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Chastity Control - Part 3Chastity Control - Part 3

Chastity Control - Part 3


Product SKU: Chastity Control - Part 3

The Chastity files - Chastity Control part 3.

Session: 34 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Chastity-Mind Control

Welcome to day 5---of your chastity week, preparing you for your future as My chastity slave.  you are learning what your future will be like--giggle

My love, I hope that you will survive this....

Includes a li'l recorded freebie, you may already have it...I hope NOT.  It may help you to relax a little...***GIGGLES***

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Friday, 20 July 2018
I love this file, particularly the ending (which you'll have to listen to find out what it is). I don't want the chastity to end, but I look forward to the work that must be done to be allowed my release. I love the feeling of working hard for Domina Shelle just to be allowed release.
Tuesday, 26 January 2016
So Right i was Yoda now i am... ok shut up me Thank you... Anyway i was right, i knew it would be more then just a Week of Chastity, by the way i am not talking about the time, maybe it´s a week, maybe it´s longer, you have to find this out on your own, what i am talking about is that it´s not just staying in Chastity for this lovely Princess, with this last File she pretty much let´s you know your place and well i can only speak for myself, but i am pretty sure everyone who will be at this point will see it´s to late, there is no going back, she already has trapped you and you do not have any choice, but that´s fine cause at this point you don´t want to have this choice anyway, you might also find yourself so enjoying this that you might want to beg her to stay in chastity for sooo much longer like i wanted, this experience all together was totally overwhelming, not what i expected and if i would not already be owned i would be on my knees begging and pleading to be owned by the most wonderful Princess that there is as well as i want to beg her to say this word over and over again, this word that makes me tingle/throb/pulsate and ache for her sooo badly...You know what word i am talking about and i could bet you want to hear it as badly as i want from her now ahahaha
Sunday, 12 April 2015
OMG, this is so amazing. I've got one more day of extreme chastity. I confess, I don't want it to end... I've been so open to Domina, my need for Her, Her voice, Her control, Her power, everything about Domina, has been amplified. I don't want this wonderful feeling to diminish...
Tuesday, 29 October 2013
That was intense. First time she said the word "horny", my whole body started to shake. I didn't expect so strong reaction, so that was a nice surprise. It's now day 5 of my chastity week and Princess Shelle is on my mind a lot more now. It's like I can't stop thinking about her. This would have been so much easier without her whispering to my ear and teasing me. But then it would't be no fun at all.
Saturday, 16 March 2013
This file is ridiculous... In the best way possible. Entering chastity for Mistress Shelle is one of the best things i've ever done. Not only the intense pleasure of being so horny, which is not putting it lightly... but the satisfaction of having given Her this control is so wonderful. This file was the most intense of the 3 parts by far for me. If the first 2 files were 8 out of 10, this one is a full 10... or 11... 12... or 1000... or you get the idea.
Monday, 25 February 2013
I thought this tape would bring 4 or 5 days of chastity to the obvious happy conclusion. Instead, it turned out to be the port of entry to an alternative world order, both frightening and charming. Shelle holds all the important cards here. I was at first shocked at the turn of events, and then excited and full of admiration for her gentle, sweet, steely management skills.
Friday, 02 September 2011
Session three I believe has been the most profound of all three files. The first two most definitely build to this point, but this just does a great job sealing the series off. Not only does it make use of the training in the other files, but it also enhances it. For the majority of the day after listening to this file, my body was on fire. I may not be the best at physical arousal without some manual stimulation for help, however my mind went haywire. The file also sets you up for Shelle's chastity assignments. And then finally removes all ability for being able to climax without pleasing Princess or completing her assignments to the letter. The naughty controlling Shelle is in full effect here. And she surely exerts her dominance the most in this file. Not to say that the others were controlling, but this is surely an about-face to some of the material I've listened from her.rnrnAs I write this I'm into day 6 and I just can't help but wonder what those assignments might entail (damn my curiosity). I've made it this far, which is farther than I've ever done. Given the amount of control I've handed over to Shelle I don't think it's possible for me to mess up the next couple of days.rnrnWhy does this feel so damn good?
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