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Exploited | Shelle RiversExploited | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Exploited


Session Length: 46 minutes + Loop file

A MIND fucking EXPLOITATION....Brainwashed in EROTIC HYPNOSIS....a soft easy mind and BODY FUCKERY.  SLIPPING, SLIDING...and POOF!!!!  PROGRAMMED, as I believe is best for My slave.  Impossible to think.


This session is your COMPULSION.  It does NOT matter what it contains.  you MUST listen now.  The ONLY warning is that I will EXPLOIT your MIND.  I will use MY POWER of PERSUASION and MY BRAINWASHING EXPERTISE skills to take you WHERE you are already consumed.  EXPLOITED....MINDLESS OBEDIENCE....a COMPULSION!

FREE LOOP session included.

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Sunday, 19 March 2023
This is one of Domina’s earlier recordings; therefore, it has some “good boy” and “cock” in it. However, its overall concept is marvelous. i have been looking for a recording to condition my pussy to immediately ache and throb for its owner, Domina Shelle, upon hearing Her sexy erotic voice or reading Her delightful dominant words. It would appear that my search is over *giggles*
Saturday, 01 January 2022
What the fuck. OMG that has got to be the hottest session that Domina has ever made. Its a work of art what She does. This has moved to the top of my favorites list. I just loved listening to this and being taken like that. My cock was so fucking hard at the end it was just dripping uncontrollably everywhere. This file really is a COMPULSION to anyone who wants to be completely and utterly owned by Domina Shelle. i know She is the most amazing Woman i have ever met and i am very dedicated to being only Hers forever. Wow wow wow.. this file is a must listen to. i am so impressed with it. Its one to be listened to at least monthly just like a Slave Vows or Master Triggers. Fuck me.. i really can't wait to listen to this again and have Domina fuck my mind even more. Damn that was hot. i really can not get enough of Domina Shelle or this file and Her sexy sticky words. i am forever enslaved to Her and you will be too after you listen to it.
Tuesday, 03 August 2021
This is not exploitation, this is an introduction to heaven. Sink into bliss as Domina's voice wraps You in a warm, loving embrace that makes losing Your mind a wonderful thing. Just melt as your Domina slowly unpicks all the man-made restrictions that have stopped you from accepting the blissful control of a Loving, Sexy Mistress. Open the floodgates and let Domina unleash your true submissive nature, let your control melt away in Domina's dream world, wake up enslaved to the most Perfect, the most Gorgeous Goddess that ever offered a submissive the opportunity to kneel before Her Perfect Sexy feet. Sexy, sensual, pleasurable, mind-numbing bliss, bliss and more bliss. Another session where Domina proves She is the real deal, She is not messing around.
Saturday, 05 June 2021
I failed to fully listen to this file when it first came out, and I feel like such a fool for these actions. Domina Shelle has created another amazing experience that shows how much control she has over the minds of her slaves. I feel thoroughly ensnared to her prefabs and I only want more with each passing day.
Monday, 22 February 2021
Exploited? i'm not sure i could say i feel that way... Although i suppose in a sense... It's quite hard to say. Granted, our slightly wicked, but oh so sweet Princess does indeed exploit my weaknesses and my proclivities to satisfy Her wants, but that also fulfils my needs, so i don't truly feel exploited, just very much more under Her control, which is right where i wanted to be. So back to the first thoughts, is it exploitation if you truly wanted every bit of it, but just didn't quite fully realise it? i'm left with intense arousal, and a really warm and happy after-glow; all it cost was giving Her a little more control, which i always love to do anyway... She exploited me to give U/us both what W/we wanted and needed? Uh? Okay then... Admittedly, it is far from me to actually question Domina, especially since i did drop so easily, and surrender yet once more to Her authority, but from a personal point of view, i think i should perhaps call it 'Rewarded'. Yet another truly wonderful file, thank You for showing that wicked and sweet are not mutually exclusive, Princess Shelle.
Monday, 22 February 2021
EXPLOITED by this Preciously Sweet Woman-Domina Shelle Rivers, more like I'm exploiting Her as this file is Amazingly soft, succulent and seductive. Even after finishing it i still hear Her soft whispers wrapping themselves around my mind pulling and sucking me down, not to talk about how electrifyingly tingling my nipples are....... This Woman is Absolutely Amazing and WILL change your life, you will never, never, never want to go back to your old boring vanilla ways, trust me never!
Sunday, 16 December 2018
This is a simple session, a lesson in obedience. Becoming mindless at the command of Princess Shelle is always a euphoric experience. There is nothing fancy in this file. It is just pure unadulterated control. Domina Shelle demonstrates how crafty and powerful She is. Listen, give in, SURRENDER and enjoy. I'll not give away any more than that.... Now if you'll excuse me. I need to put my head phones on and push play....
