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Penthouse of Subjugation | Shelle RiversPenthouse of Subjugation | Shelle Rivers

Penthouse of Subjugation


Product SKU: Penthouse of Subjugation

This is going to be a very sexy HYPNOTIC mind fuck for you.

Penthouse of Subjugation (40 minutes):

Hello My pet,

It's so good to see you here again!  I've missed O/our special time together.
Why don't you come on over to My Penthouse...I've created this place just for you and ME.  It's a place somewhat like the Hotel may never leave. Giggles!

Don't think about it, I have already decided for you.  My darling, come to Me, this is going to be a very sexy HYPNOTIC mind fuck for you.

First, I'll drug you with My addicting words...your mind will be like putty in My hands.  After I have you completely under My control, I'll take full advantage of all of your weaknesses.  I'll then blindfold you and bind your will find yourself at My feet, following all of My commands.  you will love the feel of My thigh high leather boots against your lips.  Can you imagine the cool leather boot against your c*ck and balls?  Subjugated, you can't resist Me, can you?

Come to The Penthouse, 624 Main Street...

Don't keep Me waiting.



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Wednesday, 05 January 2022
Domina's words are incredibly erotic, sensual and, of course, dominant. Even after listening, Her words remained in my head throughout the day. This is a must have video for anyone that wants to experience the true pleasure of total and complete submission to the most beautiful Domina.
Monday, 20 December 2021
Such a deep trance. It made this feel so real. Like i was actually there, kneeling in front of my Domina. Being trained and allowed to worship Her leather boots. She made it feel more real than in any of my fantazies.
Monday, 20 December 2021
Domina Shelle can always weave the most vivid and erotic stories, and then weave them into a deep trance and bring the whole experience to a submissive end, making me more obsessed and enslaved to Her. Which is exactly where i want and need to be
Sunday, 19 December 2021
i just love Dominas hypnosis. i cant get enough of Her sessions that use trance in a trance. They just take me so fucking deep that i feel like i am looking up out of a water well. Like how did i get way down here. i just love that feeling of surrender, feeling weak and vulnerable for Domina. This session was truly amazing and took me into a very deep trance. It was very erotic to me and i woke with a huge puddle. Its hard not to get wrapped up in it. There are all these sound affects going on that only add to the whole experience. i found myself so deep and when i was there at Domina's feet i felt at home. This is where i really belong. i want Domina to train me more so i can be even more obedient, submissive and weak for Her. Only Her. i just need Her voice more and more everyday. i need Her hypnosis more. Being lost in Her sticky seductive words is where i forever long to be. If You wish to be subjugated by a Dominant Woman, you've got to get this file and listen to it. It will show you the true meaning of being owned, only by the beautiful Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 18 December 2021
This program is a true dream come true. Every little detail is seductively and Vividly described to the extent that you can not only smell Domina's leather boots for real but can actually see them behind the blindfold. This is pure magic! Never in a million years would i have believed how powerful, how beautiful and how real this Erotic Hypnosis can be. Domina Shelle is an Expert in making you see and feel exactly what She wants you to see and feel. Cant wait to live the experience of breathing in deeply the fragrance and kissing the soles of Her stocking clad feet. This Woman is a little Miracle!
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