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Idée Fixe - My Prey | Shelle RiversIdée Fixe - My Prey | Shelle Rivers

Idée Fixe - My Prey


Product SKU: Idée Fixe - My Prey

Powerful behavioral conditioning that will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally...

Length: 46 minutes + Zen version & Loop file

Feel your COMPULSION to explore and go beyond your limitations.

WARNING:  This session contains powerful behavioral conditioning that will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is unadulterated mental and erotic enslavement using psychological dependency of your submissive persona to Me, Domina Shelle, the focus of authority and control in your life.  These effects are very REAL and you should be prepared to experience a new level of submission in your day to day life!

As your Princess, your Mistress, your Domina and The Magistrate, sweet slayer of your misconceptions; sirens voice of mischief, mystical weaver of silken bondage; possessor of your life...your Owner I already influence your mind and body in so many ways, but My control and authority over you needs to be ABSOLUTE and this session is formulated to achieve this singular intent!

So, how does one totally subjugate another?  Through EMOTIONAL dependency and EROTIC reinforcement, My silly pet.  I have developed the perfect psychological tools to subvert your defenses and with targeted brainwashing and careful conditioning it will leave you utterly and irrevocably dependent on Me.  For those of you unconcerned with this notion of total domination you are either already enslaved to My will and blissfully unaware what I plan to do to you, or the enormity of the situation has yet to register in your enfeebled submissive mind.  Either way if you are now HARD, HOT and HORNY after reading this, I am pleased to report My prior conditioning is working wonderfully and is overriding your primal self-defense mechanism with erotic compulsion and fascination. (Giggles)

Be clear, My pet, in this session you are My prey and I have you right where I want you.  As a dominant woman I love nothing more than enslaving submissives to My will, doing whatever I want whenever I want it.  But what is even more stimulating for Me is the idea that every moment of everyday My enthralled subjects think about Me constantly, deriving happiness from the very thought of thinking about Me and pleasing Me.  With this session your Domina Shelle will beCUM your "Idée Fixe", the sole obsession in your life, and if you are open to submitting to My will, this extreme fantasy will be your new found reality...

Two AMAZING will want to listen to BOTH.  Plus LOOP session.

