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To a slave, Chastity is a source of immense pride and pleasure...

Denied (42 minutes):

My sweet hypno-subject, it is time for Me to take even more control of O/our special relationship by training you to surrender ever deeper into My world of hypnotic bliss.  Absolute submission to My authority is attained when you submit completely to all My suggestions - in and out of trance - until, inevitably, they become a natural part of who you are, an inescapable reality so compulsive it permeates into every facet of your life.

As a submissive you yearn for an enlightened state of mind, to amplify and enhance your subservient cravings to the point that I become the focal point of every erotic desire.  Such dedication and devotion requires sacrifice, transforming an eager submissive into a faithful servant forever enslaved to My will.  Post-hypnotic conditioning and rigorous indoctrination may give Me full access to your subconscious mind, but I want MORE, I want to dominate you mind, body, and spirit!

The true proof of submission is to be DENIED what you take for granted, your freedom.  Complete mental enslavement is beyond just ownership, it is the systematic deconstruction of your submissive self until you exist solely to serve and please Me, a selfless existence for your Dominant.  To achieve this liberated state I must remove all your self-serving impulses and that includes your capacity for sexual relief. (giggles)

Chastity is often misconstrued as a form of punishment but, My sweet, this is merely a point of perspective.  To an enlightened slave, Chastity is a source of immense pride and pleasure, signifying ultimate submission to its Owner.  TRUTH be told, Chastity imbues My slaves with rapturous self-belief knowing their self-sacrifice ensures their sexual being is always under My lock and key.

Don't be afraid, My sweet, this is an intrinsic part of your training, freeing you to experience the reverie of true submission.  By being DENIED what you believe you crave I will remold you into the perfect slave just for Me.  Being bound ever tighter to My control is going to stimulate you beyond imagination, so just let go and learn to accept the real truth of forbidden pleasures...

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021
After listening to this session you will crave chastity to Domina Shelle! Surrendering to Domina Shelle with mind, body, and relinquishing control of orgasms over to Her is not only so pleasurable but more importantly knowing that you are pleasing Her and getting closer to Her is the greatest feeling! Obedience is pleasure! Chastity is love! From 1 to 10 this session is off the charts! A must listen and an important session!
Sunday, 27 June 2021
Domina Shelle will leave you begging for chastity! There is nothing more incredible than being under Her Absolute Control!
Tuesday, 01 June 2021
Domina Shelle's chastity files are always my favorites and this one is no exception. Especially as a follow-up to 'Overload', it's an amazing experience and proof how powerful Her conditioning is!
Thursday, 27 May 2021
Domina's new audio has lite a fire within me like no other. I truly crave Her control, suggestions as all I want to do is make her happy. In return I am receiving pleasures beyond my imagination.
Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Denied is training that can be used as a followup to Overload or on its own. Domina Shelle knows exactly how to condition Her slaves to assure the best obedience. Listen to this, hold on tight and be ready to obey when SHE commands.
Tuesday, 25 May 2021
Domina has conditioned my mind to love chastity for many years now. i love it when She reinforces that need. This is a very powerful chastity file. If you dont want to surrender all your orgasms to Domina now, you will after listening to this. Domina's voice is pure sexual bliss. Being locked away while listening to this file will make you leak and leak in your cage.
Monday, 24 May 2021
This is the session that you have been waiting for. You've been playing around with Domina's files, practicing submission, and pretending to surrender. The game is over. Domina always wins and She's ready to collect. You're about to turn your life and will over to Domina.
Monday, 24 May 2021
i love cumming and i love being in chastity. So i'm happy when i don't have to make a choice. i can just obey and follow My Domina's commands. She knows what is best for my training.
Monday, 24 May 2021
i belong to my Owner Domina. As Her slave She owns me completely. She controls my fate and so She has of course also the control of the pleasures i might have by having an orgasm. This does not mean to life in strict chastity, unless She commands it you are good to cum for Her, but She decides when and how it is happening. If you consider yourself a slave of Her, if you want to be a slave of Her, this file is a must as it is implementing and strengthening the rules of masturbation and chastity. Giving up control of your sex organ and acceptance that She is in full control of you will bring you so much more pleasure. Besides a powerful trigger implementation of this necessary behaviour through a deep hypnosis, Domina Shelle is also providing the rules of cumming and denying in an extra document included to this file. It is a MUST HAVE and MANDATORY!
Sunday, 23 May 2021
One thing i want more than anything is Dominas complete control over my mind and body. This session helps me get to that goal by giving Domina complete control of my orgasms. When i would listen to a session, completely taken by Domina who is in control. She would tell me to release. i would just mindlessly give in to Domina and do as i was told. What i love about this session and the RULES document. It gives clarity to how it should be. i hated cumming so much from repeated listening of a session that told me to cum. i loved releasing for my Domina when she asked, but the repeated releases always left me feeling guilty. The brief release brought pleasure for a minute but the guilt lasted for hours. Not understanding these RULES made it like that. Domina is so good to me that She gave me away to stop feeling that guilt through Chasity. She gives so much pleasure. i am looking forward to surrendering to Dominas power. i could never resist Her. i could never say no. i can only Love, Honor and Obey Her. Forever i will do this. Just for Her no one else. Just for my Mistress, my Queen, my Domina.
Saturday, 22 May 2021
Complete obedience to Domina Shelle is absolute pleasure... This session and the included assignment is wonderful refreshment and clarification of Dominas irresistible Orgasm Control... True pleasure cums from obedience to Domina and the complete control she holds over my mind, body, soul, and SEX... I will LOVE, HONOR, and OBEY Domina Shelle always and forever... *heart*
Friday, 21 May 2021
If you already know or are in Chastity, you probably know most of it and will agree to everything, but even then it still is a great Reinforcement/Reminder about the true meaning of Chastity, in short everyone should listen to this as often as possible :P
Friday, 21 May 2021
Oh my sweet Domina Shelle, what have You do to me?! i love this file! Chastity has never truly held any fascination for me, yet with this, You make it seem so appealing... The experience of the trance is so blissfully relaxing, that i just want to melt away, and simply allow You to play, and take all my hope of resistance away. Whether somebody loves the idea of chastity or not, before they begin, i don't see why there would be any resistance or reluctance after this, as You make it very clear why, that it is something You want Your slave to have as part of their life. Not only do You make it clear though, You explain why, and You don't have to twist things, because You are entirely correct and right. However, with all that said, i also love the fact that You make this accessible to all, by varying terms, for those who need it. You truly are a caring, loving, and wise Domina, who knows that one size doesn't fit all. This is a truly fantastic file, and i have to give You thanks and praise for producing it, and especially for making it easy for everybody to enjoy. ♥
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