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Brain Wreck by Hypnodomme-Shelle RiversBrain Wreck by Hypnodomme-Shelle Rivers

Brain Wreck


Product SKU: Brain Wreck

Succumbing Mind Confusion and DEEP EROTIC Relaxation... A Hypnotic Seduction.

Session: 66 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Confusion-Brainwashing-Mind Control-Erotic
Sample: LINK

Succumbing Mind Confusion and DEEP EROTIC Relaxation... A Hypnotic Seduction.  This Erotic Hypnosis-Brainwashing Session will take you to the deepest levels of your mind, to that place where you have hidden all of your darkest fantasies, deepest desires... you will find Me there REWIRING~~REARRANGING.... your brain will be Wrecked~~~Warped~~~Jumbled~~~Drained~~~and Soaked Up by My voice...

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Saturday, 25 January 2020
I adore this programming, Domina's voice and words sink deeply into the middle of my mind now as easily as melting chocolate in the sun on a hot day! You will have no way to stop Her entering the most secret and protected corners of your mind. She has a Power you can not see, a touch you can not escape from, giving you feelings which you can not control, overpowering your every erotic thought....... Don't let Her in because if you do, even only once you will be screwed! She WILL make you see things in your minds eye which are so incredibly seductive, so beautifully sexy, you will sink into shear ecstasy. You will feel every word as She TAKES You deeply into Her blissful world from which there is no escape, you won't want to escape! Once you listen and enter this file you will give in, you will surrender and you will cum!
Monday, 25 May 2015
Its damn hard to review something you have little or no memory of. I remember being triggered at the start of the file to go deep into trance, which worked beautifully after listening the second time. Then everything after that becomes a big blur, and all sense of time goes out the window. The next thing I know, Princess Shelle commands me to forget and proceeds to awaken me. When I open my eyes I find myself with a raging hard on, and my cock in my right hand. So I guess there was a stroking command somewhere in there?. The after effects I experienced include: Loss of time, confusion, sexual arousal, amnesia, the urge to listen again, and my brain feeling numb and sluggish. All in all, a very relaxing and enjoyable ride from a young and beautiful artist. I can say this, the more and more Princess Shelle commands me to forget, the more pleasure I get from it. There’s just something alluring about accepting and letting go, and handing over my reins to my young sweet Domina.
Sunday, 03 May 2015
Domina Shelle gets so easy in my secret room there's no resisting. She can just walk in. Long and relaxing file which took me in a deep hypnosis. This file turns very erotic later on. I remeber being so aroused for Her. There was this one trick which I especially liked, that was when Domina said different things to my left ear than to the right one.
Tuesday, 09 July 2013
This is a really amazing file. Princess Shelle comes with you into a very secret, safe and special place inside the core of your soul. It just feels so real, like you are really hanging out together. She is so sweet and sexy in there, and wears a really hot sexy outfit just for you. She is so nice. After the file ended, it was hard to remember exactly what happened, but I did feel a lot closer to my Princess, and that she was somehow inside me, and also with me. We were embracing life together as a team, with her very much in control, of course.
Monday, 08 April 2013
i have been downloading as many of Princess Shelle's files as i can get and listening to them. i am a new slave for Princess, and i am training very hard for her (if you have listened to her files, you know why). i have just listened to this file, and while i can not really remember much about it, i know i have gone probably the deepest ever for Princess. i woke up feeling amazing, tingling, buzzing for my Angel Princess Shelle. She is an amazing, amazing, amazing Princess and i will obey Princess Shelle.
Saturday, 12 November 2011
Get ready to go deep deep down to the very bottom part of your mind, and be ready for Princess Shelle to follow you there. I don't really remember specifics about this session. I recall a visualisation of wanking down a spiral staircase with Princess and I remember that the ending was very intense. By the time Princess was having Her way with my brain it was well snd truly wrecked and reliant upon Her grace to reshape it.
Friday, 02 September 2011
This file is screaming hot. With the name "Brain Wreck" you get what you ask for. By the time the file ends, you're done.rnrnI'm going to say specifically that it's really hard to write for this file. Half the time I remember there may or may not be an amnesia suggestion. Even so, at 66 minutes it's really hard to try and remember everything that goes on in the file. There's a lot to soak in. There is great utilization of many different hypnotic techniques to get your mind to succumb to Shelle's brainwashing. The use of arousal as a distraction is particularly done well here. It in fact is where I mostly draw a blank on what was exactly said.rnrnAnother thing I think that is done very well in the file is the use of sound effects Sidebar: One thing they say about special effects in movies is that if someone goes "Wow that was a great special effect". The person creating the movie didn't do their job it can't stand out it needs to add to the suspension of disbelief that you really are experiencing whatever fantastical moment the creators decide to portray.rnrn ...They enhance the effect of the scenes She creates and doesn't detract or remove yourself from wherever you are. In fact the first time I heard Her umm walking Tongue ... I couldn't help but smile... and go deeper. There is also great use of left and right channels which also help to enhance visualizations.rnrnMake no mistake, this is a highly erotic file as well. She has you, in whatever way She wants you, as you're powerless to stop it. The arousal She creates by the use of the word "Puppy" is just outright shocking. Never in my life will I ever be able to hear that word again without connecting it to this session.rnrnThrough all of that I've had a rangey experience with the file. I've had some of my most intense hypnotic sessions with this file along with me having to turn it off after about half way. 66 minutes is a lot to devote to any file and sometimes laying still for that long just doesn't happen.
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