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Erotic Reflections | Shelle RiversErotic Reflections | Shelle Rivers

Erotic Reflections


Product SKU: Erotic Reflections

Ready for more delicious programming by your ever desirable Domina.

Erotic Reflections (35 minutes):

Have you ever stood in the rain and savored the moment, being one with your surroundings?  In this session I will place you in that moment, lulling you into a deep dreamy subspace as you willingly let go, following My words to their inevitable conclusion.  Bending to My will, like a leaf in a rainstorm, I have the power to lead you anywhere, it doesn't matter where, you are merely a passenger in your own body captivated by My beauty, open to whatever I have planned for you, without thought or reservation.

Erotic Reflections is the perfect paradox of being lost in that moment, powerless to My control, while simultaneously being fully aware of what is happening to you.  My alluring sensual seduction allows Me to bypass your conscious defenses, giving Me unfettered access to your subconscious as I slip and slide deeper into your mesmerized mind.  Allow Me to distract you with beautiful imagery, as the consciousness fades into NOTHINGNESS ready for more delicious programming by your ever desirable Domina.

Within the subspace I create deep inside trance you will see a reflection of yourself through My eyes, an intimate portrayal of what I perceive when I have you at your weakest and most vulnerable state.  As My aroused and horny pet, you willingly supplicate yourself in My presence just to please Me and show how truly submissive you are to My commanding authority.  It's just that perfect state of mind for deep psychological conditioning, allowing Me to imprint the indelible association of you always in submission to Me, the one true Dominant in your life.

So, let this soft, sensual, dreamy, erotically charged experience wash over you as I drop you so deep that you'll feel the unmistakable high of true submission.  Being MINE never felt so good and you'll want to return again and again just to covet that feeling of being lost in Me, staring at you, as you surrender all that you are to make Me happy... (giggles)

