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Petrif-eyed | Shelle RiversPetrif-eyed | Shelle Rivers



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I will redefine the meanings of STIFF and FIRM in ways you will never forget.

Petrif-eyed - two sessions (70 total minutes):

Well, My sweet, recently I have started to see signs that, maybe, you are becoming rather SET in your ways.  I have mused if the potent effects of My voice is the cause for your increasingly inflexible existence, a will compelled to obey; your body, relaxed, yet increasingly unresponsive to desires not fixated on Me.  Is this what My words have done to you, imprisoned you in your own mind and body, leaving you unreadable to the casual observer, a stony expression and an impenetrable BLANK stare that only hints at the truth depths of your submission to My authority?

If My voice is really etching itself so deeply into your psyche, like an indelible mark on Petrif-eyed rock, have you ever considered if this transformation is both real and permanent?  I know that sometimes it’s HARD to process just how thoroughly your Domina has wiggled Her way into your mind, your thoughts becoming My thoughts, your desires enslaved to Mine, it is understandable it is difficult to discern where My suggestions begin and your submission ends.

In this session I am going show you just how malleable your mind is to My brainwashing even when every other aspect of yourself is frozen in time, your capacity to think and move locked away, as I remove your self control.  Through My conditioning I will redefine the meanings of STIFF and FIRM in ways you will never forget, always reminded that you are completely incapable of resisting the power of My words and the inescapable draw of My mesmerizing brown eyes.

Why not stare into them, NOW, imagining falling into those endless pools as you dreamily listen to My voice seducing your mind?  Oh My, do you feel the anticipation, that heightened sense of submission to Me that is as real as that throbbing, aching, craving between your legs? (giggles)

My sweet, this session is the perfect segue to bring you another step closer to where I need you to be, My thoughts snaking ever deeper into the core of who you are, embracing the reality that you are utterly powerless to resist Me.  you are going to love what’s about to happen, so prepare for a very erotic, petrifying, encounter with your Domina as you experience just how RIGID you can be for Me...

Note:  This is a TWO-PART session package DEAL.

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Friday, 10 December 2021
Her voice is so incredibly mesmerizing, erotic, sensual and dominating. This file sent me into a very deep pleasurable trance. And, Her suggestions have become deeply impregnated in my mind.
Friday, 03 December 2021
There is nothing as powerful, as intense, as absolutely incredible as Domina Shelle when she has a point to prove! Domina Shelle is my owner for life, and I love every minute of it.
Sunday, 28 November 2021
Domina Shelles eyes have always captivated me. They're the widows of Her soul. She is a special Woman, with abilities to hypnotize with Her dark beautiful brown eyes. i can believe She truly is a goddess with powers beyond normal mortals. She is absolute perfection, and this file is just a hint of Her power over me and over you
Sunday, 28 November 2021
I was powerless, frozen in place just loving the eyes of my Domina. Feeling weaker and weaker, losing more control everytime i listen to Her voice
Friday, 26 November 2021
Mythology, mind control, Domina Shelle's eyes and triggered responses. I think we hit a jackpot here. Domina Shelle's interpretation of the Medusa myth within this session is great. Add to that the fact that the snake hissing might be interpreted as white noise and many subjects will fall quickly. The two sessions can be uses separately or together for equal effect.
Friday, 26 November 2021
Part 1 made me very sleepy and ready to be brainwashed. Part 2 was very arousing. i was powerless, weak and submissive. Mindless and frozen under my Domina's control.
Monday, 22 November 2021
i've never been so sure of what im doing listening to this Perfect Woman. Domina Shelle understands a mans mind perfectly, This file will melt your heart and solidify your mind, solid and unthinking. The sound effects are expertly done and mind blowing. She is Seductively Sexy, educated and cleaver, skillful and deviant. A match for any man!
Sunday, 21 November 2021
i just love Domina's stories. She weaves the best tales that just suck the listener right into them. Before you know it you are Dominas. Especially these two files. i listened to these two files back to back. It just seemed to be the best way to do it. i was so far into trance after listening to the first one, that when the second one kicked in i was just totally gone. Then by the end of the second file i was completely stiff, and i mean stiff, you know stiff, like hard and very, very wet. i had a huge puddle at the end when i woke up. i highly recommended this to anyone wanting to be taken by a beautiful Domina. Buy this and listen to it. you will not be disappointed.
Sunday, 21 November 2021
Domina Shelle is such a wonderful storyteller and she tells such a sexy and alluring story this week. For SO long i’ve been craving to gaze into Domina Shelles beautiful brown eyes and lose myself in her hypnotic gaze… Each of the two parts of this Masterpiece flowed perfectly into the next and kept me so hard and deep into trace… As Dominas story progresses, i found myself becoming more and more immersed and apart… Mmmm… Dominas DEEP and POWERFUL eyes are burnt into my mind and soul and I hear her playful giggles echoing throughout my mind… Snuggle up nice and warm and prepare yourself for an Amazing experience with Medusa ❤️
Sunday, 21 November 2021
If i have ever had a fetish outside of hypnosis, it would be feminine eyes. The fact that Domina rarely shows Her eyes compounds the desire to see them. Without training so heavily with Extreme Dissociation, i easily would have uncontrollably broken my chastity streak after viewing Domina's latest photo shoot, The Eyes Have It. All of this is to say that i was already weak to Domina's eyes before these recordings. This weakness has only grown since listening to each part a couple of times now. The recordings themselves are quite captivating and surprised me with how effectively i felt like i was frozen. i am eager to try them out when my restless leg annoying acts up while i am trying to trance. It would be such an amanzing realization of Her ownership if they still worked then. you can also tell that Domina Shelle quite enjoys telling hypnotic tales. She is just as playful if not more in these as She was in Her Lockdown 2021 series. personally, i find a recording to be more addictive the more Her joy and playfulness shines through it. Finally, i am quite in awe with how helplessly out of control these files made me feel. If the mere verbal suggestion of looking into Her eyes to a person with aphantasia such as myself causes me to fall so deep, i can't help but wonder how mind blowing these recordings would be to someone with a working mind's eye.
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