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Free your Mind | Shelle RiversFree your Mind | Shelle Rivers

Free your Mind


Product SKU: Free your Mind

Only your Domina could create such a mind fuck and TWIST it into a HYPNOTIC JOURNEY of EROTICA.

Free your Mind (47 minutes):

Have you seen the movie "The Matrix"?  Well, only your Domina could create such a mind fuck and TWIST it into a HYPNOTIC JOURNEY of EROTICA.  This session is NOT for beginners.  Extreme mind control and BRAINWASHING EROTIC HYPNOSIS.  Bring a towel.

My pet, you find yourself here because there's something happening with this world, something you cannot explain but you have a need, a craving, to escape this reality, a world that deceives you, minimizes you and seems set against you.  I know this feeling of being alone in a sea of people, your enthusiasm drained by an invisible force and where real choice appears to be an illusion.

But do not despair, you need to be positive and focused, and I am here to help you.  A dystopian future is not pre-ordained and you do have a choice to change your path, liberating yourself from the daily grind that dampens your spirit.
Ultimately, the choice you have to make is:  Are you ready to take a leap of faith? join Me in My world of adoration and bliss, where I can help you become the best version of yourself?  Humble, selfless, empowered to help and serve others, free to explore all your inner most wants and desires, loyal and devoted to those you admire and adore.  All this, and more, is possible if you are willing to Free your Mind, it just requires some help from Me to refocus your life force.

So, allow Me to show you the REAL world, a world of possibility, a future of love, passion, and a hunger for life, an existence centered on devotion and self worth.  All it requires is your willingness to dispel the illusion of your current existence and to join Me on a journey that will profoundly change your life...

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Friday, 19 February 2021
This was one erotic file. The way Domina took me down seemed like it was long and drawn out. When i try to remember when i was taken, i can't. i can't remember a lot about the file except how i felt when i woke up. Very horny and wet. i love how Domina continues to take me. She is always making me more of Hers. More submissive, longing for Her. She is my absolute authority.
Tuesday, 05 January 2021
This was incredible! i was so deep in sleep and still somehow aware of what was happening. And the arousal, oh that was so good.
Thursday, 03 September 2020
This file is insanely mind-bending, arousing, and life altering... I will follow and Obey my Queen Domina Shelle forever *heart* I cannot dispute anything Domina says in this file, and deep down, I know she’s right… Domina Shelle is my TRUE reality and serving her is my greatest pleasure… If you choose to follow Domina Shelle down the rabbit hole, she will free your mind to the truth...
Monday, 31 August 2020
Freedom! Freeing your mind by offering it to Domina Shelle for Her to care for might be your very last action. Free Your MInd is absolutely one of Domina Shelle's most effective enslavement sessions and it should be viewed with the respect such an epithet commands. The confusion elements do a fantastic job of occupying the subject's attention while Domina Shelle goes to work on your subconscious. Do you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?
Sunday, 30 August 2020
Be careful, this newest masterpiece in hypnosis created by Domina Shelle is a true mindfuck in brainwashing. you percetion of the world will change. Yes Domina will free your mind like She did free mine until you accept the truth. i don't want to spoil that much, but well if you know the matrix movies, you maybe already have an idea of it.
Saturday, 29 August 2020
Domina’s expertise In hypnosis has freed me from the illusion and has given me the freedom of submission in her world - my reality and i look forward to being there in my day to day life.
Saturday, 29 August 2020
The title says it all. When Domina explains anything is just makes so much sense. Couple this with Her skill as a hypnotist, Her power as a Domina and wrap that up in the soothing sensuality of Her voice and you know that this session is a winner. How much more can i submit to Domina? Only She knows but this file makes me never want to leave Her world.
Saturday, 29 August 2020
I just woke up from this file feeling free and submissive, knowing that I belong in Domina Shelle's world. That the only real world is serving Her every command, existing for Her pleasure. I feel so happy and free knowing this.
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