Monday, 19 November 2018
The title does not do it justice. Thisnis a masterpiece and so powerful. You will listen again and again. You will beg Domina to exploint you and love her completely for doing so., craving more and more, anything to healr that amazing voice and feel her control over you growing stronget and more irreistible every day. But how can it be exploitation when Fomina is hiving you everything you ever dreamed of — complete subservience to the most beautiful, most dominant, and most fiendishly clever Woman in the world! What wouldst thou beg that She does not offer. In the end she will build your desires and fetishes to such a fever that Her merest whim is your highest calling in life as you frall abd beg for more
Tuesday, 05 September 2017
Back to basic training... But, OH What a Way to GO!
Thursday, 13 July 2017
Not only will you love listening to this file, but it also makes Domina Shelle happy with you. What are you waiting for? It will leave you horny and aching for the wonderful Domina Shelle
Thursday, 06 July 2017
Domina Shelle's latest File Exploited is TRULY a MASTERPIECE! .
Far from being Exploited we are gifted with this wonderful File that gets us to quickly achieve a totally Mindless state, making it's central piece of intense Brainwashing/Programming all the more potent.
From it's erotic and enticing induction, through the deepening sound effects and sirenic echos, The listener's resistance is reduce to zero as we give in trustfully to Her programming.
In the end, our Adoration for Domina Shelle and Desire to Please & Obey Her becomes a welcomed enshrined addiction.
Reaching into the very earnings that brought us to Her, Domina Shelle does indeed Exploit our pleasure and craving for Enslavement, our very desire to be the vessel of Her Thoughts. This File will only confirm what we already know, we all succumb to Domina Shelle's Powerful Voice and erotic entrancement.
Finally, i wish to Thank Domina Shelle for including a Loop to complement the File. For those like me who go to bed Conditioning to a File or number of Files. This Soft and Powerful Loop is a sleep friendly continuity to Exploited all the while reinforcing and accelerating our assimilation to Her Programming. i hope that in the future, more of Her Files will have such soothing and soft spoken deepening loops.
Wednesday, 05 July 2017
Domina Shelle now take utter and complete control of my mind, my heart and my soul. It's at the point now that Her files only feed my overwhelming addiction to Her soothing voice. This file strongly reinforces Her absolute control over my mind and my life. I've listened several times and still cant remember the whole file. I love this file, and it's very likely one of my favorites. Not only do I need Dominas voice, but I need Her in my life. Between the files and the fact that Shes one of the most amazing and wonderful people I've ever had the honor of knowing, and how much I love Her completely. i'm not sure where I was going with this, just that I love Her voice, I love Her completely, and I love this file.
Wednesday, 05 July 2017
That was a lot of stroking, i'm so horny now. So much teasing that i could barely take it.
Tuesday, 04 July 2017
This session clearly demonstrates the immense talent of Domina Shelle as a hypnotist and an enslaver of minds. The creativity and execution required to produce such a masterpiece is difficult to fathom but what is clearly evident is the influence Domina can wield over her submissive listeners.
The induction and deepener used in this session is very special and, I believe, is among one of the most powerful employed by Domina in recent time. It is utterly relentless in its execution and your willpower and resistance will be systematically subdued and drained. You will be blissfully unaware of this however given the euphoria and the addictive craving for more of Domina's sensuous words. After all we already trust Domina and deep down we want her to exert her dominance and authority over us.
This is why the title 'Exploited' is so apt. Domina's prior conditioning and submissive training ensures your passive compliance and she sends you very deep into trance to reinforce her hypnotic dominance. The effect on a submissive mind is well, for the want of a better word, staggering!!! Once in deep in trance, blank and mindless, Domina efficiently gets to work reconditioning your mind. This session has everything: mantra, mindless stroking, heavy brainwashing, adoration, servitude, a strong desire to be obedient, a singular belief that you are owned, on and on! This is a masterpiece that everyone needs to buy and savour...
Saturday, 01 July 2017
Domina's hypnotic prowess grows ever stronger, and our trances grow deeper and deeper. Even if one did feel exploited by Domina Shelle, after a few listens She has the listener so thoroughly brainwashed that the thought that Her control could in any way be a bad thing will quickly fade from one's mind. i love Domina Shelle, and i love what She has done to my mind.
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