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Realm Of Unconsciousness | Shelle RiversRealm Of Unconsciousness | Shelle Rivers

Realm Of Unconsciousness


Product SKU: Realm Of Unconsciousness

I'll take you to a deeper level of servitude and OBLITERATE you with a mind blowing DEEP hypnotic trance.

Session Length: 38 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control--STATE OF CONFUSION

My pet, it is time you visit My realm of unconsciousness, a place which you will experience mind shattering bliss and pleasure.  you will find yourself submitting spiraling in confusion so DEEP within My erotic world of submission.  That you might never My sweet voice will have you begging for complete surrender as your Domina Shelle takes you to a deep level of servitude while OBLITERATING you with what can only be described as a mind-blowing hypnotic trance.

Once under I will weave layer after layer of hypno pleasure as you feel a dependency on My words, My TRIGGERS and MY TRANCES.  For such an experience it is absolutely necessary that you are naked and alone.  So take off your clothes, relax and SLIP into a surprisingly erotic bliss.

Taking you into a realm of unconsciousness.  A place of infinity, outer space, emptiness, blankness... a space of NOTHINGNESS!  If you have ever wondered just how deep into EROTIC HYPNOSIS you might go....enjoy the feelings of complete UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

Don't be surprised when My control will have you rock hard and ready for a massive explosion...when you are ready. Giggles!!!

Cum, listen and fall...Be careful, this session will sneak up on you.

PERFECT Binaural effects for a mind numbing experience.

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Thursday, 31 May 2018
Tonight I got addicted to the “Realm of Unconsciousness”. This file is extraordinary – even magic. One thousand words lead to the Realm. One thousand words, uncountable words, spoken by Domina, create the reality of the Realm. Suggestible words and triggers are the trees at the side of the alley and with each word i feel my reality switch. I am there in the Realm of Unconsciousness – blank, mindless and aroused. I feel the desire to stay here – there was a choice and I took the second option – over and over again. Exquisite erotic hypnosis – be careful not to get lost in the Realm!
This file made it into my personal top ten list tonight!!
Thursday, 16 March 2017
So difficult to describe this. There's just this big hole in my mind when i try to think about this. Like there's nothing in there. That itself must prove that it worked very well on me. No tought, no mind, no person.
Wednesday, 15 March 2017
i will be honest, i don´t really know what to say, i may listened to plenty of her Files and no one was the same, the may had a few similarities every here and there, but this one, thts one was completly different from everything i listened to so far, i just don´t know how to describe this at all, i didn´t knew single spoken words like this could have such an affect, i can´t tell where it started or where it ended, i can´t understand that single words had this affect on me, i can´t understand how deep i was or my reaction as i woke up, this Place and State she got me to in this File, if possible i would be there forever and even without this being possible, cause Day to Day Life, i still feel like a Part of me still is there, yeah i really don´t know how to describe this File, the best way is just to listen and find out on your own, maybe in the end you will be as speechless as i am ^-^
Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Compared to other of Domina Shelle's files, this one took me extraordinary deep into trance and left me in a mind numb state.. i feel like i slept a full 8 hours sleep dreaming of my beloved Domina... and still i crave to go again deep into trance for Her, where Her sweet voice floats into my mind and makes feel so wonderful. Thank You my beloved Domina, i love You whispering into my ears!
Sunday, 12 March 2017
Domina surpasses herself with every new session and this one is no exception. The induction is different from other files but as effective. I was unable to resist her commands, but following them was a bliss.
Saturday, 11 March 2017
Yet again Domina Shelle demonstrates Her supremacy over the erotic hypnosis fetish. Realm of Unconsciousness is nothing short of a masterpiece from its unconventional induction and mind-blowing deepener to the ultimate conclusion that has Her completely in control of the remnants of your shattered psyche. For those familiar with many of Domina Shelle's triggers this session will be extra powerful, however its effectiveness doesn't rely on those triggers, so it can be listened to and enjoyed by anyone.
Saturday, 11 March 2017
i belong to Domina Shelle. Domina owns me. Her pleasure is my pleasure. Have you become Her slave yet? If not this may provide the motivation for you to take the next step closer to Domina Shelle.
Friday, 10 March 2017
What little i can remember of this session was pure bliss. Domina Shelle is constantly inventing new ways to drive us deeper under Her control, and this sessions demonstrates just how wonderful an experience that is.
Friday, 10 March 2017
Oh my Domina! That was perfection. That was unique. That was simply genius. It was the end and the beginning. Thank You for taking me to a place that i never thought i'd reach but so very glad to have been. i will cherish this experience forever.
Friday, 10 March 2017
Perfect...Domina took me so deep, much deeper than I have ever been. This must be one of Domina’s best yet. I love this file and the control behind it. I'm still a little dazed a few hours after my first listen and craving to try this again and again. Like the previous review its scary yet so exciting to think how far Domina will be taking us.
Friday, 10 March 2017
What an incredible sensation. The induction took me very deep and, for me, was as powerful if not more powerful than any c you are more than likely going to want to listen to this file repeatedly. This is going to well and truly send you to another dimension and since it is only March in 2017, I'm left wondering - in awe - where Domina will take us next!
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