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Alliteration Abyss | Shelle RiversAlliteration Abyss | Shelle Rivers

Alliteration Abyss


Product SKU: Alliteration Abyss

Conditioning you to be forever MINE, focused on Me, subservient to My decadent wishes and devious designs!

Alliteration Abyss (55 minutes):

Time for another escape, My sweet, time to step away from your day so that your Domina Shelle can penetrate your open suggestible mind to re-program, and reinforce, My divine directives.  Like an intimate embrace, allow My wonderfully wicked words to meander into your malleable mind, captivating you, arousing you, and subjugating you as you fade powerlessly into a submissive reverie fixated on Me, your beloved Owner.

Ahh, My obedient pet, everything is possible when you fall into trance with Me.  your conditioned yearning to yield to My Weakening Whispers opens you up to the endless possibilities of hypnotic brainwashing, a receptive submissive soul subjugated by My aural authority, your growing arousal a physical manifestation of your desire to embrace every manipulative word formed by My perfect lips and tantalizing tongue. (giggles)

Yes, you are about to fall into My Alliteration Abyss, a symphony of words designed to strip away all notions of self as you beCUM an empty vessel for Me, ready to be filled with My essence.  Being teased into trance is a pleasure beyond measure, weakened by My will, your descent into hypnotic oblivion is a salient step in your progressive enslavement, locked in lust, I will be enshrined in your mind as the embodiment of perfection, the one you must love, honor, and obey unconditionally.

Don't fight it, My darling, just let the waves of relaxation and arousal consume you as mindlessness engulfs the last remnants of your free will.  Savor this moment as you succumb to My seductive spell, falling deep into My world of domination and control where I will nurture and nourish the submissive "real" you to be forever MINE, focused on Me, subservient to My decadent wishes and devious designs.

Now, be a good boy for your Domina and listen to this session NOW.  Let My arousing, irresistible voice, stimulate and sooth your senses as I send you ever deeper in My sleepy sanctuary of sensual seduction, forever blurring the line between fantasy and reality. (giggles)

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Monday, 17 June 2024
Longer file this time. Went so deep that i don't remember much of this. Domina is same time sensual but firm and i'm very willing slave to experience it all.
Sunday, 16 June 2024
A dizzying spiral of Domina’s words leads you deep into oblivion. Few clues to what She may have in store, yet strangely addictive.
Sunday, 09 June 2024
This is a difficult session to review. Domina Shelle's super sensual soliloquies slipping into her submissive's somnolent susceptible shape. It's great! Fans of conversational hypnosis, and anyone who LOVES Domina's Voice will really enjoy this. I loved every word of this session, and i felt so submissive and controlled when i awoke. Thank You Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 09 June 2024
This session embodies the true essence of SURRENDER… Every wicked whisper and suggestion Domina made pierced through my open and suggestive mind like an arrow and blossomed into a garden of complete submission and euphoria… Domina is my absolute authority and it feels so comfortable and relaxing to just give in and allow Domina to change me and mold me with Her every word… It’s so automatic and feels so good!!!! My horny and submissive brain couldn’t understand what was happening but Domina expertly knows exactly what She’s doing and i felt SO comfortable just giving in and allowing myself to change and succumb and surrender to Her words and control… Mmmm… i must live up to Dominas expectations and be the best puppy i can be for Her!!!
Sunday, 09 June 2024
I love this session it's a masterpiece and I went very deep and then even deeper. I was really aroused and don't know if I even know what SHE said and how the programming went. But Domina knows what's best for me so I don't need to know. Thank You Domina Shelle
Saturday, 08 June 2024
Long files are always the best. This one is no different. In this file, Domina just goes on talking, taking you deeper and deeper into trance, boy it was deep. im not sure what all She said, but i loved the file just the same. It was very relaxing. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Friday, 07 June 2024
In this deeper than deep trance, i sensually succumbed and surrendered to Domina's complete and utter control of my being. Yes, the uncontrollable arousal caused my sex leaking with sensual sweet unquestionable obedience. i felt, craved every unknown word from Her lips, always feeling weaker with supreme desire of Her will. With gratitude, thank You Domina, thank You Domina.
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