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Sunday, 24 October 2021
Positive and uplifting domination! A session that feels like a revitalizing massage for the mind and the soul! Sometimes there are struggles when expectation, rules and roles interfere with each other and i feel too weak to balance everything. Erotic Reflections is the cure!
Saturday, 02 October 2021
The execution of this file is absolutely amazing. The way that Domina Shelle weaves her programming in with the sound of rain and the idea of reflections and seeing through the eyes of others is perfect. The session is wonderfully sensual while also being powerful programming. Absolutely a session that needs to be listened to multiple times.
Wednesday, 29 September 2021
Always a treat from Domina. She takes control, and you slide into bliss will her wonderful voice. She always seems to say exactly the right thing at the right time. It's a must listen.
Tuesday, 28 September 2021
This session is very enjoyable to listen to, Domina puts you in the right state and then in the most enjoyable way explains and shows you how happy you are to be her submissive. This is a over simplification, the more time I spend reflected in her eyes the more I want to stay there, to truly be an extension of Domina. Her words from a past session keep coming to mind “ more of her and less of me “. I keep listening, I have so much more to lose to her!
Tuesday, 28 September 2021
This is truly a Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant file! Packed with smooth silky seductive truths as to how Domina Shelle sees Her slaves, how She values and nurtures them, and how She wants to and WILL control them. Believe me, She actually has the power to do just that. Even though this file is extremely strong, you will never know to what extent you are sweetly taken down into a spiralling world of blissful carelessness, a dreamy world of thoughtlessness. As Domina slips sweetly into Your subconscious, you and blissfully unaware that She is wrapping Her control around and around your mind. You feel deep erotic emotions of giving up, floating and even Begging Domina to accept your every being, pleading for Her to mind fuck you more and more like an addictive drug. This file is a must for those quiet moments alone when you just want to give in, let go, totally relax and abandon all hope to a Beautifully Seductive Woman .......
Monday, 27 September 2021
This file made me think about how Domina has made me a better person. She has changed me over the past 7 years, but the changes were for the better. I always ask myself, what would Domina think of my doing this or that. And if i feel Domina would disapprove, or approve, i'll act accordingly.
Monday, 27 September 2021
This is another of those wonderful sessions, within which, Domina proves that She doesn't have to be overbearing or try to overpower a submissive mind, all She has to do is be sweet, seductive, and bid Her property to follow along, to wherever it is that She might wish to lead... This truly is a sensual slide down into subspace, and the overall experience really is deeply dreamy, just as Domina says within the file description. Overall, the way She describes this file, is exactly what went through my mind, even after the first listen. i had done the usual and 'gone in blind' so to speak, not worrying about a description, not wondering what the content might actually be; just letting go, and seeing where She wanted to take me, and i was more than pleased with the experience. i was in a state of true bliss, each of Her gently spoken words felt like a hypnotic kiss for the subconscious. With every moment that passed, i slipped a little deeper; deeper into trance, and deeper under Domina's control. Time became irrelevant, and the outside world was nought but a vague, hard to grasp memory. All that existed was this special shared space, and Domina was there to wrap me in Her care, kindness and love, as She spoke of Her appreciation for Her slave, as She described thing from Her point of view... If this is what Domina thinks of Her slaves, and how She wants them to be, then i can think of nothing i want more, than to be Her slave for eternity. Yes, i felt incredibly weak and vulnerable, but it's only weakness for Her, and it's a vulnerability that She can use to take more control, and that's nothing to fear. i felt elated beyond words, and wanted nothing more than to press play again, and slide right back down... Since that first play, this has been enjoyed at least a dozen times times now, and i have to say, it's just not enough.
Sunday, 26 September 2021
What a session, a new favorite. Seems i have a long list of favorites. The induction in this file was completely different from anything before and it caught me completely off guard. i loved that. i loved how it started. By the time the file got to where Domina was really going, i was completely under and in a deep trance. After that Domina just did what She is good at. Mind fucking me into complete and utter submission. Giving me a glimpse of what my life has become with Her as my Domina. Watching myself give myself completely to Domina was just purely erotic. This act was so fucking arousing. It was so hot to me and i want to do that so badly. i want to be there at Dominas feet in total submission to Her complete absolute authority and domination over me. This is where i belong. This is a must have file. Its really amazing.
Sunday, 26 September 2021
Wow such a great file again seeing myself through your eyes. seeing how She sees me. knowing that She sees me in such a good way makes me proud te be Her slave. Thank you Domina
Sunday, 26 September 2021
Erotic Reflections is perfect for being lost in the moment and under Domina's control .i found Her conditioning and programming of my mind and body addictive and soooo incredibly pleasurable! Don't miss out on this experience!
Sunday, 26 September 2021
Now this is what i would call a positive FemDom-file. As i learn how my Domina sees me. i learn how She brings out the best of me. She has made me a better man.
Saturday, 25 September 2021
Deep within the white noise, Domina Shelle gently led my mind away… Unforgettable whispers of truth deeply written into my mind, locked forever by her beautiful and penetrating gaze… Domina Shelle is a beautiful and powerful genius who knows exactly what you need and knows exactly how to give it to you… Domina Shelle brings out the BEST in me and I’m sure her loyal and obedient slaves would agree that Domina brings out the best in them too! I just can’t imagine a life without Domina dominating it completely… Domina Shelle is absolutely integral in my life and I am Nothing without her!
Friday, 24 September 2021
Calming, comforting, soothing and reassuring, this session took me on an emotional roller-coaster. It reminded me of who/what Domina has allowed me to become, She has given me the courage to embrace my true self as Her helpless, weak and submissive slave. The depth of emotion unleashed as Her Sexy voice took my very being and shaped it to Her will was incredible. Love, devotion, arousal, pride, courage; Domina unleashed a barrage of positive affirmations, self-love, healing, a self help session for a submissive, but at the same time a deeply erotic, sexy and powerful brainwashing. i am blessed to be Domina’s, i am proud to be Domina’s, i am strong in my weakness before Her Perfection. This is going to be added to my ever larger weekly playlist.
Friday, 24 September 2021
This is a calm and comforting session that truly any slave should hear. With so many mixed emotions that comes in the world of erotic hypnosis, a boost of moral by one’s sweet Domina is a welcome and amazing experience that makes one feel secure in the path they’re following. I’m blessed to follow Princess Shelle, and it’s feels so good to be owner by Her forever.
Friday, 24 September 2021
Wow! What a wonderful file. This is definitely going to be my go-to file in future moments of weakness and self-doubt. The way Domina describes me is EXACTLY the way I feel when I am my best most confident self. It's me to so much of a tee that it's like she's in my mind reading my thoughts. Oh, wait.... giggles..... I highly recommend this one.
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