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Deep Penetration by Shelle RiversDeep Penetration by Shelle Rivers

Deep Penetration


Product SKU: Deep Penetration

Time for more of Domina Shelle's "evil scheme" ...

Length: 53 minutes
Level: Powerful
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control
Sample: LINK

I am such a lil tease, taking you into trance, bringing you out of trance.  So easily and quickly now....Let Me explain.
Did you know that it is a clinical fact that when a subject is brought out of trance he remains in a suggestive state of mind for some time?
So if I place Post hypnotic suggestions, they will be absorbed by the mind and are just as potent or even more so than suggestions absorbed by the mind in trance.
Each time I take you into trance and bring you out of trance...your mind will be more malleable than before... perfectly and easily absorbing My suggestions..... creating a platform for perfect brainwashing.
This file will turn your mind inside out.
It will leave you baffled, stunned and dazed.
Includes finger snaps!
Just listen.

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Sunday, 17 October 2021
This file was a strange experience for me. i made the 'mistake' of buying it when i first started out with Domina, and it didn't sit comfortably with my mind at that time, it felt too hard a session for me to cope with. Now that i have been exclusively Hers for some considerable time, i revisited it, on a spur of the moment "i wonder if," kind of urge... Oh my, what have i been missing out on?! This file is such an intense and beautiful brainwashing session. Being brought in and out of trance, up and down, spinning around, losing track of everything more and more, until i'm left in a horny and aroused state of pure submissive bliss; not because the content is heavily sexualised, but simply because i can feel a little more of myself slipping away with each listen, and a little more of Domina's thoughts and voice taking the place of that which has slipped away. Very much not a beginners file, but if you've been with Domina a while, give this one a go, and lose all control to Her. Submissive bliss awaits within the depths of this trance. Once you listen and drop properly to it, that first time, you will never be the same again, and please believe me, that is a truly wonderous thing to experience! ♥
Tuesday, 02 February 2021
Look out ! This is a VERY powerful file. Brainwashing at its best. i’ve got nearly all the mp3 of Domina Shelle and i had not listened to this one anymore for a while but i listened to it 3 times yesterday. Her voice is assertive, she uses many repetitions in this file, you can’t escape Her domination, you will feel compelled to listen to this masterpiece of brainwashing more and more… True bliss. Highly recommended !
Wednesday, 13 January 2021
Wow up and down, up and then further down, over and over. This file is rightly named. Deep Penetration is what Domina has done to my mind. i was so deep, so deeply hypnotized and brainwashed. i just loved it. i woke so wet and i don't even really remember anything erotic except Dominas voice. i really want to make sure this sticks. i will listen again and again. You've got to get this file. 10 stars oh you can only give it 5. Oh well.
Monday, 26 September 2016
53 minutes of straight on brainwashing until you cry out in ecstasy and beg Her not to stop. There is never a time when i listen and don't come away dazed, light headed and intensely hungry for more. There is never a time when i listen that i don't want to immediately listen to it again. i could play it on loop and seriously listen to it non stop forever, that's how much i love it. Deep Penetration is truly a Shelle masterpiece. It starts out slow and by the end You are begging Her not to stop. For those of You who are wondering about this whole brainwashing thing that Princess Shelle does, give this one a try and You will NEVER be the same. Try it, feel Her penetrate You, beg Her to go deeper, give in to Her will. Deep down it's what you want.
Wednesday, 03 February 2016
Domina Shelle deeply penetrated my mind in this powerful file. Not just once but over and over again, and I loved every bit of it. This file left me feeling very calm and docile, and I am happy and content with the changes Domina has made deep in my mind, which will surely make me a perfect slave. It has been a couple of hours since I listened to this file, and my head is still tingling.
Friday, 21 August 2015
I love having my mind penetrated by Princess Shelle. She takes me down, and then she takes me down some more. And more.
Friday, 27 March 2015
I highly recommend this file to anyone who is already, or who wants to be, completely and utterly addicted and infatuated with the beautiful Domina Shelle Rivers. After this incredible file, Her voice is a master trigger to make you compelled to become Her hypnotized subject. Just the incredible sweet sound of Her voice brainwashes and conditions you to fall into a deep hypnotic trance.
Tuesday, 17 March 2015
So exciting my Princess. You are so sensual , and alluring . I am new here , but it is a great site .
Monday, 16 March 2015
my Domina's voice is echoing through my mind trying to pull it down to sleep. i have to concentrate to write this in the very dazed state She has left me after listening to this file. i feel so relaxed now i crave go to bed and dream of Her brainwashing me. This urge to fall into sleep for Her is overwhelming everything right now. The effects are most intense, i never had felt Her influence so strong before inside me. i welcome You here my beloved Domina. Please take me down to sleep again.
Monday, 09 March 2015
This file is perfect for those occasions when interruptions are unavoidable but you still want to experience intense brainwashing. Of course, it is best listened to with no interruptions at all, causing disorientation as the line is blurred between conscious freedom of thought and subconscious suggestibility under hypnosis. The effect of this is a powerful sense of indoctrination in which the suggestions implanted under hypnosis are intensified by their repetition in post-hypnosis. This file didn’t destroy all my resistance but it certainly helped. Definitely worth every penny.
Monday, 24 November 2014
This file is so amazingly wonderful. My Domina takes firm control of my mind, taking me down, down, down. I don't really remember a lot of it, mostly being awaken and taken under over and over. My Domina is taking my mind completely and I couldn't be happier =) i'll be listing to this file over and over.
Thursday, 01 May 2014
I am so happy that Princess Shelle convinced me to be obedient. This file excites me whenever I even think of listening.
Sunday, 27 April 2014
Wow this file is really amazing ! I can't believe I missed it before... I don't remember much of what happened except going down, very deep then being awake then deep then awake and completely lost track. I ended up sleeping for a while after having the most wonderful dreams so it's definitely a great file !! *giggles* And now I want to be hypnotized even more than before...
Friday, 03 January 2014
This is becoming one of my favourite files. As Domina Shelle says, "You want to be hypnotised by me". - Yes I do, she is quite right there. Full of re-enforcing messages that get right to the heart of your relationship with her, I so badly want to accelerate the process.
Monday, 25 November 2013
Something very unique and innovate at least from my experiences. As Domina Shelle says, you can expect to be brought in and out with ease and to Her ends. If you want to explore better Her abilities then this is an essential listen. A little disorientating but completely exciting.
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