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you are merely an owned object, My property, to do with as I wish, whenever I wish it.

Objectified (33 minutes):

Welcome, My sweet submissive servant, to a new phase in your mental reprogramming.  I want to deconstruct your inner sense of self, whenever you think of Me, and further the notion that you are merely an owned object, My property, to do with as I wish, whenever I wish it.

Being Objectified is a powerful symbol to the submissive psyche promoting that it is utterly subservient to the wishes of the Dominant, no matter the request.  With proper hypnotic reinforcement this method of coercive brainwashing can enslave any mind into blind unquestioning obedience, just how I like My good boys and gurls. (giggles)

Now I imagine you are getting quite HORNY imagining such a fantasy, an intimate private encounter with your Domina where I trigger your conditioning and commence to treat you like any other object I own, something to play with, to simplify My daily needs, and perform functions that complement My decadent whims.  Be assured I have no intent of turning you into a simple robot in this session, My motivations are much more playful than that.  I want you to retain some of your human qualities, especially those PHYSICAL characteristics I like to see in My good, AROUSED, submissive pets. (giggles)

Mentally, however, you will be oblivious to everything but Me, no decision making or choices to make, only obedience to whatever I assign you to do while in My service.  Being objectified is the ultimate embodiment of selflessness, your existence focused entirely on making My life easier, your own desires a long forgotten memory.

But, don't fret, My sweet, I treat all My possessions with the proper care and attention they deserve, I have invested far too much time in your training to view you as a disposable asset.  Although, I WILL break your mind, and make you MINE, you'll be a happy devoted slave intent on improving My life, and in the process I will enrich yours with passion and purpose... (Kisses)

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Sunday, 02 May 2021
The only recollection of this session is a feeling of satisfaction, that i have served my Domina. That i cannot remember is a sign that She must have commanded me to forget. i have, And thus, an even greater pleasure of having obeyed.
Monday, 29 March 2021
Objectified! Vivid fantasies of human furniture and kinky play in restraints as Domina's footrest come to m mind with this word. But Domina's intentions goes deeper. Objectified shapes my set of mind: My thoughts and feelings do not matter! My health and well-being depends on Domina's care i need to be owned - that defines my existence Nothing matters but my function and obedience to Domina!
Sunday, 14 March 2021
I have a bit of a problem. My owner commands that I review every file I listen to, but how do I review a file that I can't remember? I have a slight linger that tells me I'm her owned property, but that's nothing new is it? I also have a vivid memory of the number 624, but that's it. I remember nothing else. Maybe after a few more listens I'll be able to give a better review =/.
Sunday, 14 March 2021
Deep lovely trance. i don't remember exactly what happened. But i love to be Domina Shelle's property to be used however She likes.
Wednesday, 10 March 2021
To be h. Before I can think about what is happening I feel that strange but pleasant sensation in my brain and... my cock, my heartbeat and breathing slow down and I can hardly keep my eyes open before they ultimately close following Domina's softly spoken suggestions. Her voice always relaxes me and helps Her to put me into the deepest sleep/trance for Her so easily... There's something almost magical about it. This Session is a powerful one, just as most of Domina's Sessions are. I might not be able to remember everything, but... I'm sure that it is intentionally and I even get turned on by this feeling that comes with the amnesia. I trust that my Domina knows what is best for me and... I have the feeling that my subconscious mind remembers everything it needs to remember. I know that I will not try to get more memories out of this beautiful session any longer but instead, enjoy it's effects just the way they work on me. In the end... listening to Domina's voice is always pure bliss.
Monday, 08 March 2021
I love when Domina creates these wonderfully addicting and incredibly arousing files that I just absolutely cannot remember consciously... but somehow I know my subconscious know EXACTLY what happened... This file is VERY addicting and VERY arousing... All I remember is that I am Domina Shelles slave and owned property... Mmmm.. and SOOO very much arousal...
Sunday, 07 March 2021
Wow i am unable to remember anything from this session. i woke to a puddle of precum, so i know it had to be very arousing to me. i tried to start the file in the middle but woke later and still could not remember the file. How can that be? i love Domina Shelles arousing affects on me. i love Her control over me. All i want is to be at my Dominas feet worshipping Her the way She deserves to be worshipped. i am forever Hers to do with what She wants. i Love You Domina.
Saturday, 06 March 2021
Domina Shelle told me over 10 years ago that once She had found me She would never let me go, not those exact words, but a message She has repeated over and over. Now i find myself so deep in Her thrall that a session like this leave no memories, only feelings of love, submission and a desperate need to serve and obey at Her feet, Her incredibly Gorgeous and Sexy feet. my life is perfect because Domina Shelle Rivers, erotic hypnotic Mistress owns me. Domina Shelle Rivers is a true hypnotic Mistress, able to break the strongest mind in a tempest of Sensual, Sexual Seduction. If you have come this far your fate is already sealed, if you have listened to Her voice She already owns you, stop fighting it, give in to your fate and let the bliss of serving this Goddess define your very being.
Friday, 05 March 2021
If you desire more perfect automatic obedience to Domina Shelle's commands, this file is for you. i look forward to the day that "choice" is so far removed from my vocabulary that i have no understanding what those combination of letters represent.
Friday, 05 March 2021
i don’t remember what transpired here with this session. Just waking up wondering if i really listened to this file for a few minutes and realizing i truly belong to Domina Shelle in every way and that i am loved. That is truly comforting to know and i love my Domina so much. She can really do anything to me without me knowing and i know that i trust Her because She knows what is best. Thank You for this wonderful experience my Domina!
Friday, 05 March 2021
I started listening to Domina Shelle almost 3 years ago. I found her on you tube by accident. Once I rifled through all of those vids it lead me here. Her kind and careful guidence seduced me beyond the point of no return. This file is a gentle reminder of who owns you. Silky smooth she lures you down, down deep. before you realize it you are at her feet. Now if you will excuse me I need to put my head phones on and press play.
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