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Dazed and CONFUSED | Shelle RiversDazed and CONFUSED | Shelle Rivers

Dazed and CONFUSED


Product SKU: Dazed and CONFUSED

35 minutes of erotic stimulation...while My sweet voice torments your mind.

My pet, this session continues your path to NOTHINGNESS.  your Domina will take you deep into a hypnotic trance, bringing you to true subspace.  So, be warned, My sweet, this file is POWERFUL!

I wonder if you can survive 35 minutes of erotic stimulation, while hearing My sweet voice tormenting submissive's mind?  I know you won’t be thinking of much as you fall deeper and deeper into My world of erotic submission.  A mind fucking TRAINING mp3 session...not for the faint of heart...If you want your freedom, My advice is don't listen. Giggles!!!

I am a POWERFUL Woman.  I will strengthen My grasp over your mind, I will reshape your desires.  So, if you dare...find a private place, strip naked, lay back and relax while you accept your place at the feet of your Domina Shelle.

Note:  This file is the perfect progression experience, as such if you are desiring to achieve the most, I highly recommend listening to My Realm of Unconsciousness session.

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Monday, 04 September 2023
Wow that was incredible. i loved how Domina did the induction of this file. It was different than other files, but just as effective. i love submitting to Domina. She makes me so incredibly horny for Her.
Saturday, 02 June 2018
Do you remember the inductions – when you tense your muscles and than let go – do you remember how the feeling of deep relaxation flows in? In this file Domina makes me flex the muscle of resistance to Her and Her voice, followed by number of confusing questions. My guards totally break down and I feel how the resistance melts to nothing. I am open and vulnerable for Her. Domina enters my mind so easily for a profound erotic brainwashing! She keeps me confused, aroused and helpless to program me: Each word a delicious desire!
Tuesday, 28 March 2017
Difficult to remember what happened. i've vague idea that it was about erotic submission and obedience. i know i can't resist my Domina. i crave Her control more and more.
Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Domina warns you not to listen, and i Obeyed - at least i think i did? i don't really remember anything she said, just incredible bliss at the sound of Her voice. Thank You Domina!!!
Tuesday, 21 March 2017
As Domina says above that if you want your freedom don't listen. She's absolutely right. I listened and now securely trapped in a life of bliss and happiness and the overwhelming need for Domina in my life. If you listen you will be like me and live you days craving for her voice as the only source of your happiness. Thankyou Domina for this amazing gift.
Monday, 20 March 2017
Just to be fair i may should go ahead and say that my review to this File will be str

P.S: i am sorry for my rambling that probably hasn´t to much to do with the File, but hey i guess it shows what this lovely Princess is able to do, i am sooo happy to be hers ^-^
Monday, 20 March 2017
the path to nothingness... yes, this is a perfect description. She took me deeper and deeper and while I noticed, how fast I was falling, there was nothing I could do. I felt helpless, but totally secure. At one point, my mind shut off completely and I woke up only after the file had ended, horny and in love with my Domina.
Sunday, 19 March 2017
To the special Lady in my life it Domina Shelle, in which her words control me . In this trance I was just in falling by her word's Deeper ,Falling , Sleep ,You ,Silence and Obey , but in in the end yourself feeling love to make Domina Shelle happy because that what pets do
Saturday, 18 March 2017
Something i've realized lately is that i can't resist being hypnotized by Domina Shelle. Not just that i can't...there are times when i want to, just to experience the pleasure of being overpowered, but i literally can't remember how. Domina touches on this at the outset of the file, and it drove home just how deeply i've submitted to Her. i can't remember what it means to resist, what it feels like...and i really don't care. All i want is to be controlled by Domina Shelle, and i am, completely and totally.
Saturday, 18 March 2017
i love my Domina, i love to be Hers and to surrender myself completely to Her control. After this session these feelings inside me are even stronger. i feel relaxed, deeply in love to Her, loyal and ready to obey any command She might give me. Thank You my Domina for making me feel so good while serving You.
Saturday, 18 March 2017
Wow! I purchased this file in the early hours of the morning and cannot stop listening to it. I suspect others will feel like I do after listening to this session that Domina Shelle clarifies the very nature of our (hypno D/s) relationship and how it transcends mere hypnosis and brainwashing - which is clearly does. Domina Shelle's assertions throughout the session are all affirmations of a fundamental truth - she is and forever will be a part of our lives and I for one freely acknowledge this now. Listening to this session is a sobering experience of just how powerful and skilled Domina Shelle is, and how much we need her!!
Saturday, 18 March 2017
i first listened to Her Realm of Unconsciousness as She suggested, because i'm helplessly open to Her suggestions.
And then this one blew me away. i'm not sure what's in it, but when it was over i felt more obedient and submissive to Her than ever. My place IS at HER feet.
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