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Fifty Shades | Shelle RiversFifty Shades | Shelle Rivers

Fifty Shades


Product SKU: Fifty Shades

As My Guinea Pig, I twist and dement your hypnotized mind...

Fifty Shades (41 minutes):

Through My Hypnotic POWERS, be aware that changes I make will allow Me to CHANGE and control your emotional development and responses.  As a word of warning, repeated listening may produce changes over time that can be quite intense.  you may EXPERIENCE conflicting views in your daily routines/beliefs.

As My Guinea Pig, I twist and dement your hypnotized mind in ways you could never imagine.

It’s time to give in and go DEEP into My world of EROTIC HYPNOSIS and ASMR domination as you FALL for your naughty Domina.

This session MANIPULATES your beliefs and programs your mind with THE TRUTH.

So, get naked, put on your collar and headphones and listen to My FIFTY SHADES now.

With this session you may need a towel.  NOT supplied, bring your own.

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Sunday, 04 October 2020
This was different than i though it would be, but i did like the play with different colours and what they represent. And of course Domina Shelle made it very erotic.
Tuesday, 04 August 2020
If you loved the s Domina uses color to seduce you deeply into trance. After that its all over for you. You WILL absolutely love this file. A must BUY mind fuck.
Tuesday, 04 August 2020
Domina expertly knows how to use every element of your mind to create the deepest and most powerful trances and has done so beautifully in this session. Every time I listen, my subconscious mind picks up something different and feels like a unique experience each time. Domina Shelle has completely transformed my entire reality and has let me see and experience color in a way I never though before possible... This is a in amazingly intense mind-fuck that you’ll want to listen to over and over again!
Monday, 03 August 2020
This session has pulled the power of color visualization in recent sessions, blackness of space and a black hole, white like a new house, blue planet and ocean, I’m missing so many .... Domina used colors and some confusion to zombie her slave all at once, like a rush of submission. I had this looped and when I came back to consciousness hours after starting I fell back into zombie mode almost instantly, I wasn’t getting up right away. Feeling Domina’s power and control is addicting, could stay that way if possible. Amazing how many different ways Domina Shelle can center herself at your core where she deserves to be.
Monday, 03 August 2020
Fifty Shades is a session that perfectly encapsulates what it is to be enslaved by Domina Shelle. Her influence colours your entire world and you are better for it. The influence of colour on state of mind is well known and used often in hypnotic visualisation techniques, but i have never seen it done so expertly as Domina Shelle does here. I was blown away.
Sunday, 02 August 2020
The more i miss Domina, the more i look forward to each new session to find out how She will have me submit to Her. A 5 star session with another special reward ending. PERFECT as Domina would say.
Saturday, 01 August 2020
For all the lucky ones who participated in the Domina's previous lab rat experiments the mention of the term "Guinea Pig" is already a huge turn on. Transfixed by arousal and anticipation i can only listen as Domina explains what is going to happen and i love and fear what is going to happen as i listen to Her voice. My hypnotic imagination is challenged by the pictures She projects into my brain: Landing on earth - sitting in an art class - the desire for red is consuming me. Re is promising Domina's touch. "I see a black door - and i want it painted red - No black white anymore - i want it all turn red" - All in all a "hypedelic" erotic experience. PS: i cannot emphasize often enough how much i like it when Domina says "f*ck" - and this file has plenty of it! 5 rainbow colored stars !!
Saturday, 01 August 2020
I really love this session, it really makes me see the world in a whole new light. This is definitely one of Domina's more creative sessions and I am so into it. Sometimes I start to wonder what will She turn into a trigger next? I won't spoil it, listen and find out for yourself. *giggles* my mind is Hers to toy with and i'm so grateful for the privilege.
Friday, 31 July 2020
I believe I just experienced the power of the after effects of this file and I must say this file is so powerful. The feeling of being powerless, aroused , and triggered only makes me want to listen more and the need to want to please and serve my Domina becomes more intense. So worth it I promise.
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