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Fetish and Findom

you are a slave who needs Me, who craves My attention, who is addicted to thoughts of Me throughout each day and who is obsessed with desires to worship and obey Me.  I am granting you this opportunity to gain My attention and come to Me and beg for a place at My feet.

Because I know I can make you even more desperate for Me when I put you in My collar and have you on My leash, you will be a very valuable slave to Me.  I will take ownership of your mind, your body, your will, your c*ck, everything you own.  you will be My owned property, eager to obey all My commands.

I will keep you begging for permission to prove your worthiness to deserve My attention.  If you are ready to surrender and serve your Domina-Mistress, this is the place to begin your descent.

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Body Worship - My Sexy Feet




At My Feet

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