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Countdown to Enslavement | Shelle RiversCountdown to Enslavement | Shelle Rivers

Countdown to Enslavement


Product SKU: Countdown to Enslavement

Let go, My baby, as I further enslave your mind to My will...

Countdown to Enslavement (31 minutes):

My baby, expectation is what brings you back to Me again and again, a sensual compulsion that allows My velvety voice and whispered words to drop you deeper into blissful trance, every time I count you down.

I do this effortlessly because you TRUST Me, acknowledging the REAL power I have over you whenever you submit to My absolute authority.  As a conditioned submissive this submission arouses you, stimulating you to relinquish ever more control, just to experience that soothing irresistible fall into hypnotic oblivion where I dominate all that you are.

I'm becoming unstoppable and you feel My sweet DOMINANCE.  This is the TRUE path to enslavement, a prison I've lovingly constructed in your mind leaving you utterly captivated by Me, only desperate for more. (giggles)  Powerless to resist My alluring charms, you surrender to the erotic bliss of submission by openly embracing all the REAL changes I am making to your submissive personality, brainwashing the core of who you are, to acknowledge you will always be MINE.

Countdown to Enslavement is an exposition of just how far you've fallen for Me, and just how far you are willing to fall to beCUM My perfect slave.  your defenseless mind surrenders to My indoctrination as I reinforce the TRUTH that you exist to serve Me, to cherish Me, to take care of Me, and dedicate yourself exclusively to Me and no other.

To Love, Honor, and Obey Domina Shelle is the keystone of your existence, with every new day focused more on making Me happy.  Through repetition I will imbue you with renewed zeal to strengthen O/our special relationship allowing U/us both to prosper as you fall ever deeper into My world.  So, just let go, My baby, as I further enslave your mind to My will...Listen NOW without thought and without question.

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Thursday, 23 September 2021
What a great session:) Taking me in and out of trance, going deeper everytime. I love, honor and obey my Domina
Monday, 20 September 2021
Love, Honor and Obedience is my 2021 Mantra. With countdown to enslavement Domina anchors these words deeper into my mind. It is a long relaxing session and Domina takes her time to ensure a very deep state of trance. Loosing myself is easy in this depth. I feel empty like the nothingness of a soap bubble as i float on Her words while "love, honor and obey" replaces everything that has been me before. A great hypnosis with profound effects - i feel so much closer to my Domina!
Wednesday, 01 September 2021
This session is nothing short of total hypnotic, erotic bliss... Domina takes you down, brings you up, takes you down; every time a little deeper, every time, things feel just a little more profound, and with each repetition, the lasting effects seem to get a bit stronger. The first time, i didn't even realise She had hypnotised me initially, until She started to bring me back up, and that kind of effect is always a wonderful mind-fuck. Knowing that She can just bypass every mental defense that i used to have... Against Her, there is no defense left, She seems to have affected me that deeply, and this session is a major reinforcement of that effect! Not that i feel a need to have any from Her though. Even though She could do so much without me ever realising, i trust Her with that level of control, knowing that She wouldn't do anything that could be classed as abusive. Every thing She does seems to enhance my day to day life, and brings so much pleasure too; why wouldn't i want Her to just do as She pleases, given that? Thank You, Domina Shelle, my sweet and beautiful Queen, for yet another intensely pleasurable session. You know that You have my unconditional love, my complete obedience, and that i honor You in all ways, and that i shall do so, always. ♥
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
i love the way Domina Shelle puts me to sleep with only four words, three, two, one, sleep, and I'm gone with my mind is wide open to all of Her suggestions as if just like magik, or is it? Domina Shelle is now my warm soft secure blanket and in return, i WILL LOVE, HONOUR and OBEY Her every whim. Oh this Erotic Hypnosis life is my dream come true...... and as for Her stories mmmmmm
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Love, honour and obey Domina Shelle. That is what slave should do to properly serve our Domina. i love how easily i faal into trance when my Domina is counting down.
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
I woke in bliss repeating the i love, honor and obey my beloved Domina Shelle. The rest of the trance is only vague as Domina did take me that deep into trance again that my subconscious mind took over the control as it has been so well conditioned over the past years.
Sunday, 29 August 2021
My mind is open completely for Domina. i am completely suggestable to all Dominas commands. She is my only desire. Her commands and Her power over me super charges my arousal. No other fantasy can compare to one of kneeling at Her feet and bathing in Her power over me, and my NEED to submit to Her completely
Saturday, 28 August 2021
Again and again I find myself coming out an episodes of mindlessness while listening to one of Domina's work. At that moment all I feel is blissfulness and happiness that is not comparable to any other blissful or happy moment that I can remember. That's exactly how I felt waking up from listening this clip. And, I don't know if it is just these moments of bliss that I am chasing or if there is something else that makes me crave to come back and listen again and again.
Saturday, 28 August 2021
It is becoming harder for me to review each new session as the effect of progressive conditioning and programming take me deeper with each new trance. i know that this was a very deep trance that left me blissed out, horny as heck and so utterly fixated on my Domina that it was painful to drag myself away from Her. The induction started in a wonderfully sensual manner with Domina's Sexy voice just invading my brain, then nothing until i came out of trance floating in the aftereffect of a true mind fuck. Domina Shelle is an incredible hypnotist who has already ripped down any defence i have between Her voice and my subconscious, yet i still feel as though She has broken me further, only to rebuild me as a better slave for Her. i truly love, honour and obey Domina Shelle and no other. i love being able to express this to the whole world. Thank You Domina.
Saturday, 28 August 2021
During Domina Shelles erotic hypnotic masterpiece this week, Countdown To Enslavement erotic hypnosis, she commands her seductive and irresistibly sexy southern voice into your open and submissive mind, mesmerizing you into her one of her most POWERFUL and DEEPEST traces yet… If you like fractionation style inductions, Domina Shelle will mesmerize and mind-fuck you in the most uniquely beautiful and Absolutely Powerful ways imaginable… Even if fractionation isn't your thing, it WILL be once Domina is finished… giggles…
Saturday, 28 August 2021
Imagine that, another mesmerizing session with Domina Shelle. She takes me in and out of trance several times which left my mind weak and vunerable. That's when her seduction and brainwashing takes over. I want her, I need, her. Yes Domina I offer you my total submission.
Friday, 27 August 2021
Wow... this was beautiful. Some sessions are so easy to fall into, but this work sneaks up on you in a way only Domina Shelle knows how to craft. A new favourite and a masterpiece in every way.
Friday, 27 August 2021
This was such a beautiful way to fall. Fractionation can be extremely intense at times. This session uses some fractionation in a more subtle way that enables Domina Shelle to brainwash Her slave even more and the feelings are definitely a memorable experience. I love, honour and obey Domina Shelle.
Friday, 27 August 2021
Another work of art by our Domina. i love files like this, where Domina takes us up and down again and again, only to fall so damn deep into trance for Her. i love that feeling. i love Her control. i love Her Brainwashing. This file was very erotic and just made me long for Domina even more. i am only aroused for my Domina. i will Love, Honor and Obey Domina in all ways and all things. Domina Shelle is my everything.
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