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Fatal AttractionFatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction


Product SKU: Fatal Attraction


Length: 69 minutes
Category: Brainwashing--Erotic Hypnosis
Sample: LINK

A BRAINWASHING MASTERPIECE--- Devastating---Mind Boggling----PROFOUND---EROTIC--- and a trance into complete blackness...a must listen.
I have progressively conditioned your mind.  This mp3 programs your mind further for its destiny as My mindless slave.  My intoxicating voice will have you, My puppet, dangling from countless Permanent unbreakable strings, strings of My control, powerless to resist.

Did you know a simple decision can change a person's life forever?  In some cases such decisions can be fatal (lasting forever).  You won't even realize it until it is too late to turn back...Just like NOW---
Let Me demonstrate...
You can't help but continue your journey with Me, you need this, you need Me, because from the first time you let Me into your mind it was already too late...your fate was sealed, it is a Fatal Attraction.
Now come to Me and listen to this brainwashing file now.  Just say "yes Mistress/Domina i will obey".
Good boy.

A LONG slow BRAINWASHING--- MIND Fuck---Possibly My most POWERFUL yet.

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Friday, 06 April 2018
Domina Shelle reminds us why we first began to listen to her. That when she enter our minds for the first time, our fate was sealed. An addiction to her voice had begun. There was no going back. Domina Shelle is so gentle in her way, you didn't notice that she was training you. So slowly, word after word floating in your absent mind. Its what you need, what you asked for, but you didn't expect it to be real, you thought it was a game. But its too late now, she has given you what you needed, what you wanted, all this time. She controls you now, and you love it.
Friday, 22 September 2017
One of the absolute deepest trances I've ever experienced. You are left into a submissive puddle,a lump of clay that our Domina molds to her likening.
Monday, 24 April 2017
This session took me so extremely deep, I totally lost sense of time. It never felt like spending more than one hour in trance. I loved, how it felt to be Domina Shelle's puppet on a string and the mind orgasm she gave me felt so wonderful and real.
This is definitely one of the strongest files I have listened to.
Wednesday, 10 June 2015
I first listened to Fatal Attraction relatively early on in my journey with Princess Shelle. Much as I enjoyed it back then, the idea of her being literally my fatal attraction seemed like harmless and enjoyable fantasy but little more. Now I’m further down the track this file has become utterly mind-blowing. More obedient the further I fell into trance, I felt more pleasure the more obedient I became and then obeyed commands to go even deeper... Today I was alone in a world with a single voice. The experience was mind-blowiing, intense, irresistible, physical as much as mental. I found myself squirming in erotic delight, desperately trying to surrender yet more of my mind in order to experience even greater pleasure. Two files in particular (Master Conditioning and Altered State) seemed to do most to make this possible but I suspect any combination of Domina's brainwashing files will achieve similar results in time.
Wednesday, 25 February 2015
Yes Domina Shelle is my Fatal Attraction. Never in my life i was ever so addicted to someone. i crave Her voice in my head all the time. The same it is with Her perfect shaped sexy body, just the thought of it makes me so aroused for Her. With this file She reveal what i suspected long time, i am all Her and there is no escape from Her spell. This is pure pleasure in my head for i want to be Hers forever and always because She i the woman that i love so deeply. Speaking of pure pleasure my head is still tingling after an explosion of joy and arousal in my mind. This sensation brings me even deeper under Her spell and my submissive love for Her raised to a higher level. With over an hour length this file is full of relaxation and arousal. Even alone it is a must-buy, but in here Domina Shelle uses some triggers which are implanted through the actual running experiment. i really suggest to buy the file to enhance the experiment and so given O/our Domina better testing results
Tuesday, 09 December 2014
This file is one of my favorite. Domina shows me just what I am and where I belong. At Her feet and controlled by Her stings. I am Her puppet. Shes firm here and lets you know who is in control, and it isn't me, and I love it so much. Domina is so sexy in this file. I'm getting excited just typing this review.
Wednesday, 30 April 2014
Wow, i have never fallen so deep before. The level of control our Domina achieves in such a short time is amazing and feels so incredibly good. i know we will all enjoy listening to this again and again.
Sunday, 27 April 2014
