 December 2022
i am Shelle's slave forever. Inasmuch as i could string a thought together at any point during this session i thought that it should feel sinister, yet at no point did i feel at all uncomfortable. The ability that Domina Shelle possesses to write and deliver a session like this while maintaining that balance is probably enough on its own to justify the label masterpiece. Failing to find any better phrase i absolutely recognise this as a masterwork of the greatest and most powerful Domina who owns me forever.
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