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Chastity Lesson 1--The Conditioning


Product SKU: Chastity Lesson 1--The Conditioning

Chastity Lesson 1 - The Conditioning.

You have waited patiently and NOW the time has come.  Time for My gift of CHASTITY to you.  This will allow you to NOT cum for Me.  Yes, giving you the PLEASURE of a full-time erection.  Just think, HARD and HORNY with ME, your Domina/Princess whispering NAUGHTY thoughts into your ears.
This is the first of 5 lessons in your NEW Chastity TRAINING but there will be surprises along the way.  If you fail, I will even allow you to start over.  Don't worry, we will do it until you get it right. ***GIGGLES***
I love teasing you.  Just another step in perfecting you for your place on My farm...
So be closer to Me---Give Me all control of your c**K...and of course your mind.

***You may begin your training right away.  Listen to your first file---and listen at least 3 times.  You may stroke as often and as LONG as you want during your training.  JUST know when to STOP---do not cum.
In case of an accidental release---you must pay the Chastity Penalty and start over with the lesson level that you were on during your release.
Be sure to send ME an email upon beginning your chastity---in the subject line --- you will write (I am now in chastity for you Domina---you own my c **k).

Watch for TEASERS during your training.

Can't wait to see you in SEXUAL AGONY and BLISS.


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Thursday, 10 May 2018
I started yesterday, I already listened to the file two times and already feel the need to obey my Domina. I really do not eant to cheat, and I really want to finish this program till the end... Thank You, Domina, for allowing me not to cum.
Saturday, 05 May 2018
This is a very well crafted session to help the listener differentiate between the limits of short term personal gratification and long-term benefits and pleasure dervied from obedience to Domina Shelle. Hypno chastity may not be new but the manner in which Domina Shelle convinces the listener to participate is exceptional. This is the first of five distinct training sessions and in this session Domina Shelle appeals to the submissive mindset of the listener and efficiently conditions them to embrace the many virtues of masturbating without releasing. This is an important first step and very compelling with repitive listens. This is a session every submissive should own!
Thursday, 16 November 2017
Wow! I loved this file. Each time i listened, the intensity of my arousal keep growing. I craved to listen to it over and over again. There's just no way I can stop now. I want to go further down this road and accept whatever is waiting for me. The reviews before this one are spot won't want to cum again. I'm already feeling incredible! This is amazing stuff.
Friday, 03 March 2017
i recently entered chastity for Domina, and this file is helping me embrace the process of giving up control. There's something incredibly arousing about being co-opted into one's own enslavement, and Domina Shelle always gets what She wants. Can't wait to advance further.
Monday, 20 July 2015
This is a great introduction to an amazing journey. Come sail with your captain -- Domina Shelle -- as She leads you to new territory -- a place where you will heed Her siren's call and gladly submit yourself into chastity for Her. You might not ever want to cum again once She's done with you.
Sunday, 12 July 2015
And so it know, there was a time when i thought i was so smart about sex and love and how it all works. There was a time when i thought i was such an expert on the subject...then i met this amazing woman who taught me, actually taught me that i didn't know anything about myself, about orgasm, about arousal. She brought me to life with just her sexy voice, commanded my body to obey, took me to the very edge and then taught me the true magic of staying right there, on the edge, loving the white hot arousal that she had given me, worshiping it and loving every hot throbbing second of it...rnrnWith this file you will begin to learn the one basic truth that is so simple and profound, that the magic is not in orgasm it is in neverending arousal. You will burn, You will ache, You will beg, most importantly you will begin to understand that the endless hot throb within you that goes on and on is where you are the most contented, most happy and most fulfilled. You will also learn that there is no orgasm like the chastity orgasm and once you experience it, you will never be the same again. rnrnDomina Shelle is not only my friend and my Domina, she is my teacher and i am always very moved to realize just how much i have learned from Her. How much She has taught me, how much She continues to teach me on a regular basis.rnrnDon't miss the beginning of the defining journey that is Chastity. Be open to it, embrace it and learn from it. You will be better for it.
Sunday, 28 June 2015
Princess Shelle will lead you into a highly sexual trance, then begin the process of reframing how you think about your cock and its pleasure, and how that can best be intensified by obedience to our wonderful Princess. Chastity will never look better than this.
Tuesday, 27 January 2015
I'm so looking forward doing the whole training. This file is really intense for a start. While listening to this file I already had an accident and had to pay the penalty. But Domina cares for me and helps me to get back on track to fulfill her wishes...
Sunday, 28 December 2014
I have never tried chastity before, but if I would know that was this amazing sensation I surely have tried if before. Lucky I have Domina Shelle to guide me through this amazing experience. There is no agony is the process, because Domina have shown to me the truth. It never felt so good to obey Domina. The amazing is when you feel tempted to cum, Domina gives you the recipe to forget this idea. Domina slaves do not need to use physical chastity devices to be controlled by her, because we, her slaves, are programmed to obey her. And a truly devoted slave will follow her instruction closely. This is not brainwash, mindfuck or hypnosis. This this reality, and I'm lucky to have Domina to open my eyes. Domina, I give you all control over my c**K.
Sunday, 21 December 2014
journey slave review Well i don´t want to say too much about the File, i mean you should always experience it on your own, but let me say this: The File is great, you will be aroused, probably very aroused and she will make you confess that you will obey her and follow every order without any cheating, after all you will admit to yourself that you want to Please her and feel the agony and bliss she promises you and after listening to this File you will not have any doubt that she will hold her promises, but what i also should say is if you underestimate her control and power in this File you may will be surprised how soon you find yourself paying the Chastity Penalty, not that i had to, but i guess it´s more then possible that someone will have to and of course listening to this Challenge will also mean that you will lose even more control to her... There is not much else to say, just keep up the amazing work you do Princess
Sunday, 21 December 2014
Chastity is a gift when arousal, obedience and pleasing Domina Shelle is more than enough.
Sunday, 21 December 2014
I love constantly being horny for my Domina and knowing that She has this control over me. Everything is pleasurable when it means obedience to Her. The frustration is so worth it and I can't wait to see whats next.
Thursday, 18 December 2014
i love to obey, obedience is the best pleasure a slave can have, and being trained by Domina Shelle is always special, Thank You Princess :)
Thursday, 18 December 2014
Yes! Christmas chastity is here. Being in chastity for Domina Shelle is one my favorite things to do. The arousal and the agony mixing up to such strong feelings. Domina Shelle controls my orgasm and that makes me so happy. Sexy sexy file.
Thursday, 18 December 2014
Domina Shelle's soft velvety voice leads you down a sensual path that you just can not deviate from. She makes chastity a thing you desire not dread. I find myself listening to this file over and over and its only day one.
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