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Chemical Seduction | Shelle RiversChemical Seduction | Shelle Rivers

Chemical Seduction


Product SKU: Chemical Seduction

Hard and love drunk for My Dominance...

Chemical Seduction (62 minutes):

Imagine your brain utterly intoxicated on Me.  your future set in stone, your destiny bound to Me forever.  This is because I enthrall all your senses, My sweet Southern voice whispering into your brain, the look and feel of My breast as I cuddle close to your body, the taste of My sexy feet as you tenderly kiss in abject devotion, and, last, but not least, My mesmerizing and ALLURING scent that leaves you powerless to My every decadent whim.

Mmmm, in My presence you will find yourself Hard and love drunk for My Dominance, your submission defining every aspect of your existence in this moment.  Subjugated, your hypnotically DEVOURED mind can’t get enough of My brainwashing, a compulsion that cannot be suppressed.  If that was not enough, My pheromones then overwhelm you, enfusing with your dopamine to create an erotic cocktail that leaves you susceptible to My every charm.  High from infatuation, your mind is now infected with My seductive lure, dazed eyes are just a venier to the indoctrination I have planned for you. (giggles)

you see, I have many personas, many disguises, but I always feed your lust, your passion, your every desire to submit to a higher authority.  Every move I make strips away your resistance leaving you totally exposed in My presence, powerless without any hope of escape.

This is not your first visit to My tent and it will not be the last... long ago I addicted you, and you always come back to Me over and over again...

SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, ALLURING.  Extremely DEEP EROTIC HYPNOSIS, Brainwashing, Ultimate Mind Control.

