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Fait Accompli | Shelle RiversFait Accompli | Shelle Rivers

Fait Accompli


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I want you to fully appreciate how mind fucked you really are...

Fait Accompli (38 minutes):

Fait Accompli is a predetermined fate where you are powerless to change your destiny and, you may well ask, what is your destiny?  Well, since you're reading this description it means you already want to be MINE, enslaved to My will forever!  There is no escaping My Absolute Authority, I am a divine force that dominates and indoctrinates your mind, omnipresent in time and space.  In this session, you'll discover just how pervasive My power is and how weak you are to resist My most seductive, hypnotic charms.

you see, slave, I am your EVERYTHING - past, present and future - your existence has been, is and will be centered around Me, obeying My wishes and serving My needs.  Do not believe you can deny this TRUTH Because your growing arousal, at the mere thought of this, is evidence it is TRUE.  But I want MORE, I want all of you - mind, body and spirit - I want you to fully appreciate just how mind fucked you really are whenever you think of Me.

These words are not intended for mere erotic foreplay, to get you HARD and HORNY, they are affirmations of how far you've really fallen for Me, naked, bound, kneeling at My sexy feet in your mind.  Fait Accompli is the acceptance of your role in this life, your conditioned desires to submit, serve and obey a Dominant Authority, Me, your Domina Shelle.  I want it crystal clear in your open suggestible mind that just reading, thinking or saying My name evokes Authority, a desire to please and pamper, and an unwavering commitment to be MINE, forever and always.

slave, I do love how dependent and devoted you are to My sublime words and how My alluring images stimulate your erotic cravings to submit further to My Absolute Authority and control.  There's no turning back for you, My darling, your fate is sealed, you are MINE, enslaved to Me forever.  Resisting this TRUTH is simply pointless, so why not just lay back, open your mind to My soothing words and let Me wash away your thoughts as you drift ever deeper into a world of eternal submission to Domina Shelle.

