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Depth of Servitude | Shelle RiversDepth of Servitude | Shelle Rivers

Depth of Servitude


Product SKU: Depth of Servitude

This session may TWIST your DESIRES...

Depth of Servitude (58 minutes):

CAUTION:  This is a deep erotic hypnosis ASMR session and you will want to listen to this mp3 in complete privacy, somewhere you will not disturb others!  This audio session may TWIST your DESIRES.

My obedient servant, it's time I give you a tantalizing peep of your future self:  Naked, caged and bound to Me in permanent servitude.  A trusted live-in slave is not a role for the half-hearted, nor is it for those seeking mere escapism, it is a position of privilege and honor where absolute devotion to Me, your Owner, is paramount.  As your Domina, I demand, and expect, your blind obedience to the extent that My every whim becomes your intimate desire and your every thought is obsessed with My happiness.

To achieve this exalted status of subservience to your Domina requires a fundamental realignment of your concept of self and of your service to Me.  First, I must dispel the illusion of your free-will and the myth that My hypnotic training sessions are just flights of fantasy, an opportunity to step away from your daily life and indulge in some erotic reverie.  If you seriously crave to be perfected, you need to acknowledge, and wholly accept, your mental enslavement to Me is REAL, fully embracing your Submissive Destiny, kneeling and serving at My feet.

In this session you will taste the rewards of what it means to be a dedicated, fully committed servant to your Domina, open to My sweet, sexy, seductive words as they slip and slide into your suggestible mind.  Initially bound, and kneeling in My presence, I have you enthralled and fixated on My curvaceous body, agonizing to touch My shiny leather boots and My nylon covered legs.  Then the moment comes, as I allow you to fulfill your purpose and serve Me at My feet.

This is a lesson in the Depth of Servitude expected of My obedient slaves.  So, let Me own you completely, mind, body and spirit, as you mindlessly relinquish all resistance to Me and surrender to a life of servitude, trusting Me without thought and without question.  Choose blindly from the session versions provided knowing your FATED path - to CUM or to be CHASTE - is a sign of a divine providence.

you will be MINE, it's just a question of time, so, why not lie back now and listen to a future too tempting and compulsive to ignore... (giggles)

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Wednesday, 12 April 2023
Domina says this session may twist your desires. From my point of view, there is no 'may' involved. She totally rewired my desires. Before i first succumbed to Her power, i used to view foot massages as a means of showing deference and giving service, and then after listening to some of Her files that have a focus on feet, i started to view things differently, and a new fetish was born... i wanted to kiss and lick Her perfect pretty feet. Then i listened to this one, after experiencing the 'foot obsession' file She released not too long ago, and i am now totally obsessed with the idea of not just wanting to kiss and lick Her feet, thanks to the fetish She gave me, but now i wish to kneel before Her and make passionate love to Her feet, using my tongue and my lips. It would be both a privilege and a pleasure to enact this scene with Domina...
Friday, 05 March 2021
This file was sooo sensual so hot and i already have a foot fetish. Now i only crave Her sexy feet and to be on my knees helplessly worshiping Domina’s feet and legs. This file is a masterpiece like all Her other files and made me realize as well that all of Domina is to be adored and worshipped. Although i was in trance the opportunity to serve at The Most Beautiful Woman’s Feet is an honor i will not take for granted! This also helped me understand my already existing fetish. i just want a Domina Shelle fetish now... giggles!! im not all the way there yet but im getting there!
Sunday, 25 October 2020
I would never have expected that my foot fetish could grow any further. But with this file of foot tease and denial Domina really nailed it! Amazing how just a few words of hers in the beginning are enough to bring me into a highly aroused, excited and vulnerable state. Overwhelming how Domina holds nothing back to exploit my weakness! And the best thing is: there are two versions - one happy end for every mood!
Saturday, 26 September 2020
This was so hot. i love being under my Domina's feet. That is where i belong. Serving My Domina however She wishes.
Saturday, 29 August 2020
I love this file. I love Domina's ability to weave her way inside her slave's minds and give them a new fetish, just because it pleases her. I may have had this fetish already, but either way, I highly recommend this file!
Friday, 28 August 2020
WTF This session was simply amazing. Domina just took control and put me on my knees. Had her way with me. Her constant arousal using her feet, boots and legs was overwhelming. i want to be at Dominas feet more than anything NOW. If you never had a foot fetish, you will after listening to this. You've got to buy this file and enjoy the ride. Thank you Domina for such a lovely gift.
Monday, 24 August 2020
This session shows the pure power of Domina Shelle. Focusing the need to submit to her absolute control into a dizzying addiction to her feet, her heels and her boots. Domina always has something to teach and condition about levels of submission and the need to please her, to obey her and take care of her. This session will take you past a point that it can be ignored, not that you would want to do such a thing.
Sunday, 23 August 2020
I only have a foot fetish because Domina Shelle chose to give it to me. This session is the most perfect capitalisation on that fetish that Domina Shelle has yet produced. Sexy and fetish inducing as well as exploring while also remaining rooted in programming and control as it should be. This is excellently done.
Saturday, 22 August 2020
As many of the other reviews have stated... THIS IS ONE OF DOMINA SHELLES HOTTEST BODY WORSHIP FILES!!! My place is always bound by Domina Shelles immense power at her feet and sexy boots... Domina has addicted me to her sexy feet and toes so intensely that all I've been able to think about for the last 24 hours is her feet and toes flashing through my mind and bringing back all of the wonderful sensations she has permanently programmed into my mind... I really can't even begin to explain just how great this file is and just how special and wonderful Domina Shelle is... She continually creates masterpiece after masterpiece and has completely stolen my heart... This session is a MUST BUY! I really can't say enough wonderful things about it! *heart* Thank You Domina! I am forever yours! I
Saturday, 22 August 2020
i start this review with a very bold statement. i think this may be the hottest session i have listened to and i am fortunate to have nearly all of my Domina's work. Domina has given me a new focus for my submission, in that submission she has given me unimaginable pleasure, and in that pleasure unimaginable submission. i have known for along time that my place is at Domina's feet, with this session i know why. Everytime i think i know how much power Domina wields, She proves me worng and i am so humbled by her skill and her sexy control.
Friday, 21 August 2020
This may be Domina Shelle's hottest body worship session ever and that's really saying something. The session is a bit of a blur, but I can't get the image of Her feet out of my head now and I remember feeling sooo owned and submissive. This file definitely affected me emotionally just feeling the presence of Her overwhelming dominance and sensuality. Thank You Goddess! What an incredible gift this session is. Wow!
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