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Captive Dreams | Shelle RiversCaptive Dreams | Shelle Rivers

Captive Dreams


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Welcome to Dr Shelle's clinic for Neuro Psychology and Hypno-Erotic Sleep Therapy...

Captive Dreams (40 minutes):

Hello, welcome to Dr Shelle's clinic for Neuro Psychology and Hypno-Erotic Sleep Therapy.  Don't be alarmed by the unconventional title, Professor Shelle - Our beloved Owner and resident specialist - is a world renowned researcher and She has yielded amazing transformative results turning doubtful patients into loyal clientele willing to do anything to solicit more of Her unique services.

I must say, you must have impressed Our Domina - that's how We refer to Dr Shelle - since only the most compelling consultations pique Her interest and She specifically requested We schedule your therapy session as soon as possible, hence why you're here today, at such short notice.  your case notes indicate something to do with nightmares and a recurring feeling of "losing yourself to a powerful Woman", is that correct?  Yes, We call them Captive Dreams and I'm sure Domina is going to find the source of those fears, reframing them with Her special therapy turning your neurosis into a pleasurable experience so you sleep peacefully every night.

In fact, after just a couple of sessions you're going to feel like a new person!  With Domina's guidance you'll gain a whole new outlook on life, so don't be surprised if you find yourself becoming obsessed with admiring powerful Women because sometimes the best means to treat and overCUM your trauma is to fully embrace it.

I've noticed you keep staring at My new white latex nurses outfit, do you like it?  We try this new look to help Our clients achieve the right state of mind prior to therapy sessions.

Well, prepare yourself now for a life-changing experience and Domina will be with you shortly to give you a whole perspective on life.  See you in your dreams... (Giggles)

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Saturday, 20 November 2021
What an honor to visit Domina in her clinic. I try to remember things about my visit but it's just blank but i do know i loved it and Domina knows what's best for me/us Thank you Domina
Tuesday, 16 March 2021
A clinic, a nurse in latex, Professor Shelle, Domina, a beach, a ladder, a storm, a boat, a dark Goddess. So much is going on in this file that my head spins and i cannot distinguish what has spawned from my own dreamy fantasy. I remember confusion and arousal and how I worshiped Her body in burning desire. Erotic Hypnosis as it should be! Thank You Domina for this amazing file
Saturday, 06 March 2021
This session knocks me out. Literally. I can't describe it. I'm going to listen to it again, maybe this time I'll remember it.
Friday, 05 March 2021
It is so enthralling to realize that it is so impossible to escape Domina Shelle's control that it is easy for Her to dominate me in my dreams. Or should it be the dreams that Domina Shelle allows me to dream?
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
It has always been my dream that Domina take complete control of my dreams. That i can never dream a dream without it revolving around Her. This dream revives and recharges that need. It's so hot, so sexy, so mind controlling, so brainwashing, so perfect. Please please Domina please make more files like this
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
That was a very deep hypnosis. And i loved the scenario in this as being a patient of hot dominant therapist is one of my fantasies. i woke up smiling and feeling very happy. Domina's voice has that effect on me.
Saturday, 20 February 2021
Every night, I've been dreaming about Domina Shelle More and MORE... Domina has truly captured me and taken over my dreams in the sexiest of ways possible... Every day of my life is a literal dream cum true being Dominas loyal and obedient slave and she sweetens the deal every week by constantly tightening her control and expanding her power and influence over me... This session is VERY powerful and WILL have lasting effects... There is truly no escape from Dominas sexual charm and magic... She will own you and remind you often in the best possible ways imaginable...
Saturday, 20 February 2021
OMG, i sooo want all of this to come true! Please my Precious Domina let this file come to life.... Everything in this file fits me like a glove and i Love it and You. i don't believe the intense feelings You are invoking inside me but boy are they just so very delicious! Oh Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You!!!
Saturday, 20 February 2021
Wow... just Wow i don’t even remember much of what just happened i just feel so mind blown. SO OWNED i don’t have much words to describe this file but it is a must have... a must have !! Omg wow that’s all i can really say. Wow... Domina owns my mind my body! i don’t know if it’s mines anymore, maybe it never was... giggles. Now im off to Dream!! Thank You Domina for being in and Dominating even my Dreams!!
Friday, 19 February 2021
I am so happy that my therapist allowed me to see her, without having an appointment. I had such a problem, nightmares were invaded me. She is the only therapist that can cure my problem or will she make it worst? I love my therapist but in this file, this is no ordinary consultation since she brings me in a place where dreams melt with the real and nightmares become dreams. Is she making thing better for me, or is she depening my addiction?
Friday, 19 February 2021
Such a blissful time, spending time under the care of the delightfully dominant Dr Shelle, the professor who can 'help' me with my dreams... Being allowed to gaze upon Her beautiful body, which is white latex clad; staring at, and worshipping Her curvaceous, glorious gorgeous ass. i do have to admit, that it was a major struggle to keep my promise to stay chaste, when listening; even when resisting the urge to diddle with my clitty, i nearly gushed anyway, so erotically hypnotic was the experience of this! As ever, You took me so far down, that there are huge sections i feel like i have missed, even after more than a few plays already, but i doubt i need to recall them anyway. i know that i can trust my delightful doctor to do only what is good and right, to ensure that my mind remains healthy and under complete control... After all, i don't mind that my mind isn't under my control; not at all. Besides, it feels only right to surrender it, knowing that just leads to enjoying even more of Your wonderful therapy. Thank You so much Dr Shelle!
Friday, 19 February 2021
Now, a trip to the clinic is just what your doctor ordered... or in this case, what your Domina ordered. So just settle in and let Dr Shelle take you deep, deep down inside your own mind. To help you overcome your 'nightmares' and allow you to interact with your dreams in a more positive manner. Now, yes... Her sevices do not come cheap but do not fret. For Dr Shelle will happily accept payment with that which you will no longer need. So do be sure to keep your appointment as Dr Shelle's sessions are known to produce 'mind-blowing' results <wink>
Friday, 19 February 2021
Wow i could keep saying wow. The thought of Domina in a white latex nurses outfit, that is like a short mini skirt showing Her perfect legs and Her cleavage just drives me bonkers. Domina has the most amazing legs. They dominate my thoughts. But to be taken down and then have Her remind me of them just sends me over the edge. In the beginning i kept wondering when is she ever going to put me in trance then she blew my mind with a totally different approach. i was so far gone for Her, so aroused and horny for my Domina i just exploded in ecstasy when She told me to. Wow that's all i can say is Wow.
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