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Chastity Control - Part 2 | Shelle RiversChastity Control - Part 2 | Shelle Rivers

Chastity Control - Part 2


Product SKU: Chastity Control - Part 2

The Chastity files - Chastity Control part 2.

Session: 30 minutes
Level: Medium-Strong
Category: Chastity-Mind Control

you must have made it successfully through the first 2 days before purchasing this file.  Welcome to day 3 of the week in which I show you who owns you, and I prepare you to become My chastity slave.

Make sure you OBEY part 1 before moving on....***GIGGLES***

You must complete this file then come to ME for part 3 of this series.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016
Remember how i sayed it would be easy so far? Yeah scratch this...our Princess decided to make me fail on purpose by Commanding me to Cum for her, because of this i of course had to restart the Week and well to be honest i don´t really understand why it got so unbelievable intense all of the sudden, but it´s definitivly not easy anymore, on the first few Days i squirmed at her words, at the Part of this recording her voice and words rocked my Body like crazy, shivering all over twitching thorbbing, getting so close and as intense as all of this feels, it still happened pretty much automatically to stop before getting over, by now i don´t understand what she is going or what she is up to, but what i do now is that it is as if my mind got erased, no matter how horny she makes me, i simply don´t want to Cum, i don´t want this to end, it just feels way to good as that it should end, infact to be even more honest i kinda hope it will not end with Day 7 i really hope it will go on for way longer, it just feels sooo good i NEVER want it to stop please...Yeah i know i am starting to repeat myself, but that´s what this/ my Princess is doing to me, she made me crave to stay in CHastity always Horny for and because of her, she did this with other Files as well a while ago, but now i do crave it even more then before, i seriously want to beg her to let me stay in chastity and just this should be enough to tell how much control she got and how powerful she is, so go ahead try it, i promise you no matter if you are into chastity or not, after this Week you will crave to be in Chastity for her
Sunday, 12 April 2015
Another step closer to my true calling. I cant believe how much I love this. I feel Dominas power over me grow stronger by the day.
Sunday, 27 October 2013
If you have managed to get to this part, then you want to cum so badly, but even more you want to obey her. It only gets better better. But Princess isn't going to make it easy for you. She really loves to make you horny and then denying you. To sum it up: More control, more teasing and a lot more aching.
Thursday, 14 March 2013
i really am loving this chastity training with Mistress. i'm so glad to be finally doing it it is a most wonderful and exciting and HORNY experience. This file seemed similar to part 1, but deeper, stronger, firmer, more control, cementing Her control. i want... need Her to have this control, there's no going back for me. The feelings created by this training are unbelievable!
Friday, 13 January 2012
Be prepared to surrender more control to Princess Shelle with this file, but this is a very fair exchange. Building on foundation laid down in Part 1, Princess Shelle will have you so "Horny" you will wonder if you can ever make it to Part 3. This journey into chastity for Princess Shelle is not to be missed.
Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Princess continues to take you on a kind of know where you are going...but now how. Princess is always full of surprises that keep you off guard and open you new learning. You won't want to turn back even though you know with each passing moment Princess is taking more control! Awwwh...isn't that what we wanted. lol
Thursday, 08 September 2011
This being the next step after part 1 it follows that more control is handed over to Princess Shelle. What may amaze some is just how pleasurable it is to give Princess more control. By day four the briefest thought of Princess Shelle sends me silly, and I'm eager for the next recording.
Friday, 02 September 2011
This experience so far has been interesting and a bit of an eye opener. Something that I by myself probably wouldn't be able to do. One thing that through conversation I've been able to find out is that it seems that I have a fairly high tolerance for pain. Because being aroused all the time has some weird repercussions. Such as... your body tends to close up your ability to go to the bathroom. Somehow... I've learned to deal with it. Not only that but I've found out what happens when you're hyper aroused and unable to cum. Think drip drip drip.... (It made Shelle laugh)rnrnAll three files have a similar induction to them, I'm not too worried given Shelle's ridiculous low prices for the files. Also since the files carry common a theme, they probably should follow the same vein IMO.rnrnIn Session two you learn that not only do you not want to cum. But it pleases Princess that you stay aroused for her all the time as well. In addition to this new learned idea. You are also implanted with another word that seems to be quite powerful. In it's practice, you hand over your mind and control over to Princess and as your hands fall away from yourself. The file practices this in an highly erotic ending. An interesting thing of note is that the naughty controlling Shelle starts to show up here. Not just suggesting things to your mind but telling you how things are going to be.
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