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Chastity Week Assignment by Shelle RiversChastity Week Assignment by Shelle Rivers

Chastity Week Assignment


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Chastity for a week for your Domina...

As your Domina, you are forever My adoring, obedient chastity servant when I want you to be. you desire to demonstrate your commitment by selflessly sacrificing your orgasms in submission and obedience to My Authority and orgasm control. Only by expressing your dedication, obedience and love can you truly surrender yourself to Me and achieve lasting pleasure. When you serve, please your Domina you know you are following the path to happiness.

Enjoy the chastity for a week, each day planned with Instructions and tasks, Mantra's, Sessions to excite and keep My slave obedient....what to think, feel and eat. ALL TO PLEASE ME. PERFECT!

Most sessions are INCLUDED in the chastity conditioning assignment.

Follow Me on TWITTER for additional tease and playtime.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
This creative Hypnodom assignment is the perfect for Locktober and/or those who enjoy giving control of there sex over to powerful hot sexy Womyn. The experience so far is worth 10x the price not to mention includes several free training files. Enjoy!
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