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Shelle's Hypno School For Sissy's - Class 1 by Shelle RiversShelle's Hypno School For Sissy's - Class 1 by Shelle Rivers

Shelle's Hypno School For Sissy's - Class 1


Product SKU: Shelle's Hypno School For Sissy's - Class 1

I want to “free your sissy”.

Class 1 Session Length: 43 minutes

your sissy feelings are REAL, and Domina Shelle is going to show you how to allow your feminine self to develop, comfortably and easily.  I want to “free your sissy”.  Each hypno class will address a SISSY subject matter that is important to your own TRUTH and transformation.  Here in My classroom, you can let down your guard and be yourself.  Class #1 is the INTRODUCTION to a series of special sissy hypno classes and files.  Also includes your Sissy Assignment.

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Shelles-School-Sissys-Class 1-INTRO-Assignment.rtf


Tuesday, 14 July 2020
I absolutely LOVED this Sissy class session with Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea! I listened while wearing my favorite pink panties and black pantiehose with my favorite steel buttplug firmly inside my aroused sissy hole… This session is very inspiring and makes me DEEPLY desire the pleasure of deepening my transformation into Domina Shelles Sluty Bimbo and Prissy Sissy and earning my Sissygasms! Mmm… I also really loved Princess Andreas' story and cute voice! I agree with her completely and resonate with her beliefs that women are the superior species and that all men should be slaves to women… giggles... By becoming sissies we are able to get closer to experiencing the superior female gender and further deepen our enslavement to our owner Domina Shelle… *heart*
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