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Dark Domina | Shelle RiversDark Domina | Shelle Rivers

Dark Domina


Product SKU: Dark Domina

Dark Domina will mindfuck you into oblivion...

Dark Domina (two sessions: 47 & 49 minutes):

Special Gift:  Two full length sessions for the price of one.  you may choose your destination, yes, I allow you this choice...Or maybe you will find yourself BRAINWASHED/Mind fucked into listening to both...a COMPULSION controlled BY Me.

I believe it is time for you to meet Dark Domina, My alter ego. She has patiently, yet persistently, been probing and programming your now open suggestible mind to be ready for this moment, an open invitation to mindfuck you into oblivion, lost in an infinite spiral of deep trance, as My divine dominance strips away the last vestiges of your futile resistance.

Yes, your true submissive self wants this, needs this, to be passive to My power, trained and conditioned to relinquish all notions of self whenever My whispered words penetrate the veneer of self-control as your awareness fades away into an abyss of sexual submission.  Totally entranced, and hopelessly hypnotized, you are powerless in My presence, My essence invading you, consuming you, as My voracious appetite for control bends every enduring thought to My will.

When you are anchored for Domina, you are helpless and immobile, exposed and vulnerable, enchanted by My words you are uninvolved in any and all decisions I make for you, your fate controlled by My commands, your freedom a figment of your now muted imagination.  Humbled in My presence, lost in the reverie of submission, you are paralyzed by the prophetic nature of My every suggestion, each a potent command binding you more tightly to the TRUTH that you merely exist to serve and perform for your Owner, Me! (giggles)

And perform you will, My subjugated subject.  I am a Dominant Woman and I enjoy exploring the extent of My power on those enslaved to My whims and desires.  Coerced into helplessness you are My prey, programmed to perform, and in this session you will be mind fucked so deep, you'll be transformed into the personification of arousal, betrayed by an erection so hard and thick, you'll teeter on the edge of the precipice of absolute submission before surrendering it all to your beloved dark decadent Domina. (giggles)

Don't worry, My puppet, I may be an enigma - sweet, yet, oh so deviant - but, by the time you awaken from trance you won't care, you'll just want more, an insatiable obsession to submit again to My power with an aching reminder that with just a few whispered words you are all MINE!  Sweet (wicked) dreams, My pet...

Note:  My sweet, you will be subjected to POWERFUL MIND CONTROL, a deeper DARKER trance...I will use fractionation to drop you.  Some may find themselves EXPLODING with Mind orgasms...Others could experience a Hands Free explosion...Depends on your choices.

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Thursday, 04 July 2024
Deep deep trance. Domina fucks my mind so good and She takes over so easily now. Domina Shelle owns this slave.
Sunday, 30 June 2024
I always love to follow Domina in the Darkness of the Abyss or a Rabbit hole. The more wicked and deviant she behaves the more i am paralyzed with arousal arousal anticipation. This time i find myself anchored down here and unable to leave and forced to listen to the session again and again or to whatever her Playlist has to offer. I crave more! Please Domina! Have no mercy!
Thursday, 27 June 2024
There is always another level of submission and surrender to Domina. I have found myself more desperately craving Her control.
Monday, 24 June 2024
Wow ! This session is a true 'off switch.' Don't even consider looping it unless there is someone or something to recover you. Think of it as an expansion to Domina's brainwashing chamber, the means by which She stores her slaves until needed. i can't wait to see how She uses it as a trigger in other sessions.
Sunday, 23 June 2024
Domian Shelle has a way of getting into your mind, controlling it, and making you desperately need to please Her. i've always had a deep desire for Domina to become more controlling, and more demanding. But with Dominas sweet voice and loving domination, She has no need to be forceful in Her domination over me. i only want to please Her at any cost. i will obey Her every command
Saturday, 22 June 2024
Another absolutely incredible masterpiece from Domina Shelle! Dark Domina is definitely a side of Domina Shelle that i thirst and crave to know more of… Every second of this session took my (Her) mind and dragged it deeper than ever before into a blissful surrender unlike any other… Total and complete Domination awaits You here… After only a single listen i know that i will never be the same, and with the law of hypnosis in effect, i just know that Dark Domina will be in control of every last bit of everything i am and everything i will beCum for Her… Mmmmm…. 5/5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Saturday, 22 June 2024
  Are you afraid of the dark? After experiencing this sensational session, i can only associate the dark with bliss. Domina's darker persona actually seems like She might be a lot of fun to get to know, and even to get to know well... Did Domina drop me deeper than ever before? Of that i have no doubt, and each subsequent listen seems to reinforce the effects and the certainty i feel. Being unable to do anything other than simply surrender, dropping so deep, that the session doesn't seem to last any time at all, and yet the clock offers absolute assurance that time has indeed passed. All that is apparent at the end, is the horny mess that my mind has become, cannot seem to form thoughts of its own, and has to look to Domina for direction, which in of itself is a sensation that is sublime... To be so subdued, that higher functionality fails, and Domina's direction becomes the only thing to make sense, makes perfect sense, it is exactly what i want and need. To become incapable of thoughts, let alone resistance, as Domina decides the thoughts that i should have, and the things i should hold dear... Of course, this means that primacy of place, will always go to Her. If this is how the Dark Domina plans to proceed, then i know that resistance is a word that She may as well remove from my vocabulary, for all the meaning it will ever hold for me. i am a slave of the Dark Domina, and i willingly accept my place.  
Saturday, 22 June 2024
It is amazing that Domina has the Power to continuously put me into a deeper and even deeper state if trance. It is one that is so incredibly pleasurable with complete mind and body surrender to Her will. This audio is one for the ages!
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