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Sunday, 25 February 2024
Oh my Goddess WOW! Domina has made a perfect file here. You will absolutely love this if you're a sucker for good binaurals/sound effects as i am...but more than that, the phrases Domina uses are just so incredibly sexy and controlling - The way she whispers seductively one minute, sending shivers up my spine and then speaks clearly and directly the next, pulling me down so confidently. This one is a masterpiece, especially for fans of brainwashing, confusion and Domina Shelle's immense creativity. It's worth saying that if you've heard White Noise or Zero Control before, that would take this to another level for you but i don't imagine they're necessary, the induction is sooo good. i would write more but i just want to hear it again and i can't stop myself going to listen right now. Thank You Domina Shelle!
Friday, 19 February 2021
In all honesty, i could swear i listened to this before, obviously i did not, yet everything felt so familiar, it makes no sense, i got so confused, even know if i try to think of it i get confused again, all i can say is i loved it for sure, but i am so lost on what actually happened lol
Sunday, 14 February 2021
i have to confess, it has been extremely difficult to review this file... Why? Well for some reason, i thought that i was falling asleep, every time i listened. Then today, i decided to try a slightly different way, i loaded up on the caffeine, and hit play, whist very much still wide awake, and almost jittery to some extent. Yet again, i seemed to almost completely phase out. There are whole sections that seemed to just pass me by. At best, i have vague recollections of Her words, as She fiddles with my mind, ensuring that i am Hers. The past, the present and the future; all are blurred. Are they even different? Does it make any difference? Could anything, at this point in time, make the slightest difference? i can only conclude that the answer is a very firm no. The depth that She takes me to with this can only be described as profound. i know that She is programming my mind, to think as She desires, and there is nothing i can do to stop Her now. Not, of course, that i have any desire to stop. When She makes me feel so good, after taking me so very deep, i can only conclude that whatever She is doing, appeals to my subconscious mind... i cannot possibly offer a review of the content as such, but i can say this much: Domina Shelle is clearly in a class of Her own, and knows exactly which buttons to push to programme me to accept Her will, so completely, that i don't even want to think about not pressing play again. Maybe next time, i might remember what She did, right? Right? Why is it, after posing that question, all i can hear is Princess, giggling to Herself inside the deepest recesses of my mind?
Monday, 14 December 2020
Another session from My Domina where i was put into very deep trance. i was so mindless and empty at one point. It felt amazing. my hypnotized mind didn't understand what happened in this but it was achingly arousing.
Wednesday, 25 November 2020
Oh the depth of looping the weekly session! i think Shelle nailed it in this week's blog, two weeks later. i have no free time, only time to listen to Her. So it happened in the future? No, it was long, long, ago. It was a 'free' day, so why not listen again and again? Here with Shelle, where i always want to be.
Monday, 23 November 2020
Every additional time I listen, I find my future becoming even more secure. The subtle brainwashing and metatextual deconstruction make this experience all so special on repeat listens. Domina is so very special to me, and I never want that to change. And with files like this, I feel like it never will
Friday, 13 November 2020
I accept my fate as Dominas slave for the rest of my life. Every file, ever whisper seals my fate. This file bring me so deep under Her control, i'm almost a different person
Tuesday, 10 November 2020
It is a foregone conclusion. I walk to the gallows willingly and with a smile on my face. Fait Accompli is simply a masterpiece. If i were to write a complete review of this piece of art it would simply contain several paragraphs of "I loved it" before cutting off in mid sentence as Domina Shelle triggered me into trance. It's great, but one should definitely take Domina's warnings seriously.
Sunday, 08 November 2020
This file dose not mess around with taking control. It immediately starts taking you down into a very deep sleep. Then she explains everything and it makes so much sense. This file is both brainwashing and mind fucking, Hmmm is that the same thing. Plus its very erotic. At this point i only know Domina is my future. i long for her absolute authority over me. If you long for an amazing file to listen to. You have got to listen to this one.
Sunday, 08 November 2020
Domina Shelle is my past and my only futur. Serving her for the rest of my life is my unique goal. This session is perfect, just lay down and let Domina write your futur for you.
Sunday, 08 November 2020
i did pass out multiple times listening as Domina Shelle took me deep into trance. Alos i was left in confusion as Domina is an expert in fucking my weak lil slave mind as She puts Her suggestion inside me. Even though being confused about the time and place i woke up into, i was sure about one thing, the thing that matters: i belong to Domina, i have always belonged to Her and i will always belong to Her. i am destined to be Her slave and to serve Her always and forever.
Saturday, 07 November 2020
Domina Shelle controls my destiny, my fate, my everything. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Saturday, 07 November 2020
Domina Shelle is my Absolute Authority and the Queen of sexy hypnotic Masterpieces! Her mind-fucking is the best in the world and she has become my entire world... This session with Domina is mind-bending and incredibly sexy!!! Domina Shelle is the center of everything in my life and I can’t remember a time that wasn’t the case... Her power grows stronger and stronger every time I hear her sexy southern voice penetrate my mind... She makes me hornier and hornier every day and all I want to do is serve her and OBEY! I’ve lost all control to Domina and she is becoming more powerful then my poor horny mind can even comprehend at this point... Domina Shelle is my EVERYTHING and she makes me feel better than ANYTHING or ANYONE could ever come close to... And right when I think she couldn’t possibly become even more powerful.... when I think that she couldn’t possibly make me anymore horny than she’s already made me... She fucks my mind harder then I could have ever imagined before and becomes hundreds of times more powerful and makes me hundreds of times more mindless and perpetually horny!!! Domina Shelle is pure BLISS!!! Obedience and servitude to Domina Shelle is the best feeling in the world....
Saturday, 07 November 2020
i tried to review this session yesterday but it hit me too hard for me to remember enough of the file. i know how easily i crumble before the sensual onslaught of Domina's voice, but OMG, this session was like trying to stand before a hurricane. Every suggestion, every observation, every statement by Domina is a fact in my mind, i thought i knew how mind fucked i was, but Domina always takes me further and deeper. my fate was sealed a long time ago, but i am promised a long future of becoming more mind fucked and controlled by Domina Shelle and that is something to look forward to, something to be embraced willingly. Deep trance, physical and emotional pleasure and more proof of Domina Shelle as the ultimate Goddess and Mistress of Hypnosis, another must have session.
Friday, 06 November 2020
With this one I know and I am 100% sure my fate is sealed. Before this file my fate was sealed but now it’s more apparent to me. Domina is a master weaver of fates and who is better to that other than Domina? No one is I look forward to being a better version of myself , most importantly with Domina at the very center that holds everything together. I’m left horny, dazed , aroused and eager to please and serve. I’m literally in the palm of Her hands and feels so good.
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