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Dark Room - Snapped | Shelle RiversDark Room - Snapped | Shelle Rivers

Dark Room - Snapped


Product SKU: Dark Room - Snapped

My hypnotic domination and control is helplessly addictive, an unbreakable bondage that leaves you throbbing...

Dark Room - Snapped (59 minutes):

Yes, My sweet, the Dark Room has returned to brainwash, indoctrinate and manipulate your subconscious mind, a chamber designed to strip away all lingering resistance leaving you naked and vulnerable for this next stage of your programming.  I know you find this intensely arousing, especially when a strong willed subject (like you) is powerless to resist a beautiful dominant Woman (like Me), succumbing effortlessly to My Absolute Authority, and control, over your mind, body, and sex.

The reality is, My pet, you are an enslaved puppet at the mercy of a sexy domineering puppeteer.  Losing control to Me arouses you, and the combination of arousal and sensual submission makes you weak in My presence, just like thinking of Me makes you docile and compliant to please Me.  Every facet of your mind is mine to manipulate and control in the Dark Room, and in this session - Snapped - I will show the extreme level of control I have over your sexual arousal.  After all, obedience is your pleasure, and being hard and horny for Me, your beloved Domina Shelle, is your absolute pleasure. (giggles)

My puppet, there is something magical about a dominant Woman snapping Her fingers, a sexy and hot demonstration of Her power, and ownership, to trigger instant compliance to Her wishes.  In your case, this will be an intense surge in arousal and submissive horniness, relinquishing all that you are to My whims and My desires.  Being mine is a pleasure like no other and every time I snap My fingers, you'll understand the full extent of My control and why you happily listen to My sessions every day just to immerse yourself in the bliss of being dominated and owned by the one you love, honor, and obey above all others.

There is no way back to what you once were because My hypnotic domination and control is helplessly addictive, an unbreakable bondage that leaves you throbbing every time you think about Me.  I am your one true obsession and it feels so right whenever I tell you what to do knowing, deep down, that you are always safe in My hypnotic dominion.

So, prepare to be snapped into a reality of blissful arousal as the dopamine levels in your body rise and rise, just like your sex stands to attention to honor its beloved owner.  you exist to serve Me, now and forever, and in this session you will appreciate the indomitable power I have over you, My enslaved horny puppet. ~~Kisses~~

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Friday, 22 March 2024
incredibly hot. The session once again put me in a deep trance and every snap of her fingers was pure pleasure. great.
Monday, 15 May 2023
This so hot! Sizzling hot. Always loved the finger snap from my Domina. And during this session i had such a strong physical and mental reaction to it. My whole body was trembling after each snap. This left me so horny.
Sunday, 07 May 2023
OMG!!!! 11/10!!!! Listening to this session over and over again in waves of intense pleasure and arousal!!! I cannot remember anything but snaps and EXTREME pleasure! This is a MUST HAVE!
Saturday, 06 May 2023
OMG This file was so amazing. i've got another favorite file. ❤️ Dominas voice was so soothing, just mesmerizing. She just started talking in that sensual, sexy voice of Hers. Before i knew it i was under and hanging on to Her every word. It was so fucking erotic what She did. A pure mind fuck. OMG i was wet before She even mentioned the word stroke. Domina has done it again. Another brilliantly crafted session to take more control of us. lol She just took out all the stops and created a file that we will long to listen to over and over again. i really couldn't get enough of Dominas words. i was so fucking horny by the time She told me to wake up. i am so going to listen again right after i am done typing my thoughts about it. i absolutely loved it. i will always Love, Honor, and Obey Domina. She is my Absolute Authority. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saturday, 06 May 2023
Oh this file is dangerous, it's almost an hour long but it goes by so fast causing me to feel like i need another listen. i just love Domina's fingersnaps, this file is pure bliss. Hypnotized so deeply, brainwashed and addicted to Her, i must listen over and over again.
Saturday, 06 May 2023
I bought this file in an instant! I just love the sound of Dominas finger snaps and now I crave them even more! I went very deep and this files effects will definitely push me to listen again and again. I don’t remember much of the details but pure PLEASURE and AROUSAL. 10/10
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