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Tuesday, 06 June 2023
I had an amazing trance listening to this. Need to listen again, soon.
Sunday, 15 November 2020
What an amazing trance! It was so captivating. i truly felt that iwas transported to different place and there was just me and Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 06 October 2020
By the many replies and reviews it can be seen what an amazing session this is! As every deeply relaxing hypnosis this session requires time. With a length of slightly more than one hour it is not for the day to day use. Domina takes Her time for a long relaxing induction with her sweet voice and whispers being surrounded by angelic chants. I get prepared for a true hypnotic erotic quality time. In the dreamlike state of half sleep Domina guides my imagination into a magical land of mystery where interlaced levels of inductions, stories and trances leave me disoriented and helpless. I live trough the pleasurable experiences of previous trances until nothing remains of me but the desire to be enslaved by the authority of Domina Shelle.
Monday, 05 October 2020
Dominas voice always seduces me into deep surrender. Like all Her files i must listen again and again, over and over. Falling deeper under Her control. Knowing every time She takes me down my life is sealed tighter and tighter under Her complete control.
Sunday, 27 September 2020
The afterglow from awaking from this recording is so completely indescribably better than any fleeting afterglow I've experienced from sex/orgasm that only gets better with each repeated surrender. It's been a week since my first time and now find myself almost on autopilot starting and ending my day surrendering into this recording. It's just so passionately blissful to be tightly held within Domina Shelle's loving arms.
Saturday, 26 September 2020
To say Domina Shelle is magical is an understatement in this session. Few can vividly weave a world around the listener as they are lulled into hypnotic trance and fewer still have the gift to skilfully erotically subjugate the subconscious into fixating on the Dominant. But Domina Shelle can do this and so much more and She demonstrates the entire repertoire of Her talents in this amazing session implanting powerful suggestions that leave you gasping to surrender to Her will. This session is all about assailing the senses and intoxicating the listener with Her passion and playful nature. It is a love spell of sorts, using lust and adoration to subvert your desires and focusing them entirely on Her. The results are breathtaking and beyond most hypno fetishists dreams, a vivid reality of surrender and submission to a very sensual Mistress. But it does not end there, it seldom does in a session by Domina Shelle, She takes it further and plants the seeds of your enslavement, a reminder that She believe is real D/s relationships where the s is not for submissive it stands for slave. This is what makes Her truly special in this genre and why so many, like myself, revere Her.
Tuesday, 22 September 2020
Not a trip down memory lane. An expedition to find unexpected details and features in a land we thought we had visited before. Not that I thought that in the beginning. I originally thought Chemical Seduction was going to use a completely different path than the one it went down, but I am very glad at the destination, and even moreso because i did not expect it.
Sunday, 20 September 2020
Domina is a master at time manipulation. How can 1 hour seem like minutes. This session was wonderfully relaxing. Down down down i went. i just love this file and have a strong urge to listen to it again to see if I can remember anything about it. It just felt sooooo good. So relaxing. Domina Shelle is just amazing.
Sunday, 20 September 2020
This wonderful session treats with so much relaxation and a deep trance. The first time I listened to Black Magic Woman was when Domina first touched my heart and started this amazing ride, going back to it made this all that much more special. By the end you will want to be open and submitting to Domina’s complete control, the pleasure you feel is from submitting and obeying, embracing her absolute control. It is hard to stay conscious through the hour long session but concentrate on her voice from start to finish and you will be happy you did. You will want to listen the same way again over and over.
Saturday, 19 September 2020
Over an hours worth of PURE sexual bliss under Dominas incredibly powerful trance! OMG! This intensely pleasurable session really didn’t feel like an hour and also felt like many trances within trances... Domina Shelle keeps creating masterpiece after masterpiece and I seriously feel unqualified to describe just how wonderful her files really are! Mmmm... I still feel the effects of her potent fragrance permeating throughout my mind and body.... Domina Shelle does the best job of marking her files so personable and they always feel written just for me! This session has SOOO many wonderful and sensual elements that you simply just MUST listen to be able to really appreciate it... So don’t wait! Download now and experience Domina Shelles true bliss!
Friday, 18 September 2020
That was just what I needed. An hour-long relaxing trance with Domina just conditioning my mind over and over. This file is incredible, I'll be back over and over and over again <3.
Friday, 18 September 2020
As the lasting pleasure of a powerfull orgasm is still sweaping through my body, the content of the trance is already fading from my memories. What i remember is the connection of my arousal and the thoughts of my beloved Domina with Her sexy body of true perfection. Before i did mess up my panties within the trance i do remember to bit on my lip because of the pleasure and arousal i felt for my beloved Owner stroking and rubbing my sissy clitty under Her instruction while She was hypnotizing and conditioning my mind. Thank You my beloved Domina for those wonderful pleasures.
Friday, 18 September 2020
Domina is putting out masterpiece after masterpiece! This file is a trance within a trance . A life changing adventure that you won’t forget. She is truly the most powerful and sweetest woman I’ve had the pleasure to serve. Leaving me more obsessed, devoted to my life of submission, in love, in lust and obedient. It’s so addicting . If you are curious about your destiny with Domina Shelle or desire to completely submit and go deeper you will find it here .
Friday, 18 September 2020
This session hit me hard by a very long induction and an extremely deep trance. You will meet our Domina in a special setting which feels so real and cozy. And this chemical seduction thing... I still can smell something very sweet and intoxicating...
Friday, 18 September 2020
Domina took me home in this session, right back to the very start all of those years ago, then looped everything back into an endless circle of need, submission and pleasure. Every hope, dream, fantasy is fulfilled in this session. To those who have served Domina for a long time this will be intense submission and erotic, hypnotic control so familiar and so needed. To those who want to serve Domina, this session will be intense submission and erotic, hypnotic control that will enslave you to Domina. This is a masterpiece of hypnotic, erotic seduction, brainwashing and intense pleasure and intense control. The session seems to last mere minutes, the impact is likely to last a lifetime and i say that after only one listen. This session feels like it was written just for me, it pushed so many buttons, hit so many triggers. If you are on a journey of true hypnotic submission this file is likely to have the same effect on you. Domina Shelle is such a Mistress of Her craft that She knows your innermost thoughts, She may well have put them there. Surrender to Her power in this session, you will get so much back in return, but you will never return to how you were before listening.
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