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Femme 2 - No InhibitionsFemme 2 - No Inhibitions

Femme 2 - No Inhibitions


Product SKU: Femme 2 - No Inhibitions

DOSE by dose of My chemical bringing you to complete acceptance...leading you to a full trance-formation to My sissy.

Level: Strong
Length: 22 minutes
Category: Femme-Sissy
Sample: LINK

your journey DEEPER into your softer more feminine side will begin with instruction in accepting and embracing your feelings of femme.  She will cover you and become you.  Her sexy body, her curves all covering your male body.  Experience the feminine part of you, see her in the mirror.  Dressing to become the inner you, let her out.  Such a FABULOUS feeling...DOSE by dose of My chemical bringing you to complete acceptance...leading you to a full trance-formation to My sissy.  Each trip into to My office brings you more fulfillment, with no regrets.  Play with Me, trust Me...Be my sissy pet.

Each visit to My office will bring you closer to an amazing EXPERIENCE of self freedom, and will leave you feeling sexy, soft, WET and slutty. ***GIGGLES***

SECRETS are best when SHARED with someone you LOVE!!!

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Sunday, 08 November 2015
i am feeling more proud than ever before when i let my feminine site take control over my body. It is so pleasurable to be her. Though i do this only in private for now, there are some things i cannot and will not hide like my smoothly shaved arms ... giggles. Anyway i know i am on the right way here and my beloved Princess is the perfect guide on O/our Journey. i trust Her completely and i love to be Her lil sissy.
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
A truly unique series, a must-have for anyone struggling with expressing their feminine side. See my review on the first in the series.
Friday, 28 November 2014
as i am not that far changed but now i know i am a sissy and i love many things about it!
Thursday, 13 November 2014
This next step is very very good on taking you to truly the person are. Princess Nurse is very good whatever she does to you. Mind and body belongs to Princess nurse alway and the trust that I have on her.
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