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Mindless Obsession | Shelle RiversMindless Obsession | Shelle Rivers

Mindless Obsession


Product SKU: Mindless Obsession

I will tantalize and tease you as I seductively subvert your will to be My perfected zombie slave...

Mindless Obsession (34 minutes):

Back again, I see, to feed your lustful need for mindless oblivion. (giggles)  Don't worry, My pet, it is normal and natural for those conditioned by My words to return for more programming, to be transformed into a brain-dead goon, temporarily sating that irresistible craving to submit deeper to My domination and control.

The TRUTH is, My darling, you need your daily dose of Domina, a hypnotic tonic of surrender and enslavement that sustains you, giving you life and vitality.  With it, you learn to function in the outside world, but your preferred reality is submitting to Me - in My world - as My loyal obedient pet, a place where the REAL you blossoms.  I permit the submissive within to prosper in dominion and every day you submit to My authority, and conditioning, is another day to feed your longing to be MINE, to surrender all that you are at My feet, tasting My addictive power over you.

And, it is addictive, My sweet.  My words are like sex to your mind, invading your thoughts, leaving you begging for more.  The compulsive need to slip into nothingness for Me, while clinging to My every word, is an obsession for you - a Mindless Obsession - an inescapable craving to submit to My daily programming as your open suggestible mind inevitably bends to My will.

In this session, I will be infecting your mind with a pervasive desire to be blank and empty for Me, only able to obey what I command without thought or question.  I will tantalize and tease you (in My black leather skirt) as I seductively subvert your will to be My perfected zombie slave.  Driven by a relentless hunger to listen to My voice, you'll be mindlessly compelled to feed off My control, and My words, endlessly edging into submissive enslavement for your Domina - like a good obedient zombie slave. (giggles)

But, be warned, My sweet, this trance session is deep, powerful, and highly addictive.  This is not for the novice listener but for those that passionately love, honor, and obey Me and want Me to be your everything!  Once you are under My control there will be no you, only lustful thoughts of serving Me - I know, wonderfully wicked.  So, surrender to your weakness, My zombie slave, and let the feeding frenzy commence...

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Monday, 01 May 2023
Brains... i'm not not normally fan of zombie stories but always very willing to be mindless slave to my Domina. It feels so liberating to have that empty mind.
Saturday, 29 April 2023
Zombies are only useful when they are obeying commands. Without a command to obey a zombie is little more than an ornament. Mindless Obsession reminds me of the simple fact that my obedience to Domina Shelle is the purpose of my existence. Her commands give my life meaning.
Friday, 28 April 2023
I loved this session and I love bieng a mindless zombie for Domina Shelle. I went very deep, mindless and blank ready and eager to be programmed by Domina Shelle
Monday, 24 April 2023
OMG Domina pulled all the stops out for this file. Personally i love everything Zombie. But when Domina incorporates that with Her brainwashing, She just goes all out. The sound effects of the file just added to the mindlessness that i felt. i jumped a couple of times while i was listening. i was just so into Domina's words i wasn't expecting it. The effects just adds to the skill Domina possess and the skill of taking Her lab rat into a deep and erotic state. It was a great file. i hope She has us listen to this again and again. i love being mindless and blank for my Domina Shelle.
Monday, 24 April 2023
i am Domina Shelles mindless zombie. i don't think. Domina does my thinking for me. All i know is Her voice, Her power, and Her control. i will always obey Her without thinking. i am a grateful mindless zombie that only exist to serve Her
Sunday, 23 April 2023
Domina Shelle has done it again with this weeks masterpiece!!! i feel SOOOOO incredibly lucky to have been found, captured, and enslaved by Domina Shelle! This session is very difficult to remember… i awoke mindless and blank… But i won’t spoil the surprise… just know there is a surprise and it’s WELL worth listening to find out! Download and listen ASAP! This incredible and sexy file is a MUST HAVE!!!!!!
Friday, 21 April 2023
I've always dreamed of being this mindless and desperate for Domina. I look forward to my next listen and listening again and again and again. Compelling my urge to feed. Giggles...
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