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Femme 1 - Chemical ReactionFemme 1 - Chemical Reaction

Femme 1 - Chemical Reaction


Product SKU: Femme 1 - Chemical Reaction

This is for sissy---FEMME transformation. Lay back after a nice hot bath and relax for your Nurse...

Length: 22+ minutes
Category: Femme-Sissy

your SAFE and PRIVATE journey to your softer more feminine side will begin with instruction in accepting and embracing your feelings of femme.  The chemicals that I am about to introduce into your body will bring you peace of mind as the inevitable changes to a sexier inner you comes to the surface.  In no time at all you will be My sexy sissy slut, with NO regrets.  Play with Me, trust Me...Be My sissy pet.

This is just the beginning, each visit to My office will bring you closer to an amazing EXPERIENCE of self freedom, and will leave you feeling sexy, soft, WET and slutty. ***GIGGLES***

SECRETS are best when SHARED with someone you LOVE!!!

This is for sissy---FEMME transformation---Lay back after a nice hot bath and relax for your Nurse.

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Thursday, 05 November 2015
my beloved Domina suggested me to listen to the femme series as i asked Her how to continue my growing sissification. As i completely trust Her i started with this first one here and i cannot even describe how wonderful i feel now after i listened. i mean i am so content with all of my fetishes and desires not even the one to be a perfect lil sissy for Her. Though it is still a sissy file Domina Shelle, my powerful Nurse, gives anyone who needs it self confidence to live out any fetish you might have. So this file is not only for sweet lil sissy slaves like me it is for ANYONE! Thank You Nurse Shelle, my beloved Owner, for helping on my way to become more perfect for You and for making me feel soooo unbelievable good!
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
This series, Femme 1, 2 and 3 (so far...) is truly remarkable. It is fitting that She entitles Herself "Nurse" here (and You already knew She is an authorized nurse irl too, right?), for Her style is really different from her other sessions. Well of course, Her voice is the same and Her magically wonderful way of seducing you into trance is unmistakeable -- but in the Femme series it is all about giving the listener confidence, support, understanding of self, elimination of fear and guilt, all to make it possible to start expressing your feminine side more and more in your daily life.rnrnWhat sets this series totally in a league of its own is Nurse Shelle's obviously very deep understanding of trans persons' situation, history and issues. She says all the right things, pushes all the right buttons, making you understand that you are accepted and supported and loved for who you are and why you should stop hiding it. And all is beautifully delivered in that sweet, irresistible, addictive Shellian manner that we all know oh so well by now.rnrnTwo final words of advice though. First, you should be properly trained before going for this series. Make sure you have spent some time with Her introductory recordings that will ensure you will fall into trance properly. These are not beginner files and Nurse does not spend much time luring you down, She rather expects you to be properly conditioned in advance.rnSecond, be prepared for real life change. Nurse is a professional, She knows exactly what She is doing, She is so sincere in her goals for you and so understanding of your needs, you will truly see what steps you will take to be a happier, more complete person. Thanks to my beloved Nurse and these recordings, my life has changed enormously for the better. I am much more confident and daring, i show my femme side much more openly and my thankfulness and love for Nurse, Domina, Princess Shelle is deeper than ever.
Sunday, 12 October 2014
Became hard to neglect how good it feels to be your true self, to wear what turns you on, to have your own fantasies, this file has a strong induction leading to a very DEEP trance and when you wake up you will be more relaxed and happy with your thoughts
Friday, 10 October 2014
As a beginning file, this session feels soft and sensual. It IS a powerful file, but it is in no way forcing anything on the subject. Any advancements or increases in desires brought about by this session are entirely be the subject's choice. Femme is not something I play with regularly, but I do think this file is a perfect way to start if you have any conflicting ideas about it.
Wednesday, 08 October 2014
Princess Shelle does it every time with Her Sexy Voice. The Nurse will help you thru every step of your next.....
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