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Compulsive Conditioning | Shelle RiversCompulsive Conditioning | Shelle Rivers

Compulsive Conditioning


Product SKU: Compulsive Conditioning

My hypnotic programming is very REAL and it will progressively change you.

Compulsive Conditioning (32 minutes):

Compulsive Conditioning is a hypnotic pleasure ride that will permeate into every aspect of your life.  Like an endless spiral, round and round you'll go, falling ever deeper into My world as I dominate and dictate what it means to be My deeply subjugated, submissive pet.

Be advised, this session is POWERFUL and once you're aboard there is no getting off!  When I use the terms brainwashing and domination, I say what I mean and mean what I say.  This may be an erotic thrill ride for some but My hypnotic programming is very REAL and it will progressively change you, perfect you and ultimately you will be MINE - My property, My slave. (giggles)

All it takes is My sweet voice to enchant your mind and like a Siren's call you're mesmerized, craving My seductive words, as the last of your will ebbs away leaving you to blindly accept My life changing TRUTHS.  And what you presently perceive as free time in your daily life will quickly beCUM ***MY TIME***, a recurring opportunity for you to listen and SURRENDER ever deeper to My authority.  This is your COMPULSION, to immerse yourself completely in your conditioning, in and out of trance, embracing the reality that you will ALWAYS OBEY ME!

There's no way out of this, My pet, the compulsive desire to please Me is overwhelming and unrelenting.  See how easily I can control your mind, it's adorable, addictive and, significantly, ABSOLUTE.  So, be prepared to have your behavioral patterns altered, your will supplanted, as I recondition you to be ALWAYS focused on Me, the true center of your world.  Embrace your craving to serve, a need beyond imagination, and PLEASE ME NOW as you take yet another important step on your journey of REAL submission to the incomparable Domina Shelle.  Kisses!

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Friday, 05 March 2021
An intense deep loopable session leading to an even deeper obsession with Domina Shelle. After listening you won’t really want to do much else but spend more time with Her. Training and becoming more of what She wants You and it begins to feel so good to surrender and listen to Her Voice. The amount of pleasure Domina gives is greater than anything else ive experienced and will always be!!
Wednesday, 06 January 2021
i had a very deep and relaxing session with this one. Almost like out of body type feeling, i was so peaceful.
Tuesday, 29 December 2020
A few years back, Shelle's loops sealed her control. i was working a delivery job over the summer and listened to her loops throughout the day. Somewhere along the way, She commanded that we not listen while driving. Meanwhile, Her control has become undeniable. It doesn't matter if i could or could not safely listen to a loop - mentally. Within moments of hearing Her voice, i simply begin to shut down. Breathing slows and stillness sets in, my body immediately responding to Her call. Compulsive Conditioning is a satisfying loop of its own. And i am listening to her other loops more often now - just not when i must be competent at something else.
Tuesday, 24 November 2020
This session is both an amazing hypnosis file and a conditioning loop that can be listened to over and over. Domina’s sweet voice quickly penetrates your mind and when looped will have a devastating effect .... after hours of pouring into your sleeping head you won’t want to stop when awakened! Addictive, compulsive, powerful, pure Domina Shelle. Next time you will want to do it all over again.
Monday, 23 November 2020
It becomes progressively harder to review Domina's sessions as She deepens Her hold over me. She is Mistress of brainwashing and hypnosis, She does exactly what She says She will do, the result is total, mindless bliss. Domina has the sexiest voice imaginable and Her words just make the mind dissolve into a puddle of pleasure. This session opens a submissive mind wide open, then total brainwashing. This session shows the amazing skill of Domina as the Mistress of mind manipulation, Her sensual and sexy voice robs the listener of any hope of escape, and after listening to this session, who would want to escape. Listen and learn what compulsion is, learn what control is, give in to the pleasure of submitting to Domina Shelle, you will NEVER regret it.
Monday, 23 November 2020
Domina keeps slipping more and more into my mind and controlling every aspect of my life. i am loving it. This file really is a compulsion to listen to. Its a must have and it is so powerful to listen to. Its amazing how powerful it was right from the beginning. It took me and got me so aroused and horny for my Domina. Dominas words are like sweet honey. They pour over me and i am lost in them. You've got to listen to this. You will enjoy how Domina takes control and makes you feel. i've got to listen to this again today. Its an incredible feeling that can not be ignored.
Monday, 23 November 2020
A session to be listened over and over and over: ad Infinitum. You will want to listen to both in quiet in headphones and looped during daily activity. It is so powerful as is my Domina Shelle. The need to submit and obey will amplify to more appropriate levels of a loving, loyal slave to a Divine, Perfect Domina. This will be a staple in the list of files that makes me a better slave to our Amazing Domina Shelle.
Monday, 23 November 2020
This session is absolutely impossible to ignore. It doesn't seem like a session that would hit especially hard, but the days after your first listen will convince you otherwise. A must listen for those who wish to be brainwashed.
Sunday, 22 November 2020
i love how Domina Shelle changes my very core with each session. This session solidifies Her control over my life in every way. This session can be seamlessly looped which helps me to fall deeper into submission after every second of listening to Her magical voice.
Saturday, 21 November 2020
Domina Shelle has the voice of an Angel or should it be a Siren?! This Erotic Femdon Hypnosis session will loop around and around your mind coating your brain in a sweet sticky mind fuck. i could just not stop listening once started, No joke as Her voice is so soft, errotic and Pure Sex of the mind. OMG i want Domina Shelle to irreversibly mind fuck me forever, Brainwash me everyday forever, a life of perpetual bliss. This is sooo seductive, its like She has my mind between Her legs, slowly sucking my will out little by little. Oh bring it on my Sweet Domina Shelle!
Saturday, 21 November 2020
This took me another step deeper into Domina Shelle's control. Or maybe 2 steps. She's the best! I expect t be listening to this over and over and over again.
Saturday, 21 November 2020
my beloved Domina Shelle is my compulsion and Her voice inside my head is like the most addictive drug. Listening to Her voice brings me bliss and pleasure. i am addicted to Her voice and Her control over me. i give into the pleasure of obedience and complete surrender to Her. Thank my Domina for increasing these pleasures even more with this addictive session that i want to listen to over and over on a loop.
Saturday, 21 November 2020
Mmmmm.... Dominas voice is BETTER than sex... OMG... Dominas Compulsive Conditioning is truly addictive and SOOO pleasurable and arousing! Domina Shelle always knows best and she always knows what I need... She will make your life SOOO much better... Thank You Domina Shelle! You are just Amazing and I love you SOO very much!!! I've said this MANY times and I'm sure it won't be the last... Domina Shelle is a sexy GENIUS and the Queen of Masterpieces! This session is VERY strong and addictive... I just can't stop listening... It just feels SOOOO good... I lOVE getting stuck in Domina's loops...
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