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Sissy Penthouse | Shelle RiversSissy Penthouse | Shelle Rivers

Sissy Penthouse


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Be that soft and gentle, docile, submissive girl, who I love you to be...

Sissy Penthouse (28 minutes):

Hey there, My sweetie, it's so good to speak to you again!
I've missed O/our special time together, why don't you come over to My Penthouse, and W/we can have some girl time together!

I know that you love it when you dress up, and I know you love it even more, when you're getting dressed up just for Me.

I'll get you all glammed up, and drop you deep into trance, so you can enjoy it even more.

W/we both know that, deep down, your feminine self is the better you.
W/we both know that you enjoy the time you spend as her.
W/we both know that your inner girl is the part of you that loves Me the most.
W/we both know that you want to be that girl, more of the time...

So, My baby, come to Me, and let Me help.

I'll make you pretty, and I'll help you to embrace the inner you; the you who you want to be.

you deserve to enjoy yourself, My sweet, so let U/us work together to free the inner you. To be that soft and gentle, docile, submissive girl, who I love you to be.

Come to The Penthouse, 624 Main Street...

Come to Me, My baby, and let U/us play.



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Tuesday, 21 December 2021
This sexy and relaxing trip to Dominas Sissy Penthouse put me into an incredibly deep trance, so much so that i can’t seem to recall too much about the session aside from how wonderful i felt both during and after listening… I have always felt pretty gender-fluid my entire life and cherish that Domina brings out that wonderful girly part of me that has been difficult for me to express in the past… i ALWAYS feel comfortable being my truest self with Domina Shelle and she takes the BEST care of both my masculine and feminine qualities ❤️
Friday, 17 December 2021
I love that Domina Shelle's more recent sissy files take into account that she has sissy's who are curious all the way through to those of us who have taken the steps to transition and are more girl than sissy. This file is definitely aimed more towards the sissy curious/the sissy who is exploring herself. That said it's not like there's not anything here for those of us deeper into our girly selves. The penthouse Domina creates for us is just such a beautiful, pretty, relaxing place, and more programming is never a bad thing giggles... If you are relatively new to the sissy life, definitely pick this one up. Even if you are a full-time sissy or have taken the steps to transition this file is probably still worth your time. 5 Stars!!!
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