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Hot Wax - House of Domination | Shelle RiversHot Wax - House of Domination | Shelle Rivers

Hot Wax - House of Domination


Product SKU: Hot Wax - House of Domination

True erotic submission, a combination of pleasure & pain to subdue and subjugate your mind.

Hot Wax - House of Domination (50 minutes):

My sweet, imagine being in My divine presence, you naked, kneeling at My feet, collared and aroused, and Me adorned in a long red latex dress, black leather boots, and those unmistakable crimson red lips, seated on a white leather throne above you.  An assortment of red and white candles illuminate the scene, My dungeon deep inside your mind, compelling you to surrender to your submissive desires, an erotic fervor that only My incomparable domination and control can provoke.

In My world, you always know your place is at My feet, humbled and subservient to My absolute authority, accepting that it is normal and natural to submit to My power without thought and without question.  My beloved slave, this is beyond being manipulated and mesmerized by My sensual seductive words, this is about real power exchange, that when I speak you listen and accept all that I say.  In these moments your thoughts become irrelevant and they are replaced with a compulsive craving to submit, serve, and obey, exactly what a faithful servant should do to please its Owner.

That's right, My pet, you are something I own, dedicated and devoted to pleasing Me and making Me happy, the focus of your existence.  And, in return, I give you pleasure - IMMENSE PLEASURE - something only I can give you.  But, sometimes this pleasure can come through unexpected means, by pushing your sensual boundaries and expanding what it means to be truly owned and submissive to My dominance.

In this session, you will experience what true erotic submission means, a combination of pleasure and pain to subdue and subjugate your mind, reinforcing the inescapable truth that you will always belong to Me, and no other.  Aroused and horny you will submit to My authority embracing the reality of your subservience, yearning to surrender again and again to serve Me.

So, prepare for a wild, erotic encounter with your deviant Domina (giggles) as I imbue you with real passion and purpose as you learn to mindlessly devote yourself to My unique, benevolent style of domination and control... ~Kisses~

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Saturday, 28 May 2022
How sweet the pain would be if it's given to me by Domina Shelle. The heat of the wax that Domina dripped on my body. No pleasure on Earth can compare to pain given to me by my Domina Shelle
Friday, 20 May 2022
Longer file meant slower slide to trance that just felt going on deeper and deeper. This was a arousing set up and it was really vivid. i could almost smell the leather and candles. i always Obey my Domina.
Sunday, 15 May 2022
Truly sublime. Ever-longing to return to Domina's private dungeon, I saw the great news about this week's release. What a privilege to be in her presence and experience her exquisite subjugation. Visceral and brilliant, this scene really captured my mind. I can already feel myself being drawn back to this file, needing to listen again soon.
Sunday, 15 May 2022
After being induced into a powerful trance, i listened to every word Domina recited into my open and suggestible mind. It is always so sensual and erotic and arousing to hear Her voice. i felt i disobeyed Her, a small but important infraction and deserved some form of punishment. Incredibly, the hot wax pain made me become extremely aroused! I know not to disobey Her in the future! Yet, her aftercare NEVER felt so good!
Sunday, 15 May 2022
What a awesome session yet again:) I love it when Domina takes me with Her to Her House of Domination for my training. The power She has over me growing even more in this session wanting to Obey Her every command. It feels so incredebly good to always obey my Domina
Saturday, 14 May 2022
Oh how deep i’ve already fallen in love with Dominas House of Domination! Obedience is pleasure and complete submission to Domina Shelle feels absolutely incredible… This is an incredible change to prove both Your insatiable desire to Obey and Submit to the most powerful and sexy hypnotist on the planet, Domina Shelle Rivers! i won’t spoil any of the fun… giggles… All i will say is that by the end of this sexy masterpiece Domina will give you the most intense burning desire to Obey her! i always Obey my Domina… i always Obey my Domina… i always Obey my Domina…
Saturday, 14 May 2022
i don't want to give too much away, but i simply have to say, that Domina is most definitely underselling Herself again with the description for this... Yes, the title features the word hot, and the description Domina gives reinforces the idea, but this is so much more than hot! The scene that Domina weaves with Her softly spoken words, as She describes the scenario overall, makes it seem that hot is just not a strong enough word... This is incandescent! i was feeling a sense of deep desire to actually be right there with Her, to play out this scene for real... To submit to all that She describes. Oh, how sweet would it be, to actually be in Her presence, to drop to my knees and crawl to Her, for Her, simply because it is what She desires. To fully submit to Her every whim, and to experience the intense emotions that She speaks of... To surrender fully to Her whims and desires, as She ignites those inner fires of lust. The intensity of this session should not be underestimated... She fully understands the submissive mind, She knows how to stoke those inner fires of passion and lust, and She knows how to fully take advantage of it all. This one is an absolute 'must have' file... Surrender to Her soft sweet voice, give in to Her desires, and experience the pleasure only She can give, as She plays with your mind and your body. As She said in Her email, this one truly is scorching hot! ♥
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