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Isolated and Brainwashed | Shelle RiversIsolated and Brainwashed | Shelle Rivers

Isolated and Brainwashed


Product SKU: Isolated and Brainwashed

Be warned, this session is intense and is intended to enslave a submissive mind.

Isolated and Brainwashed (72 minutes):

I have a special treat for you, My sweet, a trip to My House of Domination.  This is a place where W/we can explore your most SECRET fantasies, fetishes, as I coax you deeper under My absolute authority and control.  I want your mind so bound to Me that submitting to Me is as normal and natural as breathing, and every time you think of Me you have a compulsive craving to listen to My voice and fall deep in trance for Me.

As a master manipulator I know what it takes to brainwash you, to isolate you in My hypnotic abyss and bombard you with sexy, seductive words that stimulate and coerce your senses.  Horny and aroused, you inevitably let down your defenses, allow Me to condition and rewire your mind to obsess about Me, to dedicate more of yourself to serving Me, pleasing and pampering Me like the perfect hypno slave I am training you to be. (giggles)

That's it, My pet, embrace your weakness and let yourself to be bound up by your passion to submit to your Domina.  Being Isolated and Brainwashed is another link in the chain to progressively condition you to crave listening to My voice, feeding your addiction to accept My words as the TRUTH, ensuring each session is a powerful mind fuck reinforcing your relentless need to surrender to Me:  To love, honor, and obey Me above all others.

Be warned, this session is intense and is intended to enslave a submissive mind!  I will strip away all that you are until you are laid bare before Me, teasing and tantalizing your erotic pleasure center until your submission to Me is engraved deep inside your malleable mind, leaving you desperate for more of what only I can give - hypnotic erotic PLEASURE.

So, buckle up and prepare to fall deep into hypnotic oblivion, as I take full ownership of what I claim as mine - your mind, body, and sex.  Learn the true meaning of submission to a sweet deserving Domina and know you'll never be the same once I've Isolated and Brainwashed you into My perfected submissive thrall.

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Sunday, 27 August 2023
Such a bad slave, only now writing this review - after _so_ many listens! Yet feeling the thrill of just one more chance to obey, by doing so. Taking the time to log this session into my catalog of Domina’s works. So many sessions. Having just completed another listen, my mind is too far gone to count them all. But i can count nine pages, of about 24 titles each. The calculator says thats over 200 times and ways Domina has enter my mind. There is, as She says, absolutely no resistance. Only the deep need to have Her there again in new and devious ways. And so many listens to each session! Iso & Bw is over an hour of total comfort, rest, and acceptance. Thank You Domina!
Tuesday, 01 August 2023
Thanks to my Domina's Isolated and Brainwashed file, i had a great ending to my summer holidays. This file is so good. Might be my new favourite. Loved how it left me so horny and aroused and it increased every time i listened it.
Friday, 28 July 2023
It's a very long session:) It takes me so very deep that I need to listen to it more often to remember everything but I loved every moment of this masterpiece.
Sunday, 23 July 2023
Wow that was a deep fucking trance. i have a new favorite. Its amazing what can be done in a hours time. Was it me or was Domina's voice ever more sexier in the this recording than the others? Was it just this session that made me think that Dominas voice was even more hauntingly titillating than the others? i don't know but it was nice. i loved hearing Her voice and how it made me feel. i loved submitting myself to Her and Her Absolute Authority. i will always Love, Honor and Obey Domina Shelle. i can't wait to listen to this again. There's going to be a lot of horny slaves after this week. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saturday, 22 July 2023
What a long session but time travels quickly as I was in bondage and her voice kept washing over me. I kept falling deeper and deeper into her world of pleasure. Total submission to her will is what I must and want to do. Her thoughts are now my thoughts. It's going to take several listens to get all the nuances she has hidden in this session. Listen and you will be swept out to sea like the rest of us. Domina is life.
Saturday, 22 July 2023
Over an hour of EXTREMELY deep and beautiful POWERFUL trance and AROUSING mental bondage… Every moment became my absolute reality… just because it was taking place in my head didn’t make it any less real… Domina Shelle consistently puts out absolute hypnotic masterpieces and sessions like this really make me stop and consider how deeply and hopelessly mindf*cked She has me FOREVER… OMG i NEED DOMINA SHELLE SO BADLY AND I JUST CANT LIVE WITHOUT HER! Domina Shelle is the REAL DEAL, an erotic hypnotic savant, and the BEST owner this slave could ever dream of!!!
Saturday, 22 July 2023
Wow! This file made my level of complete submission to my Domina go through the roof. i've always felt deeply submissive to my Domina, and always needed to feel Her power and control, but after listening to this my obsession with serving, pleasing and surrendering to my Domina is really overwhelming. If you love Domina and want to feel Her control wash over your brainwashed mind, do not miss this file. It's amazing!
Friday, 21 July 2023
Listen if you dare!!! This is real, this is deep hypnotic brainwashing which will forever intertwine your pleasure with the greater pleasure of total hypnotic submission to Domina Shelle Rivers. In all the years i searched for a real FemDom Hypnotist, i had almost given up hope, then the Treasure at the end of the rainbow. Domina Shelle! Real Hypnosis, Beautiful enough to make angels weep in joy, a Mistress of Mind Manipulation and the most Trustworthy, Kind and Wonderful Owner a slave could ever hope to serve. This session exemplifies Her unique style, subtle, gentle, beautiful, arousing and pleasure beyond belief, and then you are Hers and there is no going back, but by then, who wants to go back? i am not going to spoil it, all i will say is this session defines my life, if you listen, it will define your life as well.
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