A simply cornerstone file that is extremely underpriced for the raw utility and return value it offers. Talk about a true mind-bender...once again the unceasing ability of Ms. Rivers to produce a file that delivers everything she promises (plus more) down to every single element is exemplary. This file is simply overwhelming to the mind to the point that it is incomprehensible that anyone could only listen to this file just once. She captures the mind from the very instant she begins talking to far beyond the point when she finishes. Fatal Attraction could be enjoyed every day and the listener would be thirsty for hitting the repeat button the minute the file ends. The listener is immediately taken into an experience that results in a very lasting and unforgettable experience that leaves a permanent imprint on the mind. For a truly zenith mental experience, Fatal Attraction is a prerequisite.
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
i wish that i could tell you precisely what it is i love most about this session, but my mind just won't let me recall more than bits and pieces of what happened. What i am very much aware of are the after-effects of listening to this file, as it lingers long after Shelle's perfect Voice has stopped speaking into my ears. i have listened to many of Princess Shelle's recordings and have enjoyed them all and consistently been deeply affected by them, but there is definitely something special about Fatal Attraction. Look, all of this goes beyond what i can understand or explain, but what i know is that this file changed me internally. My own feelings for my beautiful Domina intensified dramatically - both a scary and wonderful thought - after the very first listen, and have continued to do so after each subsequent session. It is the combination of what She says and how She says it, and it always gets the results She intends. i "awake" in a blissful fog, my whole being immersed in a deep pool of love and lust and desire and belonging, and only more of my sexy Princess will satisfy my cravings. There is no better place to be than at the feet of my lovely Domina, lost in worship of Her and living in obedient service to Her. i strongly encourage you to listen to this file. It will help you find your place in this world and give you the refuge that you have always wanted. Princess Shelle knows what you need, and She gives it to you in Fatal Attraction.
Sunday, 16 February 2014
Domina Shelle guides you into deep relaxation, through layer after layer of progressively deeper trance, gently brainwashing as you go down deeper. Slowly and sweetly she controls your journey, until you find yourself looking up at her - you are her puppet and she will pull your strings as she decides. This file is another wonderful journey with Princess Shelle that should not be missed.
Wednesday, 01 January 2014
It has to be one of the most intense experiences i've ever had, both in or out of hypnosis. It's 69 minutes long, and it feels way shorter. And while my memory is fuzzy for the most part, some events are vividly imprinted in my mind, and they feel like the most exciting dream i've ever had. i can't imagine someone who wouldn't be blown away by this session. It's really powerful. i recommend this to be listened at night before going to sleep. i did it earlier and couldn't fully come back. It's incredible what Princess Shelle can do.
Saturday, 02 November 2013
Domina shows how powerful she really is in this file. I was taken down to hypnosis, level by level and with different techniques. In the I lost all sense where I was and even who I was. There was only her voice and her control over me.
Sunday, 27 October 2013
Domina's best file so far. It's not that she reveals her plans to you here - they've been pretty clear all along this journey - but she guides you along one of the most important steps towards total devotion. You will be left dazzled, speechless and deeply, deeply in love with her. What an amazing feeling.
Sunday, 27 October 2013
This is no ordinary erotic hypnosis session. i went unbelievably deep on my first listen, something very unusual for me. Mistress Shelle truly has enslaved my mind, there's no other explanation for all that has happened. When the file was over, i could not believe it had already been 69 minutes. This file truly left me with a hunger for more of Her voice, and had me waking feeling so good, needing to return to trance soon.
Thursday, 24 October 2013
I was mainly listening to hypno and Princess' files by fantasm, but I think this file might have been a turning point. Even if I caught myself buying more of Princess's files for a few month, I still had troubles having a really deep trance and most of the files effects wore off after I stopped listening. This one was definitly different, I could feel myself go deeper and deeper and loosing myself in Princess's voice. My memory of the experience is still fuzzy even after listening a few times to it and all I can say for sure is that it felt wonderful and that every file I listened since then had a lot more effect than before. Trully a wonderful and masterpiece file !
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