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Chastity Challenge 1


Product SKU: Chastity Challenge 1

These fun challenges will both help teach you better self control, and make ME happy. You will NEVER be the same. ***Giggles***

Level: Mild
Length: 20 minutes
Category: Chastity-Mind Control-Assignments

Chastity Challenge #1: These fun challenges will both help teach you better self control, and make ME happy.  Your will NEVER be the same.  These files will be most effective if you have completed the Chastity Control files. 

Come on, Have fun with your Princess***Giggles***

My love, I hope that you will survive this....

Includes 2 FREE sexy pictures of your Princess...GIGGLES***

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Sunday, 10 April 2016
This was a Fun Challenge, i am in Chastity for a bit over a Month now and with this the Challenge wasn´t easy at all, while doing the challenge, i felt how i got lost in her words and each time it happened i had to regroup, cause well otherwise i would have gotten carried away and failed for sure, i excepted everything, but not this...this was just insane..i even ended up begging her to stop while i was doing the Assignment, but well this just proves to me that this was a challenge and i am very happy that i did survived this one ^-^
Tuesday, 21 February 2012
This is a fun file, like all of Shelle's chastity files. The instructions are a little embarrassing, but that's part of the fun. I never really find the first few days of chastity to be all that difficult, but Princess Shelle always finds ways to make it more challenging.
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