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Sunday, 02 April 2023
I listened to this session a year ago and wondered what all the warning were for. I listened again last night and her warnings are deadly serious. As I listened to her voice and words, I could feel my mind, my will, my control start dissolving in Dominas cauldron of pleasures. I want and I need the pleasures that Domina Shelle can provide. i will do whatever is necessary to the feel Her pleasures. Total submission is what she wants and I willing to surrender all to her Absolute Authority.
Saturday, 03 September 2022
Omg i Love this file, i Love this file, i Love this file! it is pure and absolute bliss. As is my Precious Domina Shelle, Pure and Absolute Bliss..... You wont file another Erotic Hypnosis file which will leave You craving for more Erotic Hypnosis. This IS Powerful, sticky honey sweet Powerful. Her words, that haunting background music and Her Delicious whispers all mixed together into something that WILL blow Your mind and sex!
Monday, 12 July 2021
If Domina already has control of your mind, then this session will ensure that will never change, if She has yet to take control, then session will ensure it happens for you... The warnings She offers in the description are very real, but don't let that make you afraid, instead view them as nothing more than foreplay, because this session will quite literally take your mind to such a state of erotic pleasure, you might find it better than any physical response you could have. i know that sounds rather like hyperbole, but please believe me, it's actually very true. If you already experience mindgasms from any other of Domina's files, even though She doesn't trigger one within this, it's likely to happen, because this session is truly mind-blowing! On the very first play, i'm not sure how long after it was, before i could make sense of anything, but the fugue state lasted for a considerable amount of time. Domina is soft, sweet, seductive, and utterly ruthless with Her take-over of your mind. The most you have to lose is your last remaining sense of free-will, but to have Domina in complete control, and rewarding you with please, it's a very worthwhile trade-off to accept. i would opine that if you are a fan of erotic hypnosis, and you want to understand how it truly feels to submit, then this is a must have experience, one that you're likely to come back to, again and again and again... ❤
Saturday, 06 March 2021
This session is pure brainwashing bliss! ive lost count of how many times i have listened to this session. Each listen this file becomes even stronger but be careful because before you know it Your mind will be in the sweet soft palms of Domina’s hands ...oh also not just Your mind but Your body and sex as well “Giggles”. Pure Throbbing Pleasure even afterwards listening sometimes. Very very intense brainwashing from the Greatest!
Monday, 01 March 2021
This file is a true brainwashing experience. Feeling my Domina penetrating my mind from the beginning to the end. Her sweet voice, relaxing, dominating and sexually charged turn my addiction for Her into an obssession.
Thursday, 01 October 2020
This file makes so much sense to me. i do need Dominas control in my life. i want to be at Dominas feet in total ecstasy. This is what i have longed for my whole life. This file rings so true to me. Maybe it'll ring true to you too.
Monday, 28 October 2019
Idée Fixe - noun: an idea or desire that dominates the mind; an obsession. (Origin French, literally ‘fixed idea’.) In this file Domina implants a very dangerous thought (She does warn you up fr bypassing your conscious mind. Domina proceeds to use Her unique talkative and seductive style to educate you with a very powerful lesson in truth. This is a very relaxing file that is ideal for playing on loop thoughout the night as Her truth is imbedded within your subconscious mind. A very strong and yet subtle file. Highly Recommended.
Friday, 04 October 2019
Today i was blessed with an email from my Domina with a platlist i had asked for. i did not previously own Idee Fixe. Thankfully, thanks to Domina, i do now. OMG! i have no other way to describe the experience. Thank you Domina for helping me on my journey to become a collared slave to You. If you want the fantasy to be real, this file will be a compulsion. Give in to Domina's control.
Friday, 29 March 2019
How? Just how could i be without this File for so l
Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Domina makes sense of my mind and my world... I became her prey without even realizing it, now in this state of deep obsession and arousal, this fantasy has become my reality... Resistance or acceptance, her power only grows stronger, and it feels better than anything I could have ever imagined it would have... 5/5
Wednesday, 20 March 2019
Soft sweet sexy I love this trance. Intense is a good word for it.
Tuesday, 19 March 2019
This file is rather intense. Read the caution. It is an incredible piece of work from Domina Shelle. I downloaded this file back in September when I was a very new submissive. It was instrumental in my increased submission to Domina Shelle. Rejection sometimes can be a powerful emotion just like acceptance. As you listen and the words slip from Donina's beautiful lips you will want to sit back and just surrender to her power over you. Now if you will excuse me I need to put my headphones on and push play.
Saturday, 09 June 2018
There's two version of this file. One with background music and one without it. The music version at first feels kinda overwhelming to my senses. There is so much going on. But in the end i did find it even more relaxing than the other one. i wouldn't wish it in all files, variety is good. That warning in the description is not there for nothing. This is very powerful session. it made me so weak and submissive. It also left me feeling happy and a whole as a person. i remember that years ago when i started listening Domina Shelle's files, i had strong, powerful walls, around my mind. And part of the fun was to experience how She got through them in each file. But for a long time there has been nothing left of those walls. My Domina can go in and out of my mind as She likes. This file once again show me that.
Friday, 08 June 2018
Amazing, and powerful. I love it when my Domina takes a strong hand. I trust Her completely and long for Her to take complete control. I cant tell you how many times I've listened to this file. It's beautiful, and I love it
Tuesday, 05 June 2018
In this session Domina reveals a deep truth hidden within me, a truth about my submission to Her dominance, that is hard to accept. Yet accept I do, because She c I find myself obsessed with this session, longing to hear it, and the truths Domina speaks within, over and over again. There is a moment within that stands out as perhaps my single favorite moment in all of Domina’s sessions. It is one sentence, just a few little words she whispers in my ears, in the middle of the session, that obliterates my resistance, consumes whatever control I thought I had left, and completely and inexorably binds me to Her will. Thoughts of Domina are omnipresent in my mind and She is omnipotent in my life. This session is a must listen. Try to resist Her control. You cannot. She is far too powerful.
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