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Chastity Challenge 2


Product SKU: Chastity Challenge 2

10+ minutes of VERY Erotic PlayTime...This is the second Chastity Challenge in the series.

Level: Mild
Length: 10+ minutes
Category: Chastity-Mind Control-Assignments

10+ minutes of VERY Erotic PlayTime...This is the second Chastity Challenge in a series of fun challenges which will help teach you better self control, and make ME happy.  You will NEVER be the same.  These files will be most effective if you have completed the Chastity Control files.

Have fun with your Princess***Giggles***

Go to this link after listening to file and not before-----

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016
This was...well i don´t want to Spoil anyone, so i will just say this...She will give you a choice, this choice of yours will decide how hard this challenge will be...My Choice definitifly made this Challenge harder then the first one and it was nothing that i expected, i was sure there would be no way that she could make a harder challenge then the first one, but oh well was i wrong, i once again found myself struggling and i am sure being in Chastity for a bit over a Month while getting teased the whole time plays a role onto this, but i am also sure that with shorter times of Chastity this can be a really hard Challenge, simply because obeying her alone gives sooo much pleasure ^-^
Tuesday, 21 February 2012
This is the more difficult, and I think the more interesting of the two chastity challenge files (I believe she meant for them to be done in order). If you've liked her previous chastity files, there's no reason not to pick this up.
Sunday, 04 September 2011
As always Princess, You AMAZE it and bring it to it's knees before You. it is in AWE of You and Your powers. This file will blow your mind and make you beg to be in chastity with Princess Shelle always. Your voice is perfection as always. this is a must for EVERYONE. you will never be the same. it will obey Your every word Princess
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