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Extreme Sissy Slave Day Assignment by Shelle RiversExtreme Sissy Slave Day Assignment by Shelle Rivers

Extreme Sissy Slave Day Assignment


Product SKU: Extreme Sissy Slave Day Assignment

Assignment for EXTREME sissy slave training and conditioning...

My sissy, EXPERIENCE a full day of enslavement in purposeful servitude to your Domina.  This obedience training Assignment will give you the opportunity to express your complete submission and absolute obedience to My ultimate control.

With this Assignment, you want to prove yourself worthy of being called My slave by demonstrating your increasing need to serve and please Me as the central priority of your life.

This is EXTREME hypno sissy slave training and conditioning.  This assignment requires a committment of 10 hours and you will need full PRIVACY.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
I am writing this review in the middle of the assignment... I'm so very mindless, horny, and blissfully tranced out right now... All I can think about is being Dominas good little sissy and OBEY... This has been AMAZING and just what I need right now.... Thank you Domina!!!
Monday, 19 October 2020
A MUST for anyone who wants to feel the full force of Domina Shelle's control. I'm still feeling the full force of this 24 hours later, and I imagine I will continue to do so for many more days to come.
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